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  1. Blazikieron
  2. Could you please add me back to the main one. I’ve only got the MHA One’s Justice Platinum at the moment.
  3. I’d like to join. Sign me me up for Chunin, I’ve done Storm 2 & 3.
  4. I would like to join, I have done Burning Blood and Pirate Warriors 3.
  5. I would like to join, my psn name is The_Waffle_21. I have the One Piece Burning Blood and Pirate Warriors 3 platinums. I also have the Naruto Storm 1 and 2 platinums but I’m saving them to pop all of the series on the same day. So i don’t qualify for any emblems. But I do qualify for the Trainee rank in the Hall of Fame.
  6. I would like to join. I have the battlefront 100% so I only qualify for the bounty hunter rank.
  7. Can you add Blazikieron?