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  1. I disagree, I don't think MTX are greedy. They're not greedy in GTA 5, they're not greedy in The Last of Us and they aren't greedy in Assassin's Creed. So what exactly makes them greedy here? If someone wants to superficially accelerate their progress in a game, why not allow/offer it? Then, of course, one could argue that the feature should be free, so why charge money for it? But then why charge more money for prioritizing mail? Why charge more money to let people stream in 4k vs full HD? Why charge more money for street parking in some cities than in others? Is it all greed? If profit = greed then yes, yes it is. But if the company is trying to maximize profits in order to be able to reinvest in future projects, how is that greed? It's called business and EA is a business just like Rockstar, Ubisoft and Naughty Dog/Sony. You can't make SWBF3, if half your audience waits until BF2 and BF1 are on sale for 80%, or even worse, buy it used. And that is the absolute truth that everyone conveniently "forgets". Yeah retail price for the standard edition is 60 USD. And if 1 million people buy it, that's 60mio in their pocket. But the reality is, that since it's a Star Wars license, probably 50% is Disney's cut, then you have brick and mortar distributors skimming off the top. Ad campaigns. Employee salaries. Development hardware and software. Insurances. Patents. Development of new engines. All costs coming out of that 60$. Now another 5 Mio buy it, but on Black Friday for half off, another half mio buy it used after half a year. and people just upgrading to PS4 (yes, really) buy it in a year for $10. At this point you're not sure whether you can break even on this project. Shit happens to movies all the time, studios write it off as a bad investment, there is no patch or removal of functions to fix it. Done deal. So why would you not have some sort of additional system in place cushion the transition into the next project, if available? Oh I almost forgot all the people still downloading cracked versions of games on pc, jesus, talk about sticking it to the man. Maybe you should be mad at them, too, since everyone buying used games and downloading games illegally or driving up prices and turning the games industry into a money grubbing machine. I'm honestly not sure about xbox or pc, but on the PlayStation system, you can setup a subaccount tied to your master account and restrict any purchases whether in the psn store or in game. That's called parenting, paying attention to what your child is or isn't doing. If you don't know whether or not your kid is buying hundreds of dollars worth of loot crates, that's your fault, not EA's. You're not gambling money unless you are actually spending it in MTX, which I KNOW are totally unnecessary to play and enjoy the game. period. they're just an option. the lootboxes aren't the problem, that seems to be a huge part of what is getting mixed up in this whole PR disaster. The progression system could use some tweaking, yes, and if you had lootboxes dedicated to each class, it would fix a lot. I've played the game for a week and not once have I felt at odds with this system or felt cheated or somehow underpowered. it's all media hype at this point. and yes, to your point, people should make informed decisions, especially parents. but it's the parent's responsibility to review and gather information and not buy it, pop in the disc, and be like "omg my 10 year old is gambling for star cards" and yes if you are an addict seek help, don't blame it on others, that is right up there next to lying about your addiction. so you're saying because battlefront2 didn't incl. a regulated "play responsibly" slogan in their ad campaign they're preying on kids. do you think alcoholics actually read or care about the disclaimers everywhere, or smokers or any other addicts..? and not that it's anyone's damn business, but I was NOT squeaky clean. alcohol 13, cigs 13, sex 14, rated r film 11, rated m game I wanna say 12... either way, I was being sarcastic. but even still, it's the parent's responsibility to watch what their kids are doing. think "parental advisory" stickers. helping or hurting? things are getting blown out of proportion is what I'm saying. if your kid can play a $60 FPS then your kid can buy a freaking $10 loot crate. and if you're kid has a gambling problem, maybe you really are just a bad parent. But I'd just LOVE to see the statistic showing kids who are now gambling addicts because of MTX. just like politicians and worried mothers across the globe banned together for a decade claiming video game violence promotes violence in real life and kids who play violent games and watch violent movies are more aggressive. give me a break. and lastly, yes when games went gold back in the day, that was it. but honestly the scale and production quality has increased exponentially. so unless you want to wait 10 years for the next SWBF, you may need to accept that devs are going to release games that still need more polish through patches because dev cycle times keep getting shorter and shorter and gamers are at fault as well. so there are really only 3 scenarios: evil MTX stay, season passes return, or game prices rise up 20-30%. take your pick
  2. "without MTX "lol, have you played GTA5?! you know you can drop serious cash on "shark cards" on the psn store which give you in game money. so there's that. and GTA5 is a completely different game, with a huge amount of single player content, I easily dumped 100 hours into that open world story. online maybe 5 hours, don't really like it. point being SWBF is an online FPS competing with the likes of COD and even EA's other title, battlefield. oh not to forget FPS RPG Destiny. and a bunch of other awesome FPS games that don't have/require online play, like far cry or wolfenstein. so yeah GTA 5 sold 80 million copies world wide to date, that game is a freak of nature though. it is not exempt from skimming off the top with MTX though. and not to forget they rereleased it on the ps4 and god knows how many people repurchased it, after already owning the ps3 version, I know many personally.
