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  1. Its states clearly on the buying page , people who got this game in ps plus monthly are not eilegible for the upgrade...
  2. Try replaying one of the missions. Cant hurt to try...
  3. I think they did not expected the game to be so popular...they have a lot of conectivity problems now. In the demo i did not encounter any server issues...🤷
  4. I do enjoy the story , a lot by the way but i agree that the charchters are not the best. The rest i totally agree👍🤪
  5. I think the platinum is easy , definitely time consuming... I think the level 20 acolades will take the most time, and maybe the 300 journals entries... But the rest is easy👍
  6. I really enjoyed the demo, and now playing the full game. Yet i only played 2.5 hours, the game slowly introduces new enemies(like new captains with diffrent powers and new monster type enemies both regular and altered). So better variety. Also a new crafting mechanizem was introduced, but it seems very pricy for the moment, its better to wait for end game for it. Even the in game tip kind of suggested that. Also a new customazation option for your truck and of course stash that you can use to transfer equipment for your other charchaters. I actually really liked the story in the demo, i heared that a lot of people did not but i cant understand them 🤪, basicly the story continues from where its left. 👍
  7. I playing on the ps5 and want to choose the performance mode in this game, however i cannot find the option for this mode. I have the free psn version of this game perhaps becouse of it is playing the ps4 version of the game...?
  8. How is this game compared to SMB?
  9. I bought Ghost of tsuchima, i hope its as good as they say it is, and Cathrine fullbody, loved persona 5 hope its the same kind of crazy, well at least it looks like that from the trailers...
  10. I heard back when the game launched there were micro transactions and if you chose not to buy the grind was very bad. I also heard that they removed the microtransactions. Is it true ? And if true does the grind become shorter or were left untouched?
  11. How hard is the platinum? Is there any missables trophies?
  12. Sekiro!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, I want to try the game, but cant decide if I would like this game, I saw and read few reviews but cant really understand the mechanics of the game. In some of the reviews its compared(gameplay wise) to souls like games( I love those) and in other its compared to horizon zero dawn(that I liked the story but not the gameplay... Can you from your experiance describe the game? Is there anything out there that similiar?