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  1. Can confirm it's still 50, just got it last night and I can safely say I wouldn't be able to do this grind if it was 100...
  2. There was an update this morning, is it patched yet? 😬
  3. Really not impossible, I only started the game a few hours ago and my first time playing as demon I got effortless evil. Just stay on the survivors and harass them as much as possible and it wasn't too much hassle even without any upgrades
  4. The title of Elden Lord wasn't an earned one... but the platinum certainly was!



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    2. SKiL_Clash


      Congrats. Great game by far.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  5. If you press on the tile image, there aren't even black bars, thats just the background of psnprofiles, its just a cut and paste rectangle the exact same as the ps4 list 😅
  6. Hmm okay that could have been it then, I just remember that's where I found my last cipher
  7. This gives me hope for Scout log 9, I've been searching all day For the last cipher, did you find the one that's usually located behind the hidden red/stone breakable wall that's up high? Its in one of the common areas but im not sure which one
  8. Congrats on the Cold War plat. You going for 100% or the PS4 version? 

  9. You may be able to find used copies around but new ones would be harder to come by since it's been a couple years
  10. It was released physically in North America, I picked up my copy on launch
  11. 1. Black Ops 4 - (0.74%) 2. Black Ops 3 - (0.75%) 3. Fall Guys - (1.32%) 4. Geometry Wars 3 - (1.96%) 5. Black Ops Cold War - (2.24%) 6. Black Ops - (4.07%) Guess I'm a Black Ops fan 😅 kills me that I'll never be able to get the plat for the second one
  12. Yeah, I picked up nearly all physical copies and trying to keep up with as many plats as I can, while skipping out on the shovelware/sports ones that are gonna start piling up soon 😅
  13. Definitely @GamingWithAbyss1 Not only does he have 300 plats, but he plays so many of the best and newest games, with tons of similar games to what I like too! Looks like many awesome and big games that he enjoys and no filler stuff. His profile is basically the end goal of what I want mine to look like 😂 (Not to mention his monster hunter videos were super helpful with the crown hunting haha)
  14. Yeah, mine's been crashing often and corrupts save data on the final chapter. Only started doing this once I wanted to do my final playthrough on PS5 so that's probably the issue. No problems on ps4 😅
  15. Is there a specific way or method you used to decrease loading times? I'm thinking if this is playable on the ps5 that could help cut down on those a ton too 🤔