  3. I don’t feel sorry for EA. But what everybody is forgetting is EA is a business just like any other business in the world. And the number one priority for any business that is not non-profit is growth through profitability. There is nothing sustainable about gamer’s delusional expectations. I was referring to EA reducing the credits for heroes, not turning off MTX. That directly negates the necessity of buying credits with real money. This was before Disney entered the conversation. All this nonsense about lootboxes targeting people with addiction and kids is a total conspiracy theory. Kids need to be parented and you can’t buy anything on a ps sub acct without credit card access. And if you have a gambling addiction, seek help, EA isn’t trying to exploit you. Just like if you’re an alcoholic, Budweiser isn’t trying to prey on you with super bowl commercials every year. holy shit, how jaded Yes, exactly. If you’re worried the loot system in this FPS is turning your 10 your old into a gambling addict... I think you’re a bad parent lol
  4. Just gonna start at the bottom here. That is the lamest phrase I’ve ever heard. Ever. Nobody is stealing your money, nobody is forcing you to pay them anymore than you're willing to and nobody, not even EAvil EA, is responsible, if you purchase something without researching what you are getting. If you don’t want to pay so much, then just wait till it’s on sale. Over the past year I’ve seen the SWBF ultimate edition (incl. season pass) for $10 on the ps store, multiple times. That’s 91% off the original price. You keep calling EA money grubbers and compare them to car salesmen jacking up prices. Let me ask you this: have you ever seen a brand new car model go down 91% a little over a year after release? I honestly think gamers are the whiniest, most spoilt bunch of overprivileged juveniles on the face of the planet. “The game is way too expensive!” “EA is ripping me off!!” ”Micro-transactions are the evil that will consume the last flickering light humanity!!!” Games are NOT expensive, not even EA’s retail price $110 SWBF incl. season pass. Because news flash: games are the cheapest digital media you could possibly buy. If that’s shady then I suppose going to the movies is shady, too. Because guess what: it’s like $10+ to go see a movie plus for the “full experience” you have to pay another $10 for popcorn and soda. And I guess listening to the regular version of an album is a rip off, too. Because the deluxe version costs $5 more. Besides the fact that games are less expensive now that’s they were 20 years ago, even with season passes. Adjusted for inflation games like Super Mario Bros would cost about $115 today. It’s a side scroller, a hand full of levels, no multiplayer, no full hd/4K, no first and third person views in 3 dimensional space. EA already drastically reduced the amount of credits necessary to purchase heroes and promised to adjust the progression system. And leveling up is fast as all hell, I would know. Because now, even without MTX, I already have all heroes and am level 20 after a week. So wooooow, yeah it’s all evil and shady. And the game is terrible. And I hate EA for forcing me to pre-order it at full price. And I totally feel coerced into buying lootcrates. And the government needs to come save me from this horrible fate. Not
  5. Thank you I will actually take a look at this
  6. I’m in no way affiliated with EA, nor have I ever planned to be. LOL. But seriously, I understand that it’s much easier to rationalize my views by suggesting I’m an EA employee preaching jusification. But fortunately, that’s not the case. I have a ears and eyes and a highly functioning brain that allows me to perceive and process exterior stimuli and data and a mouth to vocalize my interpretation. So I stand by my statements. Yes, Star Wars Battlefront 2 uses a games-as-a-service model, that will periodically be updated with additional new content, much like Netflix or iTunes is periodically updated with new movies and series and music. Yes