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  1. Monster Hunter World and any Star Ocean game. I gotta stay away from grinds like these.
  2. Yeah I got open by just starting and quitting a match with her.
  3. Digging that trophy list. Not too much of a grind.
  4. Wondering the same thing. I've finished Psycho Break 2 and wouldn't mind using cheats on my classic run since I'll be beating this game 4 times anyways.
  5. Japanese or english version?
  6. Hahaha yeah definitely not a completionist. And that's a good call, I gave up on that one fast.
  7. Good call, the mp is a grindfest Still doing it though (eventually) Oh I know, that's why I got it for nostalgia only. Efffff that plat.
  8. @tuddeee Fortnite. Grindfest
  9. Upload your world only on cloud, give it to him, pop the trophy. Then close app and download your world only and kill him. Easy peasy.
  10. Yessssss!!!
  11. Ugh... now I need to decide to wait for a patch or grind my ass off...
  12. They said next patch should fix the trophies. ETA is the 3rd of September. They said 2 weeks post launch.
  13. On reddit one of the devs straight said it's an error and is at the 1 and 2 mil and should be corrected during the next update.
  14. I've learned the character amd world saves are different so I've uploaded my world and downloaded it after getting both boss weapons(take singe for example) and the world stayed the same and my character had the mat for the weapon. I would assume the same would work for world drops once they are actually on the map.