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  1. Definitely go for a complete edition. This is the answer I got from Square Enix when I asked about the Season Pass exclusive DLC. “Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.We are sorry to hear about your issues with being unable to access the Path Home DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider without having the season pass. Please note that, at this time, there are no plans to have this purchasable separately. With this in mind, we can only really advise that you keep an eye on our website and our social media for any future announcements regarding the game.”
  2. I have made a ticket on the Square Enix support page about this issue. I'll let you guys know when they respond back to me.
  3. Yes, we could have known this beforehand, but it would have been nice to get at least a warning. I have bought all 6 of the DLC's seperately and wanted to do the same with the seventh tomb. I would have even spend more money than when I bought the season pass. So yeah, I do feel a little bit screwed. And I don't think I'm the one to blame for not reading a description when I didn't intend to buy the season pass anyways. So now I have to spend another €30 to play the seventh DLC? Come on guys!
  4. Ouch, that would be a real bummer. I bought all of the other DLC’s separately...
  5. I noticed that The Path Home is only available for Season Pass owners. Does anyone know when it’s available for everyone?
  6. For me it's Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man. I just can't get the Om Nom Nom trophies while it's supposed to be an easy game. Definitely regret starting this one.
  7. Nice! I'll also try playing offline, then. I believe I've tried to change the date to somewhere in the past, but it never hurts to try it again.
  8. Thanks! I'll try checking my connection when I give it another shot
  9. Thanks for your response! I have indeed bought more than 10 songs, so that should be good. But how will playing the ps3 version unlock the trophies for Singstar PS4? I'm afraid I don't fully understand you.
  10. Yesterday I started working on some unearned trophies I still had for SingStar. Unfortunately, a lot of the trophies didn't pop when I met the given requirements. Changing my date to February the 14th and playing a duet didn't work. Also, the trophies for playing 5 duets, 15 songs in one session and using the shuffle button 5 times didn't pop. Does anyone have the same issues? I couldn't really find a work around or solution anywhere on the internet.
  11. Does anyone know the exact time the servers will be shut down today? I figured it'd be around midnight, but I'm not sure. Does anyone of you had similar experiences to this?
  12. I also want to get these two trophies done. Feel free to add me
  13. I made this topic to talk about trophies and to hear about updates from TellTale/The Walking Dead Season 4. Can we please stop the whole ‘it’s sad that people lost their job’ discussion? We’re on, not LinkedIn. Of course it’s sad, but we don’t have to share our opinion wether we think it’s ‘not a big deal’ or that people have to ‘show some decency’. Let’s stick to the reason why we’re here: trophies and enjoying great games
  14. Yes, my thoughts exactly. Also, TellTale was present at this year’s ComicCon, right? To promote their game. That can’t have been cheap, so why even bother in this digital age where you can get the message out, and advertise, in much cheaper ways?
  15. That’s an old image. In the meantime a lot has changed.