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  1. I have started in the back row pretty much every time that I have played it. I think there have been one or two cases where I’ll start in the middle row if there is one, but I don’t recall ever starting in the front row and I’ve probably played the map about 15-20 times.
  2. Looks like it will be like The Escapist lists and not take too long. I'll definitely pick this game up, as i enjoyed The Escapists 1&2 and the trailer makes this game look pretty good. I'm assuming that there will be DLC for this game at some point, but as long as it's like The Escapists 2 DLC, then i'll be happy.
  3. I'd like to join back. I've now done Pirate Warriors 1&3 and Burning Blood
  4. I’m currently working on a My Hero One’s Justice 2 guide and a Spectre of Torment collectible guide
  5. Yeah i think there should be more of a reward for writing guides. As of now, I've made 8 guides because i enjoy making them, and i am currently working on 2 more, but there's not much of a reward for it. People used to get given free premium memberships for life for making guides, but then they stopped giving that out. That's about the only reward that they can give out. They could give you a three month membership per guide or something, but i can't really think of any other rewards. Appreciation wise, i feel like a lot of people do appreciate the guides by giving them favorites and ratings. But just because a guide has loads of favorites, doesn't mean it's the best. Because any AAA game that gets a guide will normally get around 100 favorites, even if its not that good. And any Plus game will also get lots of favorites, for example my Foul Play guide, which i would say is one of my worst guides, is by far my most favorited.
  6. I try to avoid games that have common platinums. Because in my eyes, anyone can do it and they’re not impressive. If it’s a game that I care about, for example Pirate Warriors 4, then I’ll do it, but otherwise I won’t. When I first started trophy hunting, I got quite a few common platinums, and that was also the period where I had the least fun getting trophies. Lots of them were bad games, like Orc Slayer, and they weren’t rewarding in the slightest. I now try to aim to get rarer platinums, as I believe they are a lot more impressive/ rewarding. Like if you see a list with 20 ultra rare platinums, in my eyes, it’s way more impressive than someone with 100 commons. Normally there are three main factors that I consider when starting up a game. 1. How much I like the game. 2. How many UR/VR/R trophies the game has. And finally, how long the game takes, and if it is worth that time. For example, if the game takes 100 hours, but only has a few ultra rares, is it worth doing? Because in that 100 hours I could do multiple other games, that are more rewarding. I definitely try to stick to the rule of quality over quantity.
  7. I do this, but only for games that i care about. For example, i did it for the Naruto series, but i wouldn't do it for a game like Claire, as i didn't really care for it.
  8. Don’t Even Think
  9. In my opinion Ultimate Chicken Horse is an underrated game, it’s on sale pretty often as well. Normally I wouldn’t play platformers, but there was something about UCH that was really enjoyable for me.
  10. These seem like some pretty interesting changes. I’ve always found these two killers pretty boring, so hopefully this makes them more fun? I do like the perk changes as Franklin’s is a perk that i already use and Lightborn has always felt kind of useless to me, but now it actually sounds like it will be good.
  11. I’ve now finished all of the Storm games (PS4 and PS3), and my Revolution guide got published so I now qualify for that emblem. Now to start working on Shinobi Striker.
  12. I got it from the EU store as soon as it came out, so unless it was removed for whatever reason, it should be there
  13. I just finished my first Dragon Ball game, FighterZ, as it’s 4th fastest achiever
  14. Do you have to get all 5 in one game? I’m assuming you don’t but I wanted to double check
  15. I forgot to say anything when I did them but I’ve now done both JoJo games for that emblem