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  1. I can't get the script to work. Currently using remote play for PS5, but the script doesn't start and I have to press the buttons manually. Can anyone help me?
  2. You can't say that it should be fine based on your experience. We don't know at this point. The trophies can glitch on anyone and the developer is still investigating the issue. My suggestion is to wait until we hear from them again and they come with a definitive fix.
  3. I have the exact same issues since an hour ago. Could play earlier today without any problems. I tried reinstalling and playing on a new save but both didn’t help. My guess is they released an update and it broke the game.
  4. No update on my support ticket and still no new patch has been released. Only thing we can do is wait.
  5. My Support Ticket at Tripwire has been sent to the development team. I really hope they can work this out with an autopop solution, because I already lost my main game save file and would have to do everything from scratch otherwise.
  6. Totally agree! It’s also ridiculous that when someone leaves the game, no replacing player is added through matchmaking. It’s 2 vs 1 then. I just played a game where everyone left but me, but the game kept on going. I wasn’t even able to spend more souls and was trapped in a game I couldn’t finish, without getting a single reward. Pretty bad game design, if you ask me.
  7. I haven’t earned the ones for binding an item and cleansing a cursed piece of gear. Are they tied to the player level? The other two trophies are not hard at all and overall I think the Rivals mode is quite fun!
  8. For me at least 5 trophies are glitched and not unlocking. I have opened a support ticket at TripWire to have them investigate. I’ll update when I have some news
  9. Thank you very much! This helped greatly and I managed to get the trophy this way
  10. Does anyone have tips or tricks to unlock this trophy? I tried to only scare the ghost for an entire level without meeting any of the requirements. He managed to grab a statue which was lying on the ground. The trophy didn’t pop, but I’m not sure if that’s because picking up an item counts as the ghost ‘destroying’ something or because the trophy can’t pop when you fail a level.
  11. On what level and sculpture can the Michelangelo trophy be done? I find 10 seconds to be quite tight. Edit: easily got it with 2 controllers. It only counts when you do it on a full block of concrete, not one that’s already shaped a little bit.
  12. I have played an entire Nee Game + run on PS5 and didn’t experience a single crash. Really smooth experience for me.
  13. If you've tried everything, then you might be right about that, yeah. Only thing I could think of is that the broken furniture might not count, only new furniture. But maybe you've already tried that.
  14. I believe you can let the hose run and then slip over the puddles whilst holding a bucket of garbage. Thought that counted as well, so just rinse and repeat until it pops.
  15. I believe it popped right after I did it. I just loaded up a level with decorations (fountains, plants) and placed everything in the wrong position.