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  1. this means unlocking won’t be necessary still no trophies in sight though...
  2. I sure hope there will be dlc trophies or it may end up being a grind after all.. I could see going to like 35 just playing and having fun (at 26 now) but that’s about as far as I’ll go without more dlc trophies.. then it’s just grinding to 50 but we’ll see.. new heroes and maps drop on Wednesday. Mans yes you should get crafting parts instead that would make way more sense and the amount it would take to craft that level of card. That would be fair
  3. The Platinum is absolutely terrible, while mp is pretty short, the single player trophies are a total chore, seriously I echo the 75% padding sentiment, after the main story it just becomes a pain in the ass. I wouldn’t recommend it, it is the worst of the franchise by a long shot, especially coming off the high of revelations. It’s complementary story liberation is the only thing worse than this. I say stay away from both, honestly.
  4. There is absolutely NO way that trophy is even remotely influencing sales. It’s just a very particular franchise with big more grounded contenders like CODWW2
  5. It is really easy and you absolutely can get 2-3 per match. Just bring up the leaderboard when ever you respawn and see who is a hero (the symbol left of the PSN name) and pay attention to finding that player when scanning the horizon. Then blasting them out of the freaking “sky”. MF is usually a waste of time because it’s tough to bringen down and people will wait and take the last shot when your lasers overheat. Go for the smaller ones like Kylo Ren and Vader, Luke and Poe. They’re easy pickings
  6. Yeah seriously, you may have to unlock the heroes again but with credits that have only gotten easier to earn in the mean time, so yes DLC is absolutely free and you don’t have to “grind” or pay for lootboxes etc! at least they changed the duplicate compensation so you get double and triple for higher tier duplicate cards. I personally think they should eliminate the chance of you getting duplicates at all, it’s pointless.
  7. Jesus what server are you on??
  8. I’ve honestly never been in a match with a rubber bander. Once in a while a hero will just be standing there though.. easy target
  9. it wasn't a challenge and you don't get extra for levelling up... but it must'vbe been some kind've glitch...never happened again. weird
  10. I just got 1735 credits in a match of starfighter assault. dunno why though. I killed one hero ship...
  11. Prove it😜
  12. I don’t understand why people would do this mode specifically for xp. You don’t gain anything just standing there
  13. I myself just bought the game and haven’t played it yet but I still don’t think they should change the requirements. It is doable apparently and why change it if people have managed. It wouldn’t be fair to the true achievers
  14. Actually the difficulty for a trophy was changed in a game I know of, after too many players complained. It was the “social lubricant” trophy in Watch Dogs (1). Apparently many people had such a hard time coordinating to get it they actually lowered the in game difficulty to make the trophy more obtainable. I happened to have gotten it before the patch and personally scoffed at the change.. but I know some trophies that are deserving of an adjustment. This one for an example. And also the prestige mode DLC trophies from Need for speed (2015). Those are ridiculous
  15. I don’t think it’s boring, I just wouldn’t recommend “grinding” those kills, just play the game, different modes and every time you happen to play HvV go for the marked kill.. and eventually you’ll get it. Plus it is sill the best way to level up. I don’t know whether it’s the programming or the description only DICE knows that.. either way that’s how to do it. But really it’s not a big deal, you are supposed to kill the other teams target to win the match anyway, so really actually makes more sense than just killing random enemies... you need 500 hero kills anyway so might as well go for it
  16. I checked your profile 😜
  17. You haven’t even played the game
  18. I actually started a new post about this yesterday to inform everyone, that you must in fact be the marked hero and kill THE MARKED VILLAIN. Or vice versa. EDIT: that’s how I got the trophy yesterday
  19. I can confirm, I’m level 23 and play maybe 1-2 a day since early access nov 14th. Basically if someone doubled that effort you could reach 50 by now. It’s not a big deal, most people just have other games / actual lives... but yes HvV is the best and fastest mode
  20. That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard
  21. yeah but it's still not a grind. level 100 gta 5 that is a grind. this is fun mp gaming and if people don't like doing it, don't buy the game. it hasn't even been 2 weeks since release. just play and have fun. dlc coming soon will ease the "grind"... but I honestly don't get people "farming" and grinding" this early on
  22. There is no grind it’s all hearsay bs from people mad about the MTX lootboxes scandal. I’m level 23 and have totally been enjoying the game, there is no reason to have an “afk system”, just turn off the game and don’t waste other players’ time, especially on a game that’s only been out a week. Just like everybody’s already setting up boosting sessions for it- my god just play it first before boosting the trophies. It’s pathetic really
  23. That it works is just engineering genius, but it doesn’t mean progression is broken. I get way more than what he is getting as well and to come up with this system is just plain ignorance if it’s to defy the progression system in Battlefront 2. There’s absolutely no reason to do this. Play the game or don’t, but I don’t spend money on games to have a bot play them for me
  24. Definitely start on the highest difficulty. This is a loooong game and unless you WANT to play it again... incl. dlc you’re looking at 200h to get all trophies in one playthrough. It’s not difficult, you just need to get used to it. The first 5-10 levels are tough and then it becomes really easy. Do lots of sidequests for xp and the main quests will be a piece of cake. Word of advice: dodge and roll vs just thrashing your sword, especially on tougher opponents or you will die. Oh and save after everything that you do, seriously. Nothing worse than wandering about through the world, getting ambushed by a hoard of gigantic spiders and having to do whatever you just did again
  25. I’ve never had this issue on any game, but I’m not saying it’s your fault. Maybe your PS4 is the problem, I mean specifically yours, some sort of defect