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  1. This trophy only popped for me when I did no friendly fire, placed no defenses, and didn't disable any mines/turrets on New York stage 3. Took a few tries.
  2. Ugh...lame. thanks, bud
  3. Wait so like 1 chapter from each of the 4 stages or all 16 chapters in any order?
  4. Same boat man, now I can't bypass it
  5. Yeah the thing you have to agree to at the beginning. Everytime it makes me agree to it I lose all my progress 😑. It pops up randomly for me and now isn't going away so I'm stuck with no online.
  6. Level 21 for the 3rd time, and I'm prompted with the user agreement. I can no longer progress thanks to it wiping my data, not going through this again so I guess I'm screwed til we get a fix.
  7. RoxasOnFire, Instrument of Fate FFXIII
  8. I'm part of the club now...yay
  9. Double xp til April 8th. Anyone going for lvl 100 this should help. Don't be like me and lose all your mats because you were too lazy to drop anything off grinding around Watoga. https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/article/6eQmVlhbjlkX0GzGb7DB3j/inside-the-vault-looking-beyond-patch-8-april-4-2019
  10. I rang it and haven't really noticed a difference other than more mats dropping. I disable it before bosses though
  11. Yeah man np. When I play legit here soon i don't mind hooking you up. But Sekiro is gonna take up most my time for a bit lol
  12. I cleared that save file. It made me feel dirty. Sorry man
  13. Lol I guess we will see
  14. I'm doing grandmaster 2 and still seeing lvl 30 commons ...