I realize the latter are subscription based service vs “pay to play“, but the two are comparable in a sense that they also offer higher tier ultra hd subscriptions for a couple bucks more per month if you want it, or you can also just get the base plan, the same way as you can get the base game in SWBF 2 and are not required to buy anything else, unless you want it. I would know I’ve been playing for a week without spending anything (obviously since it’s also currently removed) and have unlocked all heroes and am at level 20 and have multiple star cards at level 2-3 and a handful at epic. Besides which, your car analogy doesn’t hold up. Nor does it really make sense. why would anyone buy a car with unnecessary upgrades in the first place...? EA isn’t selling you something more expensive than it is. You know what the game costs and you know that you can purchase extra stuff, if you want. The car analogy would have to be: you buy a 20k car and then realize you wanted a 6 cylinder instead of a 4 and a turbocharger to boot. That puts you at 30k oh and your $500 floor mats, so say 30.5k. And that, my friend, is a lot of cash for floor mats btw lol. I also disagree that they are specifically targeting kids, that seems too sinister and implies criminal intent. I honestly think, it’s a poorly implemented loot crate progression system developed by DICE that has been monetized by EA, without enough consideration to the implications and consequences in regard progress AND the whole “gambling” angle.
  7. I keep seeing these accusations stated as “facts” with no source. Where are the actual number and figures supporting these arguments that they’re making “many times as much from games with micro-transactions”?
  8. Well now you just proved my point because yes, the witcher 3 is an amazing game with excellent production value, in fact among my favorite of all time. BUT the expansion pass cost additional money and they rereleased the complete edition to make money off the same product again... so while EA’s marketing is way more extravagant than CDPR’s, the latter is not exempt from capitalizing on gamer’s insatiable love for additional content. They too follow the season pass model. And the prices being lower than they were is definitely a valid point for publishers and developers alike. Because if you can’t ask for more money at POS and people hate on season passes and then the gov looks into banning/regulating micro-transactions... they're getting backed into a corner. It’s the same with itunes and Netflix etc nowadays, they’re all device models where people pay to listen/watch as much as they want but god forbid they raise prices by $1-2 a month, people lose their freaking minds. If we don’t want the prices for the base games to rise, we need to allow for different kinds of monetization models, whether it be season passes or micro-transactions or even subscriptions, like PlayStation plus - duh, it’s a huge chunk of the money Sony makes in the gaming market and they just raised prices last year! So are micro- transactions in this specific game poorly implemented and wrecklessly tied to a broken profession system. Yes, yes they absolutely are. But I don’t think banning or regulating either through the government is a good idea because it generally illicit sweeping declarations that overshoot the goal. I think it was good that people voiced their concern through reddit and similar outlets and it’s a show of goodwill that EA listened so far and agreed to make adjustments. But honestly the game has only been out a week and it feels like half a year with what’s been going on. Give EA Aand DICE a chance to breathe and fix the problem before getting gov entities involved. Bottom line- EA hit the PR nightmare jackpot that was only made possible by a license as hot and coveted as Star Wars and now everyone is mainstream media and politicians are perking up as if it’s the first game to ever use this system. Next thing you know, it’ll be part of some senator’s ad campaign. It’s getting out of control.
