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  1. it is boostable but you'll need at least a group of 12 people I believe for that certain mode the AT-ST is in to be playable. it really wasn't bad legit, took maybe 2-3 hours of but I also did it while just leveling and other trophies... good luck either way though
  2. holy sshit seriously?! I'm only Rank 17 in MP and I'm at about 220 according to this site plus another 20 hours this year so far! that seems reaaaaally long though considering it only came out end of October lol
  3. yeah just play on "normal/moderate", it's a very enjoyable experience. now doing the frozen wilds DLC trophies on ultra hard was a nightmare
  4. No just talking about the main game. As far as dlc goes underground was ok but survival sucks and last stand is pvp hell
  5. Seriously lol? I handed my completely incapable girlfriend the controller for 5 races of which she won 2. it’s really not that hard. Just hang back and wait for the first 5 places to kill each other and then ride like hell
  6. oh ok, then no. ask the admin of psnp. you right click anywhere on a trophy list and it should give you the option to export to excel. I did write a script that formats the table once you've exported it though
  7. yes it is still completely achievable, platinum is easy as hell, just boost the 20 rogue kills and everything else is easy. the DLC is a pain though and will take boosting and grinding for daaaays
  8. the MP is totally unnecessary as with most single player campaign add-ons. but the story and gameplay are fun and gory of course. the platinum is easy as hell btw. all the DLC is now free in case you change your mind...
  9. yeah I got that dude I've just never dusted off any internal components on ps4 ps3 etc.
  10. use your psnp profile. just right click and choose "export to excel" you'll have to format it, but I wrote an easy macro for that it, so it does a whole trophy list for a game automatically. I guess I could integrate that macro into the sheet I sent you...
  11. 😆 was I supposed to do this? 🤔
  12. this is kind of interesting discussion. as of now 48% own a ps4. I wonder how many actually own a 4K HDR TV...? I bought the launch PS4 and upgraded to a PS4 Pro at launch as well as my TV to 4K HDR. And it's really a big difference in resolution and performance. I have my games on an ext. 2TB HDD that runs faster than the stock HDD which also improves the loading times
  13. Weird I used to get like 15k on starfighter now I’m still getting that with 3x XP?! Did they lower the xp per mode or wtf
  14. I have the feeling I’m not getting triple XP on starfighter?!
  15. You can invite friends to play with you online and then start the race together so yeah
  16. Interesting hadn’t heard of it. I have the official guide and it’s not a stranger mission maybe some random encounter...
  17. LOL A desert iguana swimming
  18. I always shoot it once in non vital areas before it grabs me with a rifle, then great gun for finishing it off is the semi auto shotgun, it's fast and powerful at close range
  19. also good is northwest, lake Isabella I believe it's called... got multiple 20+ lbs there
  20. same here, but I got the 100% & trophy as well
  21. you need to completely finish the quest involved in getting the "it's art" trophy, I just did it yesterday
  22. I dunno, I feel like it is catchable but under extremely specific conditions. there are numerous hints, like the overcast weather and special spinner... may you need to use the special swamp lure as indicated in the official guide even if it's a river... but it is actually listed in the guide with it's weight so that seems odd. then again how freaking big must a 180lb catfish be lol
  23. ok I gotta ask man. what side quest are you referring to?? I 100% completed this game recently. you don't need a Carolina parakeet for any trophy or side quest!
  24. heads up: I keep reading comments about saving progress between wins and reloading if you lose... THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! I got this trophy the other day and can offer the following advice: I personally thought 5's in Saint Denis was the best way to score points and strategize with your tiles. only play against one opponent, or you run a higher risk of losing before you can get up since you have to keep track of more tiles/points etc. always try to have at least 2 tiles you can lay out on your next move, so you never have to draw. so even if you get points for a move, don't do it, if that move leaves you SOL on your next turn. if you are going to score any points on a turn, try lowering the edge score tactically to screw the opponent out of high score plays. and lastly: if your opponent is within 20 points of scoring, leave the table!! they could easily lay out a 20 pointer and you're screwed. it's honestly not that hard, if you try and think ahead like in chess, instead of blindly trying to score points on every turn good luck
  25. try going to valentine, that's where I picked mine up from the special edition. different stalls have different horses, the most expensive/best selection being in Saint Denis I would say...