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  1. For me the 111% popped when I completed the last Memory level. Had done all story levels with gold medal, Arcade levels and 57/90 challenges before that.
  2. I’m having the same issue. Anyone managed to log in?
  3. Thanks for your answer! I'm going to try that as well Edit: playing on a new save file did the trick. Popped both trophies.
  4. This didn’t work for me. I have a save game from 2015 which I loaded on the 1.00 version of the game. Is there something I’ve missed? Completed the first combat training with 3 stars, but no trophies. I did pop a trophy that I already had, though. For completing all training missions.
  5. Yeah, I did. I tried the Fatherhood one, Home Improvement and the one you mentioned. But all didn’t pop the trophy.
  6. Thank you so much for this post! No other method worked for me, but this one did! I didn’t replay all missions that I missed. Just started this one and it worked
  7. Hello! I recently re-installed this game on my PS3. But after launching, the game doens't start. It just remains on the load-screen, with no indication that it's actually loading. After a couple of minutes, the screen just goes black and the only thing I can do is close the game. I already tried restoring the filesystem of my PS3, but that didn't help. Anyone else having experienced this? Is there a fix available?
  8. Kingdom Hearts III. Couldn't get myself to do all the grinding, but would love to finish it one day.
  9. When on checkpoint 9 in Heatherwood Halls, a pipe doesn’t spawn so I’m unable to complete the puzzle with the water wheel. I’ve read somewhere that I had to restart the entire level, but starting on the first checkpoint also won’t spawn the pipe. Has anyone else experienced this bug? And does someone know what I can do to fix this? This is solved! I was playing in unlimited mode multiplayer and that gives you other puzzles. That’s why the pipe wasn’t there. So yeah, feeling a little stupid right now...
  10. Definitely go for a complete edition. This is the answer I got from Square Enix when I asked about the Season Pass exclusive DLC. “Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.We are sorry to hear about your issues with being unable to access the Path Home DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider without having the season pass. Please note that, at this time, there are no plans to have this purchasable separately. With this in mind, we can only really advise that you keep an eye on our website and our social media for any future announcements regarding the game.”
  11. I have made a ticket on the Square Enix support page about this issue. I'll let you guys know when they respond back to me.
  12. Yes, we could have known this beforehand, but it would have been nice to get at least a warning. I have bought all 6 of the DLC's seperately and wanted to do the same with the seventh tomb. I would have even spend more money than when I bought the season pass. So yeah, I do feel a little bit screwed. And I don't think I'm the one to blame for not reading a description when I didn't intend to buy the season pass anyways. So now I have to spend another €30 to play the seventh DLC? Come on guys!
  13. Ouch, that would be a real bummer. I bought all of the other DLC’s separately...
  14. I noticed that The Path Home is only available for Season Pass owners. Does anyone know when it’s available for everyone?
  15. For me it's Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man. I just can't get the Om Nom Nom trophies while it's supposed to be an easy game. Definitely regret starting this one.