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  1. Yes please lol There are So many I don't wanna play as.
  2.'s always things I bought on other sales...
  3. Oh yeah man me too.
  4. Haha I should've known someone would post this as well
  5. This whole album is the shit
  6. It must have popped on a random one. I didn't even notice I had it. Haha
  7. Anyone finding a few of these to ensure a pop prepatch? Imma be pissed if I max start maxing things out and not get trophies. This game is already long enough, lol.
  8. I may have to... I just found my 4th one and still nothing. I even wait in the area as it seems this game needs to pregenerate everything.
  9. Physical. And just updated it as well.
  10. Anyone know of a specific spot this can pop? I did the story quest one and thought I found another but still no trophy.
  11. Yeah I am sure they are up. If a lobby is even am option then they are. I'd like to get these 2 trophies, I didn't mind the game so much. Add me and we can do it if anyone needs it. It just takes 1 other person.
  12. Mine was 3 as well Mine was Amazon preorder. My roommate got a 3 as well from a separate sites preorder.
  13. Hmmm. I didn't know he was joining this game too. ☻
  14. Hey guys I have a guild for cards if anyone wants to join: (MGMT) kC8XQLEcZGy
  15. Add me as well, I'm down. Psn: roxasonfire