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  1. Instrument of Fate FFXIII I can dig it
  2. Same issue here... Edit: just found a fix. If you have the preorder dlc (lvl 10 items) throw them back into storage. I did that with all lvl 10 gear and the side quest didn't crash the game.
  3. Ahh, good to know, I'm trying to avoid starting my profile from start so I have avoided all hitman 3 missions besides the contracts for suits.
  4. Well the trophy popped at 82 for me for the level 70 trophy. No real way I can explain the circumstance, but if this happens to anyone else... persevere?
  5. Yup, I had a buddy check the odd thing is it shows the lvl 50 trophy on the app but not the 70. I just hope all goes well when I get close to the plat. I don't wanna grind a new save just to lvl up lol. Especially since it's endgame that it works best with.
  6. So I had a weird glitch where the lvl 70 trophy for Ichiban popped when I hit 50 on my ps5 and it shows it on their but on psnp it's not showing that I have it. Has anyone else had this issue? I really don't want to go through a third playthrough since I still need to finish my ps4 version as well. Plus, how can I even get that to disappear since it's counting towards the plat but I care more about it on psnp than the Sony side? Anyone else experienced this? It's not like I can delete a trophy to regain it, so I'm a little bummed/confused.
  7. Like I uploaded a save, deleted the local one and started the game from scratch. Had the same issue with the ps4 version so I used the same solution. The save is local, the account data like purchases seem to be on the square enix side. You can go straight to doing harm missions instead of playing the story after an introductory tutorial.
  8. All my stuff carried over except the 5 harm rooms. Started a quick new save after an upload and got em.
  9. I doubt it is, I save scummed for many trophies that should have popped if it were server based. There is a local save.
  10. Mine seems like most peoples issues. I've waited in lines, I called constantly, tracked the Twitter profiles and streamers but what got me mine back in late November was nowinstock and the second I saw playstation was selling them from their site I hopped on it and waited in a finally fixed yet still randomized queue on 2 tabs for my phone (one normal, one incognito). The incognito one got me in within 15 minutes while I was driving home so I pulled over and waited and unfortunately ended up with a digital only version since that's all they had that day. I settled for it because I have a ps4 pro and slim for my disks and thankfully I purchased most cross-gen games digitally minus yakuza 7 so I had to buy that again(I love yakuza so no big loss). Plus I will likely buy a second one when there are plenty with a disk drive for my living room. Long story short, lots of waiting outside with failed stock trackers, insider Intel from friends, and many many failed attempts from and son'ys site, I was lucky enough to get it early...ish...
  11. 🤦Welcome to, the Facebook of bitching even if you haven't played the game. I mean it's not like we aren't really here to help eachother out with trophy issues or solutions. Note: I love this site, the comment is sarcasm for those who don't realize most game specific forums are for help, not sharing our bloated opinions. Also, thanks for the tips @IIDRAGONSSSII
  12. I have 3 plats for ffxv, comrades can kiss my ass, I never cared for it, so minus that...yeah, read the many threads regarding comrades. Lol
  13. Did you just load a save before the kill or play the while stage again to get the other kill?
  14. Imo I'd give it a 6/10 with the trophies changing so much more from the ps3 version. That said, I give it that rating with using the guide on psnprofiles. I also had the expensive edition to avoid tge grind for the ring. The toughest bosses for me were the maneaters but with patience you could get people to join quite a bit before boss doors. Bloodbone was more difficult to me but I waited for tge dlc to drop even after having it it since launch to really get into it so I didn't have as much help. Still, solo on demons souls feels great amd much easier with a good build. I was a melee/magic user and went for Sage Friek asap for his stronger magic and poison can help you destroy bosses if you want to take longer than you should on them.
  15. Lol I get that. Not so much the anger part, but replacing things due to said anger.