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  1. Mafia 2 for the ps4.
  2. Same boat here. Working towards a quick run and hoping it pops early.
  3. Grats, got mine out if the way as well juat in case.
  4. Woot. Thanks!
  5. Just keep blowing them up. I eventually got responses on Twitter and I messaged them many times a day back when breach was down before. I really think this is a square enix thing this time. Anyone try their other games? Just Cause 3 and Deus Ex so far can't tag the square servers since Friday
  6. Tried logging on and noticed that it says unable to connect to the square enix servers. I hopped on Just Cause 3 and it was saying the same thing. The difference between this issue and the last time it was down for a while is last time it allowed square enix login but wouldn't connect to the breach servers.
  7. I was banned from Twitter a while back so I can't look at my previous messages, but I think i did the square Enix, and same eidos one you did. Also submit a ticket on the official forum. Basically blow them up as much as you can. I used all 7 of my email addresses to spam the issue. I did get feedback eventually and the servers were eventually back.
  8. When the ps4 added the name change feature it was down for quite a few weeks. I blew up thier Twitter and sent plenty of tickets to support. That may be our best bet now as well.
  9. Yeah, I'm hoping soon it specifies which ones as well. I keep checking.
  10. ahhh.. well thats fine. I don't mind playing it. Mostly since you don't need all collectables.
  11. Grats man, good find too. Do you know if this works in 2 as well?
  12. Much obliged
  13. Tried around an hour ago to get a few stages in and I had no issues.
  14. I kept an older page up without reloading, so no. Thanks for being a dick though! 👍 Always nice to see friendly trophy hunters.
  15. Anyone know if the NA version is part of this stack? It appeared today on the store.