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  1. I was struggling with the fever stuff the first half hour or gameplay. I couldn't make a single combo after the fever :/ But, after 6 hours put in the game i can Say it's all about timming, now i can be on fever mode 5+ minutes non-stop, even the full mission itself. I didnt modified any settings on the tv volumen or any other thing. Just keep trying and keep watching the flashing border of the screen instead watching those Patapons. Good luck!
  2. Really!? im gonna try it, thx, somehow I found this mode quite annoying, sometimes the jump button doesn't work properly making me to lose a heart, it's so stupid...
  3. Yup. Pop for me also... Still some SP trophies left but im really glad this nightmare is finally over!
  4. Started the game two days ago and looks pretty cool. Not focus on this Emperor trophy, I knew it was nearly impossible to get, but If i can get maybe 30-40% of the trophies I'll be more than pleased...
  5. Finally popped for me. Sweet Jesus only he and God know how many rounds were needed. 100+ at least... Not sure if the new patch fixed something but im done with this trophy... Edit. Btw the trophy popped after a single duel against a computer...
  6. This is too much. The 5th round has started minutes ago and i've deployed assets in all rounds. At less 50 on each one. Well just like active duty the trophy didnt pop... This is so stupid. Thanks Ubisoft... =(
  7. It has coop couch but i found it a bit harder than playing alone
  8. Well... the problem is we have some trophies glitched (Active Duty) for example... I'm just crossing my fingers A Reservist won't glitch on me either... but we should wait another 14 days...
  9. There are a few maps with middle-high towers and balcons where you can camp a bit few minutes waiting for your enemies to start a fight against one of your partners right at the bottom of that balcony, just wait for it to happen and jump, with luck you will kill him... not too hard imo... just keep learning the best places to camp and sooner or later you will have your 25 kills... took me like 3-4 days meanwhile I was playing normal to win 20 PvP matches in all modes... it was very fun and entertaining...
  10. Those challenges arent easy at all. I just gave up...
  11. Anyone want to boost the multiplayer trophies?? send me a friend request! PSN: leptonic