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  1. @acasto I don't think it's used in any crafting for weapons so it's really just a trophy and money.
  2. I sure hope so. I can't stick with one faction too long with this game given its tedium so far. It's not too bad of a game, just way too much RNG.
  3. Black ops 3 Infinite Warfare (absolute ridulousness) BF4
  4. Does Everything a Spider Can! (Ps4) #135 not a fun grind btw... good game though
  5. @CrimsonRose157 thanks!
  6. I second this question^^^
  7. @angelgrievous not a problem bud. Glad you got it.
  8. Woot! I've been wanting 3 remastered!
  9. Thanks @A_B_Y_S_S_1 glad there aren't hundreds of these. @Neme-itayou get it after you get the Jester. I think he even gives it to you. I'm probably
  10. Yeah someone chime in. I may pick it up but want some difficulty specs.
  11. Agents of Mayhem Agent of the Month Complete all trophies.
  12. Xcom 2 and every ps2 and ps3 games with trophies... lol
  13. Send me one too bud. We can all knock these out.
  14. Agreed, we need some new recognizable IP's
  15. Will do bud, no worries ☻