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  1. I’m honestly just perplexed that “damned” counts as a swear word in hell lol
  2. yeah that's why I said 1.5 even with the mulitple saves you have to play the ending 3 times and it's loooong as hell because of the dialogue. and you have to choose which demon to help as well as various other choices that influence The whole back and forth with save files and replaying entire chunks of the game at least constitutes a ".5" playthrough. Just saying.
  3. About 10-12 hours with 1.5 playthroughs. Being friends with Sam and Wormhorn and reuniting Beth with Asmodeus are all missable. I suppose so are the 20 different drinks, so just drink all 4 from each bar you visit. And always drink the full cup for the “lot of booze” trophy. Also, the dance and drinking game trophies are easily missable as you have very limited opportunities.
  4. So I just got it on my second playthrough I think it’s closer to 50 full drinks. I also have the feeling it carries across saves. If anyone can confirm this, others might find it useful, as it’s hard to tell.
  5. Are these 40 drinks across a play through? Or literally sitting at the bar pounding that many drinks??
  6. Well you’re partially right in thinking that as certain drinks will give you more of anpoltre mouth than others
  7. Seriously tho Nioh is a cool game, but why the hell don’t we at least get the complete edition now that we’re down to 2 games a month. Wtf Sony!? Especially since buying the complete edition during Black Friday will end up cheaper than getting all the DLC on top of the free base game.🙄
  8. You have dialogue options and whenever given the option to cuss, chose it. There aren’t too many as far as I’ve seen so far so look out for em
  9. Thx for the info
  10. Sorry but infamous second son is totally overrated
  11. not so much about the trophy itself: I understand you can play spec ops in 4 player coop. is this online only or also split screen? and is it possible to just play with one other person in a private lobby or are they always automatically public 4 player lobbies? thx in advance?
  12. You have to complete the Black Tusk Basin Raid, that's what unlocked it for me. I don't know if you necessarily need to be WT5, though I think those go hand in hand.
  13. Just use a new level 30 player to start the dlc, so the leveling doesn’t take too long
  14. That’s tough to say as everyone plays differently and some are better at some modes than others. But objectively, gaining points is extremely easy in Co-Op as it’s just conquering areas before the timer runs out. Go for objectives and use a heavy to wipe out swarms. I’m getting between 75-90k per round which lasts 10-15min max. Seriously I just leveled up twice in an hour
  15. Hey anybody looking to grind out the last couple levels of BF2 you’re in luck. It’s triple XP weekend now through the 29th on the new Co-op mode. Sooooo easy!
  16. Actually at the end of the game you can draw many GFs from certain bosses clustered around a surprise area, that I won’t spoil here. In any case these are: AlexanderCarbuncleCerberusEdenLeviathanPandemonaSiren However Diablos and Doomtrain are definitely missable due to the items you could miss or sell. Yes I also I think the Timber Maniacs trophy is missable because certain issues are only available in certain parts of the story that you can’t return to. If I’m not mistaken, it’s been a while since I last played it, but back then I would have gotten every trophy, since I 100% completed everything. You can’t miss Loser trophy because at any point in time you can literally save the game and then just lose a rare card on purpose and reload your save. Though, without spoiling anything, there is theoretically a point of no return, where you can no longer play cards at the very end. I suppose this fact does make the CC Group, pupu side quest and obel lake side quest missable. But since you can save any time with up to 60 separate save slots, it’s easy to just reload a save and finish any of those quests/get those GFs etc. without replaying any parts of the story, so missable is a little overstated anyway. Too bad there’s no trophies for gilgamesh or odin, or getting all the cards, which was the best quest in the game. Or defeating Ultima weapon. Or even better: defeating one of every monster, some of which are seriously tough and rare. That would have been awesome.
  17. This 1 week after the summer sale had it for 25USD incl DLC lol
  18. No I’m seriously relieved that “no leveling” achievement was nixed in the trophy list! Completely unnecessary to force you to play a freaking RPG without leveling your character, where is the fun in that?!
  19. just install the season pass, open the game and then you should be able to launch episode 1. if not you can download every episode through the game's main menu
  20. I love Uncharted and Star Wars, so to me it's the perfect mashup! BUT... I really wish Bioware would've done an insane Witcher 3 sized Star Wars RPG, where you create your own Jedi and forge your own destiny. But alas - then it wouldn't be canon, my god 🙄
  21. Tell Tale Games always install with the first episode inside the season pass download, I don't think I've ever seen a stand alone episode 1 for any of their games...
  22. yeah literally no reason to have cancelled Visceral's game. may have even been better... the gameplay looks pretty cool, but the graphics look kind of harsh for a late gen game. hope this alpha footage gets polished up. a lot.
  23. Ok now I get what you’re saying, my bad. Thanks for the info!
  24. you mean the game devs?🤔 but the trophy description on PSN is totally fine whether viewing the full list or the single trophy. it's definitely a problem on PSNP...
  25. So there is a weird description bug in the Titanfall 2 List. If you look at the whole trophy list, the platinum trophy is “mark if the advocate” which is the correct title. But then click the platinum trophy and it takes you to the leaderboard page the title for the platinum is “welcome to the 4-6”. Needs to be fixed