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  1. Has anyone else also experienced the enormous difficulty spike of the second DLC? There are so many requirements in each level that it’s hard to finish them in time. I’m playing coop and haven’t had any trouble in the main game or first DLC.
  2. Here you go: I also found a video for the 'Outer Gods' trophy:
  3. Thank you! I will try this out next time I play
  4. I have no idea how to get the Movin Out and Grass Artist trophies. Can someone clarify these? Thanks in advance!
  5. I didn’t revisit the locations after resetting my abilities. That fixed it, thanks!
  6. I have visited all 10 of the Hidden Locations (twice, now), but the progress is stuck on 9/10. I have read that more people have this issue and that it could be fixed by resetting all abilities, going to the main menu or constructing a mod. None of this worked for me. Is there a known solution for this?
  7. This game needs a big open world to illustrate the isolation and the emptiness. Without it, the story wouldn’t make such an impact. I don’t think this game is ruined by open-world (I don’t think it’s ruined by anything, but that’s another discussion).
  8. The DLC is free
  9. You will have to do it again. It seems like only certain trophies will auto-pop once you complete a releated action (i.e. killing an enemy will auto pop kill-related trophies on PS5). But the story trophies won't unlock on PS5, so you'll have to play the game again anyways.
  10. It's presented as a new feature on the PS5, but I haven't seen proof that this also works for Non-Playstation exclusives.
  11. Why are people spoiled children for not liking NG+ trophies? I just don't like to have a 100% game set back to 95% or something. I don't take joy in completing the same game again, I rather play something else. This NG+ trend is bothering me, but to each their own, I guess.
  12. I'm also wondering if you can transfer your save data from PS5 back to PS4. And if it has auto pop, will it also auto pop if you load your PS5 save back on your PS4.
  13. Due to the introduction of the Assist Mode, it would probably be a piece of cake anyway. So I think it's not a bad decision to include some other trophies instead of star-related ones. Then again, it was fun and challenging to unlock every star in all levels, so I understand you.
  14. The trophy list looks really fun! I'm a bit worried about the 4-player trophies, since the old controllers won't work on the PS5. If it can't be boosted online, it's going to be really difficult to earn these ones.
  15. Thanks! I eventually popped it with a chest. The Tiny Tina Slot Machines indeed won't pop this trophy.