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  1. I'd bring the crowbar from Half Life. Never know when you need one of those.
  2. Yeah I followed the guy who beat it in 20ish minutes. He wasn't on supernova so I had to spec for as little combat as possible. I went for sending the ship to the sun but that didn't count for a true ending so had to back up some and finish Phinea's quest and after I saved him on Hope all my difficulties popped. Took like 4 hours minus load times. I was terrible at saving and the auto save seemed to only happen before entering loading screens so that was 2 loads each time I had to load the game lol.
  3. Yeah I use macros on my laptop and it works the same way for us without a turbo controller lol.
  4. Yeah I mean I like it. Once I get a plat I usually don't play that game anymore. Which is why I'm glad games like ffxv and the witcher have multiple stacks. Yeah they are a grind, but I like them enough to get as many stacks as possible since I get to replay some of my favorite games.
  5. I've been playing on hard since the start. It seems more like normal to me. Most the Mules I encountered can still be easily taken down with melee and deliveries don't seem to be affected according to the guide powerpyx posted.
  6. Interesting. I was going to get the Amazon EU version since I have NA. Yours just has the Pegi logo right? I don't want to buy 2 NA copies lol. I've noticed some have the Asian ESRB logo and wonder what region they play in.
  7. If you have both copies, yeah.
  8. A buddy and I haven't been able to for a few days now.
  9. The quest for the queen and animals appeared for me when I was told to visit the library after chasing the drone. I did that before the library to be safe.
  10. Yep, quite a few games are like that. Final Fantasy XV is like 5 regions I think.
  11. Gotcha, I'll give it a try. Thanks bud!
  12. Really 🤔 I shall have to try this then. Like new game or ng+?
  13. Yeah , I know, it's just so tedious. I've been at 29 drones for months and do it this exact way, rng just hates me.
  14. Hahaha yeah they meant the animals. Nah, go to the zoo bud. The seals are in the center in a small cave and it's right behind them. You can't miss the ring if you look behind them. It's like a ring for a finger. Its gold.
  15. Damn I hope this never happens with 2. I have the digital EU version and physical NA version.