  9. This article ties into what you said and I agree. In the long run it could end up hurting the average gamer. While I absolutely think the implementation of loot boxes paired with the micro-transactions in SWBF2 was completely ill-advised. I am worried about any legislation that may result from this PR disaster though. Knowing Congress (in the US at least), they’ll pass some ridiculously restrictive laws with gross oversight that ends up banning all forms of looting and micro-transactions in and shape or form. Because seriously, it’s politics at this point and there is no winning here. Yes EA is consumed with corporate greed and blablabla but at the same time it’s not going to stop them from getting there money in some other form. So really we made just end up back at the $50 season pass per game that other devs are still sporting. And honestly I’m fine with that. Read the article. Game prices are cheaper now than they were 20 years ago with higher production value and this cost. So either way they will get they’re money to remain profitable because it is a business and when all is said and done people want them to stay in business, even if that means paying more. I feel like this particular microtransaction story has been blown way out of proportion and this point and I can almost guarantee, if Congress gets there thick’s heads involved in this mess, we will all be sorry we ever complained. Think of all the things they’ve regulated through laws to “protect the youth”. Censorship is everywhere in American media, trying watching an unedited movie on free tv or seeing someone flip off the camera at the (still relevant??) mtv awards. Or turn on the radio and listen to a rap song... or what’s left of it lol. Games are still a medium that has so much freedom in its current state, solely restricted by a letter in the bottom corner on the cover. I’d hate to see it ruined when lawmakers decide to take a closer look at our beloved paradise.
  10. This is obviously good news that they’re planning on cracking down on this issue. Though I don’t agree that the concept of lootboxes should be banned, as properly implemented loot system are very fun like in borderlands for example, where everything you receive through playing is completely random. That said, introducing micro-transactions to the equation is a terrible and aggressively greedy idea. Of course what amplified the problem in this particular case was the atrocious progression system in place in SWBF2. I mean who tf decided it was a good idea to randomize the star cards in general loot crates?! I think the new star card system is a potentially good idea, but poorly executed. It would make way more sense to just cut he ridiculous loot crates out of the equation and let people outright purchase the specific cards they want, but ONLY using in-game credits with no micro-transactions (because no ptw bs!!). Because that’s how progression should always work. And if they do keep the out of place lootboxes, they need to at least separate the classes so you can progress your class of choice and up the return on doubles...
  11. Might as well wait and see, Sale doesn’t end till Tuesday morning next week
  12. Quick question: if I were to buy this game, from a trophy standpoint is there any benefit to owning the GOAT squads edition? Or does it make no difference?
  13. I’ve been playing 2-3 hours a day since launch (nov 14th) and I now have about 75% of trophies. I’m half of the way to getting the „grindy“ ones like beating 50 heroes while being marked and defeating 25 hero ships. Neither of which are difficult at all. I literally get 3-4 hero kills while marked per match. And 2-3 hero ships per match. Both are lots of fun and very enjoyable challenges. I think it’s safe to say you will finish everything before hitting level 50. The best way to level is hero vs villains btw because it’s an all out frenzy and taking out other hero’s gives you ridiculous xp like 12-13k per match easy
  14. yse absolutely I already had more than enough to unlock her by the end of the campaign, even without collectibles. yeah I guess that was there intention.. but like I said completing the campaign with collectibles that are ridiculously easy to find and few alltogether you can basically afford a top tier hero almost immediately when starting mp. plus unless you desparately want to play heroes vs villains and refuse to settle for rey or kylo, or even yoda (who are seriously superior to luke or vader in this game) - you really can just play other modes and gain credits through challenges and matches..honestly heroes and villains is kind've ludicrous now because it's just 4v4 and there are no soldiers, so everybody basically meets at one point in the map and just wails on the other's team target it's frantic fun but really requires little skill, since it's a total free for all
  15. you said "Campaign will only give you enough credits to unlock one of the lowest-tier - in terms of credit cost", but after playing campaign incl. collectibles I was at about 12k then I played 5 arcade challenges. then I played 5-6 mp matches and I unlocked vader. that's all... campaign incl. collectibles about 5 hours. and arcade plus 5-6 matches mp like an hour, 1.5 tops. now I have luke and Iden as well (another 20k) and currently have about 7k left in wallet. and so far (on top of the initial 5-6 matches) I've played maybe 6 hours of mp. so it's really quick actually. the challenges help a lot, 80% of them come without even trying. and I'm a pretty average player my KDR is probably 13:10, if I had to guess, since there are no stats...
