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  1. For this i went to one of the runic temples, activated the alter as you did for one of the other trophies. This spawns people from the sky on a platform outside. I killed one of these and the trophy popped hope that helps.
  2. I just got the trophy. Looks like you have to complete all the tasks. As soon as you complete the tasks the trophy should pop. The key to this is you don't need to tidy up. I did it with 2 people on level 35 one held the dog stood in the central area pointing to the ghost through the walls and the other completed the tasks in the following order: Rake and tidy the leaves Dig up vegetables and put in boxes Clear path and relay with stone Replace the bench (no need to remove the old one to the outside just move it so you can put the other one in) Trim hedges (don't bother clearing cuttings) Collect the pots from the delivery guy and place Job done hope that helps
  3. I got this trophy by placing a paint bucket or full rubbish bin by the hose and switching the hose on to max power. Then hope the hose knocks the bucket over making a mess. Hope that helps.
  4. It doesn't seem to be spawning for me
  5. Where is the hide and seek event?
  6. Hoping someone might have the answer....what is the requirement to get the no flops trophy? Is it just to complete the levels with no flops or do you have to do it in the fastest time requirement as well? I've done the first few levels with no flops but the no flops hour glass hasn't highlighted....any help would be much appreciated 🙂
  7. Is this trophy still bugged?
  8. I read somewhere that it might be release on the 14th Feb.....
  9. How do you get these emails. I've had an account for many years now but never seem to get promotion emails, only ones about purchases? Feel I'm missing out
  10. Brill thank you so much just got the trophy
  11. Thank you for the info. Looks like I might have to start again then do you cancel the toxic rains?
  12. I have tried a few times now to get the detox trophy but with no luck. Does anyone know how this is unlocked? I appear to get toxic rain from one of the planetary missions but that didn't seem to work....any ideas welcome.
  13. I didn't get a save point where it shows in the video. I got a save before dropping down the well. But then ran through the archways where I assume the timer starts.
  14. Thank you, you may have just saved my sanity there. Got the trophy just now thank you!
  15. Having tried a number of times I am slowly losing the will with this trophy. Can anyone offer any advice as to how to do this? I make it to the top but no trophy. When does the timer start? Any help would be grately appreciated