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  1. Yeah, I'm sure they will eventually clarify the way it works then. Maybe then you just can't upgrade for free...? I could see, having to pay 10USD for example to upgrade the vanilla version to the complete version or something similar. The worst part for me is I got it the vanilla version on disc and my PS5 is digital only. This is the only game I wish I had digital for this purpose... Yes lol it is "still delayed" to Q2 2022.... or, you know, whenever they're actually ready.
  2. According to the official forum at regarding the TW3:WH next-gen upgrade (comment #143): You can only upgrade equivalent versions and you cannot upgrade a disc version without a disc drive in your next-gen console. Just FYI. But right now, the last-gen "Complete Edition" is on sale for 10 USD on the PSN store for anyone that does not have the digital version, for example.
  3. Oh yeah for sure, I meant if you want to actually enjoy the game and use the different weapons etc., then you'll need to do a second playthrough. Otherwise you're severely restricting your experience with the game.
  4. Nope just played again yesterday, same thing. I wonder, if coop has anything to do with it, as Digital Foundry didn't seem to discover anything this egregious.
  5. it's not a roguelike just fyi, it's more akin to Dark Souls Game looks awesome, trophy list looks great except for "beating the game only using the umbrella". That requires a second playthrough, which I'm never a fan of.
  6. The screen tearing is atrocious, like GTAV on PS3 bad. I can't remember the last time I saw anything this terrible, to the point that it's extremely distracting at times. I recently played Watch Dogs Legion and the performance was vastly better than this, so I'm pretty disappointed. The visuals are beautiful, but they need to fix this ASAP.
  7. Yeah, if you don't die and are really good/fast and don't explore excessively, you could probably beat the game in 6-8 hours I'd say, because you do I heard patch 1.4 made it "easier", don't know if that's true, but I genuinely hope that devs only "balanced" vs. "nerfed" the difficulty because it did feel like beating a souls game at launch, which was appealing and satisfying. Apparently you can't save-scum the suspend point, but I'm not sure how that works on a technical level so we'll see. I would also really love to see some DLC, a new area or boss would be awesome.
  8. I admit, if you're coming back to a run days (or weeks) later, then yeah for sure. But, if you bounce out to play some co-op game with a friend for an hour and then return(al) 😋 I think it'd be totally fine Same here tho, I blazed through that plat within weeks of release. The rest mode problem did screw me 1-2 tho.
  9. It's not the same as rest mode. This way you can actually close the game, play something else and pick it back up later without losing the progress you made in that cycle. Otherwise you couldn't exit the game or turn off the PS5 completely. I think many people would disagree with you, some of my runs were between 4-5 hours long. If you don't want to play anymore, yet don't want to restart the cycle the, the only option is rest mode. But then you can't play anything else until you complete that cycle (or just quit it). That's really restrictive either way. Also, starting the game from rest mode had a lot of problems in the beginning, which was especially frustrating, since your progress was wiped...
  10. I recently finished the main story and went back to clean up all the missing trophies for the plat. And of course, in typical Ubisoft fashion, the only three collectible trophies in the game all glitched out. It's so f*** frustrating that they insist on putting these useless, boring collectibles in the game that absolutely must have trophies tied to them. They're always glitched for months and months after release and they're never fun to collect anyway. The paste-ups do nothing, the darts - nada - and the drinks, well, they get you buzzed. The only cool activity requiring actual skill was the soccer challenges. That reminded me of the drink challenge in WD1 that was actually fun and challenging to get the trophy (before they nerfed the difficulty). Seriously disappointing, but it's own fault for not waiting 1.5 years after release until it's all fixed. I refuse to waste my time re-collecting it all with one character on a fresh save etc, hoping it will pop. I'm waiting until they patch this.
  11. Then I don't know what to tell you... I've never heard of this happening before. Sounds like you just didn't earn it.
  12. Yeah, if the trophy is displayed as "earned" when you are offline, then you definitely got it. Just try going online and syncing your PS4 trophies manually again.
  13. Yeah, the upgrade is free, but most likely only from the complete edition incl. all DLC.
  14. It's included in the season pass, but will surely be sold as a standalone release pretty soon. I think FC3 Classic Edition was available without the FC5 season pass within a few weeks. Either way it's a straight remaster, I assume 4k/60, as it's an older, less demanding game.
  15. lol people on here complaining about ONE MP trophy that will take 5-10 minutes. The game is built around co-op and they added one trophy to encourage that. FC5 was way worse with the MP mode trophies, this is a breeze by comparison. Plus the list looks fun as hell, can't wait!