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  1. Got it a while ago by doing just that, thanks
  2. Any idea how to get this still?
  3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 on the vita. Though people say impossible I've almost cleared all the tag missions solo. So here's to hope!
  4. Okay cool, I was hesitant to install the patch, I just got the game so I'll update it. Thanks bud!
  5. Can anyone confirm Armageddon difficulty stacks with apocalyptic?
  6. Its not really hard, it's just a grind. Pvp is dead because its pointless other than for trophies and a little bit of main game credits. Maybe grind is an understatement, the game is huge. Great though.
  7. I noticed this a while ago but it only seems to hinder dlc stars. Thankfully I don't care about the massive dlc content so I didn't bother looking into it.
  8. Ah I see. I just started the second tier difficulty in the tag missions. Are those even necessary? I was only grinding them for kills with the ladies.
  9. Vita, and yeah, I've seen quite a few posts regarding it being impossible. But what I don't get is all these videos showing solo on the ps3 with cheeses for each boss and I was going to attempt them on the vita that way. Is it game over when the ai partner dies? I could see that ruining things.
  10. Yeah, no one at school believed me either. That was my first spoiler.
  11. Yeah, I saw exactly what you are talking about last night and was like...what?! Reminds me of when I was a kid and no one knew who the white ranger was. I went to Walmart and bought the toy (the head was able to flip without a mask) and sure enough I knew it was the green ranger before the show ever told us. Hahaha
  12. Yeah i run around on 8 most the time but I end up using that damn special move for being drunk and it takes so long to finish. Its super helpful but I don't wanna see it every fight. Plus it sobers you up so you have to chug another Jack daniels lol.
  13. Demon Souls for sure. 7 play throughs for one item and the day before the server shut down someone gifted it to much wasted time for a mat... I'm determined to finish sigma myself, just started 2, I know people say its impossible but I refuse to give in to that!
  14. Yeah I went for that one asap lol. Food is cheap in-game and even on hard I had to sit and get hit like crazy just to eat. Easilly my favorite passive skill in these games. His name is Hiroto Nasugawa I believe.
  15. Cool, thanks for the heads up