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  1. I’m in the same boat wtf is this. I’m level 80 and still missing like 15 points
  2. Definitely progress tracking for every trophy. Also Platinums for all games, especially games like Hitman 1&2 that got a raw deal. DLC trophies can be deleted/removed from profile, if at 0%. A rewards system for trophies, for example 1 platinum = 5% off next purchase, or maybe you can use them to unlock avatars, themes etc. Also more stats, like how do you rank globally, or within your country, etc. like here on PSNP
  3. I’d say Bloodborne was pretty tough, Witcher 3 was no cakewalk and SWBF2 was really time consuming
  4. I’d say this game improved upon its predecessor in every way. The combat is even better and more varies than before, you have even more wacky platforming sections and the story is heartfelt and hilarious. My only gripe is the unnecessarily difficult final chamber after you collect the special keys. I’d say the special key chambers themselves are acceptably challenging, but the final chamber really ups the ante in ways that don’t feel earned and end up just frustrating instead of challenging. Hard mode is barely any harder than easy mode, just don’t get hit as much and you’ll be fine
  5. also, probably obvious, but if you download the digital game from the EU store, you won't be able to play the DLC you download from the US store. they aren't cross compatible for licensing reasons.
  6. Probably Witcher 3, what a game
  7. Has anyone confirmed whether or not immersive mode negates certain trophies?
  8. dude chill. I understand the difference between "locked" and stable, but I'm saying the game should literally be locked at 30fps on a PS4 Pro at higher resolution (for example Last of Us Remastered) or 1080p at stable 30+ framrate. instead the it drops like 10-15 frames below 30 everytime you exit the menu etc. that should not be happening period
  9. I agree, it should be completely stable on PS4 base. All the Pro should be doing is boosting resolution and/or frames above 30, not just making 30 obtainable to begin with. I'm on a Pro and the stutter coming out of the pause menu is straight up criminal I have no problem with action/adventure games running at a locked 30fps but that should be the bare minimum at this point, at any resolution really
  10. Hey everybody, just wondering if they released that huge update yet, that was supposed to completely overhaul the game and address the many issues that people had with it when it released to scathing reviews? I’d like to buy it and play it with my buddy but we’re still waiting for the progression system etc. to be „fixed“. Please let me know:)
  11. you don’t need to take this elevator to get down to the tomb, just use the path shown in the video that you posted. All the collectibles are accessible that way, I couldn’t take down that one shield either and I still platinumed the game no problem
  12. Bugged how so? I kept running into them again and again
  13. It feels shorter, not sure how much exactly. It’s only up to rank 25 tho, then it’s gone FYI. for the record, if it’s only 29 bucks for the ultimate edition just get it, it’s worth all perks and you’re supporting the devs directly for a superb game vs. some dude who just wants some money back after playing it. Just saying.
  14. Indeed lol
  15. Yes, they are both free and available to all except - oh wait, what’s this?! You have to be world tier 5 for both and for the raid 490+ gear score rating to even play. They are apparently intended to be post endgame activities, when you’re pretty much maxed out. Sucks huh?