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  1. Indeed lol
  2. Yes, they are both free and available to all except - oh wait, what’s this?! You have to be world tier 5 for both and for the raid 490+ gear score rating to even play. They are apparently intended to be post endgame activities, when you’re pretty much maxed out. Sucks huh?
  3. I’m honestly just perplexed that “damned” counts as a swear word in hell lol
  4. yeah that's why I said 1.5 even with the mulitple saves you have to play the ending 3 times and it's loooong as hell because of the dialogue. and you have to choose which demon to help as well as various other choices that influence The whole back and forth with save files and replaying entire chunks of the game at least constitutes a ".5" playthrough. Just saying.
  5. About 10-12 hours with 1.5 playthroughs. Being friends with Sam and Wormhorn and reuniting Beth with Asmodeus are all missable. I suppose so are the 20 different drinks, so just drink all 4 from each bar you visit. And always drink the full cup for the “lot of booze” trophy. Also, the dance and drinking game trophies are easily missable as you have very limited opportunities.
  6. So I just got it on my second playthrough I think it’s closer to 50 full drinks. I also have the feeling it carries across saves. If anyone can confirm this, others might find it useful, as it’s hard to tell.
  7. Are these 40 drinks across a play through? Or literally sitting at the bar pounding that many drinks??
  8. How do you get this one? I’ve drank every drink in the game and finished with 2 endings so far.
  9. Well you’re partially right in thinking that as certain drinks will give you more of anpoltre mouth than others
  10. Seriously tho Nioh is a cool game, but why the hell don’t we at least get the complete edition now that we’re down to 2 games a month. Wtf Sony!? Especially since buying the complete edition during Black Friday will end up cheaper than getting all the DLC on top of the free base game.🙄
  11. You have dialogue options and whenever given the option to cuss, chose it. There aren’t too many as far as I’ve seen so far so look out for em
  12. Thx for the info
  13. Sorry but infamous second son is totally overrated
  14. not so much about the trophy itself: I understand you can play spec ops in 4 player coop. is this online only or also split screen? and is it possible to just play with one other person in a private lobby or are they always automatically public 4 player lobbies? thx in advance?
  15. You have to complete the Black Tusk Basin Raid, that's what unlocked it for me. I don't know if you necessarily need to be WT5, though I think those go hand in hand.