  16. I wrote a longer post, bump. but still I'll reiterate. I've played the campaign once (on normal), go the collectibles. so far only the light side arcade challenges tier 1. and 2 matches of each mp mode and I now have unlocked both luke and vader without paying anything. all this paytowin business is being completely blown out of proportion. was getting 8 player kill streaks in a starfighter and haven't dropped a single credit on crates. and I'm not even that good, just average.
  17. yeah same here, did not pop even though I won a match of each and got the separate trophies... but somehow challenge didn't register for completing match of starfighter assault, maybe it's that.. I'll try again
  18. untrue. I played the campaign, 5 arcade challenges and 3 mp matches and had enough for vader
  19. ok honestly I'm baffled by the overwhelmingly negative user reviews on metacritic. yes this game has microtransactions and yes you can theoretically "pay-to-win" if you buy a shit ton of crystals for crates. BUT it's totally unnecessary to do so, I mean I've already unlocked vader after just playing the campaign and 5 arcade challenges. I've played like 10 matches of mp and honestly, it's not a huge deal, who has what cards and I haven't seen anyone with all purple cards or anything crazy. yes the progression system is flawed, but EA already said they're willing to change and adjust it based on fan feedback. so maybe instead of boycotting and whining about microtransaction people should get it, cuz it's a fun game. and then tell them what's wrong with it so it can be fixed. they already went down 75% on the hero cost making all heroes together take about 30h of mp vs 40h just for the highest tier before., it's not a big deal. that is a huge improvement and I'm sure they'll adjust the amount of credits somewhat to make it even quicker soon enough. besides no one complains like this when the new Madden game drops every year and you can't do shit online unless you buy MUT packs unless you grind crazy hours. same with FIFA and all the other competitive sports games. now COD:WW2 seems to have microtransactions coming too. as do so many other games that people don't bash to death. seriously - the last of us (remastered) has microtransactions, you can buy weapons and traits etc. to give yourself a crazy edge over the competition instead of grinding for hours and days to unlock it all. and even though I noticed some people had ridiculous perks, I didn't let that stop me from having fun in mp and it's a lot of fun. in fact that game has one of the best reviews of any playstation games and not just because of the story. but no one went bashing that game. yeah, so EA f***'d up in the beta, they fixed it. and then they set their aim to high with th heroes initially, so what? the origin early access is a 10 hour TRIAL. and the model of games as a service means they're going to keep udating and fixing things. so everybody. chill. tf. out. just enjoy the star wars fantasy and stop complaining so much. bottom line is even from a plat trophy perspective, this is no hurdle. legitiamtely making it to level 100 in SWBF1 takes waaaaay longer than this.
  20. Xmas coming early this year 😬
  21. the full EA backpedaling article for anyone interested ok now, if you finish the campaign and do all the arcade challenges etc. You’ll already have a good chunk of credits according to reddit users. This makes me so happy. If they adjust the amount of credits gained per match a little more it would be perfect. Following this development, I’d say the plat is definitely under 100h again
  22. If they don’t decrease the amount of credits needed to unlock heroes or increas the amount of credits earned per match - this mp will utterly suck ass. I’ve been reading short reviews about mp from origin early access players, how they’re only getting 200-300 credits per match regardless of performance. Luke and Vader cost 60k each and they aren’t the only locked ones. Do the math😠 and you can’t upgrade anything without using credits for loot crates as well! So really, it’s full blown PTW. Wtf EA
  23. No they don’t matter to me either, it’s just almost comical how lazy some devs are with trophies, when others like gearbox with borderlands are sometimes hilarious
  24. FYI if you go there right now the next couple days before launch (nov 14th), you can get a couple free avatars just by watching 1-2 trailers and behind the scene videos. It takes like 3 min and you get a voucher code to redeem
  25. Wow you’re right wtf EA. No a full trophy list, no original cool platinum name and recycling many of the same phrases and trophy pics from first game!?