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  1. Witcher 3 is one of my favourite games of all times. But I feel this one is shaping to be another deus ex...and kind of worried it will not deliver...
  2. Deus ex mankind devided😛
  3. Decided to get this one on pc. But anyway very exicted. The trophies looks like time consuming.
  4. 👍 I'm also trying to get the platinum and it is a long grind! But still for me its surprise of the year, although it came out in 2015. One of the best games i played for a while very solid and well made
  5. Thats good to know , I love mgs but dont like stealth😁
  6. Is it possible to s rank a mission without being stealthy ?
  7. Like the title says , do I need to look for people on my own to play online like the first one or is it like for example star wars that I just choose a mode and it finds players automaticly? I remmber the first one had little content (imo),is this one have more?
  8. i dont have the strength to go through all the pages but if no one posted it yet:
  9. Trying to finish this game on furier difficulty but having trouble with the scale. In the phase before the bullet hell the scale has an attack that splits himself to 5 . and attacks with expanding rings (that i always die) or with the green purple projectiles(that are easy to avoid). Does someone knows how can i trigger the projectiles instead of the expanding rings?
  10. I had trouble with her for a few tries on the last phase, i watched a video on YouTube (don't remember witch one) but i noticed that the player was a bit further away from the Burst. I tried it and never had any trouble with this phase again(furi difficulty). By the way changing the buttons is a great idea makes a lot of phases much faster, as it much easier to charge attack and parry on the same time, and the same goes for shooting , you can parry while you are shooting.
  11. Can someone recommend me which boss is the best for getting "take it back" and how to get "Boost master".
  12. Yep u right , i did not notice it .
  13. I got it by mistake did not know it had such a trophy, go for the first training mission just finish it under 2 minutes you have there 19 enemeis and this level is training so you can imagine it is really easy.
  14. How is this game compared to olliolli 2? I'm currently playing olliolli 2 and i know i'm definitely not going to plat it however i really enjoying it. I really good at this timing thing but to manage all this tricks ....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I think the rad levels would be much easier to me than the challenges.