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  1. God, why do people put others DOWN for asking a SIMPLE question? IGNORANCE happens. That's why you ASK to LEARN. It doesn't hurt for the OP @CyberLance to ASK about this. DID I USE ENOUGH CAPS? I wish it was ps5 to ps4 though, that would be nice.
  2. Its no stopper dude, just something you'd wanna do first. I should have, but had to wait when they went offline. They should still be up. Knock it out and enjoy a good ass game after.
  3. I waited for months when the servers went down to finish this. I didn't 100% bc Breach mode is boring as crap but I did get the plat. Like others say, who knows when it's going back down so go ahead and knock out Breach mode and the dlc if you want to 100% it. The rest of the dlc isn't that bad and nothing else requires an online connection. Great game though, I loved it. Juat like all the other Deus Ex games.
  4. Platinum 342: Job Simulator Difficulty 1/10 Enjoyment 5/10 Great game for anyone looking for an intro to VR. It took me forever to finish thanks to a backlog but it's definitely worth a play for its price. There are no real repayable aspects but if you introduce any friends to VR this is a good one to do so with.
  5. Thanks bud, I'm in the same boat as @IntrepidHunter idea what or where I've picked them up, but the ones in future areas I can look out for. 👍
  6. Ahhh, good to know, thanks. I expected harder hits, but a pattern swap up sounds nice.
  7. You don't, it helps in the earlier areas to have OP persona to rush easy areas but it's not necessary. I have all the high tier ones and never used them. I was going to close to endgame when they lvl match.
  8. Damn, I'm surprised this thread is still a thing. Here's my take on it since it's become an opinionated outpour: The game is fun, I enjoy it. It can be difficult at times, but thats what I expected... ☻️ I haven't tried easy mode, but I may try the harder difficulty for my second run.
  9. I couldn't agree more. The dlc helps so much. Way more helpful with it than the grind on AoT1. I'll finish it someday, my backlog is too big and I moved on.
  10. Platinum 340: Ratchet and Clank 3 (vita) Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8:10 Definitely one of my favorite Ratchet amd Clank games. Very straightforward, but a guide does help with the typical skill points and rare bolts. Overall the game was just as fun as I remembered on the PS2, but be prepared for a slight grind when upgrading weapons and the 10 million bolts. Psnprofiles has a great suggestion for getting the bolts.
  11. I did it this way as well. 2 vitas, same account on ad-hoc. It doesn't trigger psn online so you can utilize it.
  12. Teehee 😚
  13. Why you lying? 🤔
  14. The Apex trophy, yeah. It's the online tutorial, like 3 quick waves. The other 2 are either sp or mp like Mass Effect 3 was back in the day. Sucks you can't do the tutorial offline regardless. I don't think it even required you to play with others. I can't clarify if you are screwed out of the plat but I see people as of April 19th got that trophy. Could just be a connection hiccup.
  15. This is a great game and one I hope to eventually finish. Thanks for the advice.