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  1. Seriously, I was already baffled by the changes Ubisoft made to the last 2 AC entries and WD2 smh. Nudity and relationships in games are being censored, but violence and gore is ok?! WTF
  2. I'm so freaking excited about this, especially after they cancelled Visceral's game for being a single player experience! I don't know what makes this any different... but Vince Zampella has confirmed there will be no MP or MTX!! Let's hope this is a statement we can hold them to.
  3. That arguement would render pretty much any app useless, since almost every social media app has a website. please make an app
  4. Ok so just got it, took me quite few tries. The pillars are actually super easy. On the left one with the black dots don’t cross over the middle as you will block yourself, just snake back and forth on your way up to the top. And the right side is trickier because the line starts opposite as well, but just split the black and white squares as you curve upward, here don’t go back and forth or up and down too much, you‘lol block yourself. I actually only made it to the pillars twice before I completed it. That’s all I got
  5. it does not, I used mostly gold and a little cash to get it all for the trophy
  6. Actually so far the 5/7 that are out have all been easily doable solo, no trophies involve coop
  7. Just get the PS4 remastered version, it’s better and no MP
  8. It doesn’t delete any saves, you can still return to your original game but... ... you won’t have any of the equipment you gained in NG+ as there is no crosssaving. So you’ll have whatever you left off with when you created the NG+ file. Correct. BUT doing the frozen wilds in NG+ UH is sooooo freaking hard, it will easily double your playtime, but in a very frustrating way. Trust me just do the DLC in your regular playthrough after finishing the main Story etc. and then create your NG+ file from that for ultra hard. You’ll be close to level 60 and have the best gear and skills. Otherwise I’m telling you, you won’t be able to get gold on the hunting grounds, it’s ridiculous
  9. I would strongly suggest playing the frozen wilds DLC first on normal in your regular play through (after the story etc.) and then proceeding to do NG+ on ultra hard. I thought I'd do it in NG+ mode, except then I was on ultra hard and you can't change the difficulty so the frozen wilds were ridiculously tough, especially the hunting ground challenges are absolutely impossible to get gold on ultra hard. seriously. impossible. so just do a chill run on normal and then do NG+ on ultra hard. and yes you're leveling is fine either way it all carries over don't worry about that. and the main game is completely unchanged by frozen wilds. you only have a couple more skills available to unlock.
  10. FYI shadow of the tomb raider has online coop DLC
  11. to quote OP title ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! this AC was the absolute worst of all of them, ever! you must be the only person on the planet who thinks this 😀 seriously dude, the gameplay was buggy, the online sucked, and the collectables - don't even get me started! this was the worst post story grind in any game. it's basically 20 hours of "fun" followed by 40 hours of grind.
  12. yeah see there you go, not bad huh? my bad I never boosted any of it
  13. it is boostable but you'll need at least a group of 12 people I believe for that certain mode the AT-ST is in to be playable. it really wasn't bad legit, took maybe 2-3 hours of but I also did it while just leveling and other trophies... good luck either way though
  14. holy sshit seriously?! I'm only Rank 17 in MP and I'm at about 220 according to this site plus another 20 hours this year so far! that seems reaaaaally long though considering it only came out end of October lol
  15. yeah just play on "normal/moderate", it's a very enjoyable experience. now doing the frozen wilds DLC trophies on ultra hard was a nightmare