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  1. I made a session for anyone that wouldn't mind helping get the 4 man team trophy. I waited too long to start this.
  2. I mean for medals I just used a good around and joined boss fights. That Dragons keep place was good for that.
  3. That I shall
  4. Yeah but, nothing but gear and weapons can be dropped. Oh, and a few purchase items. No keys either. Man if spells and such can be dropped I would be a happy camper.
  5. Np. Any idea how you got that glitch to work?
  6. Add me, maybe we can duo this
  7. I agree, Jak 2 is terrible. I've played it over and over on the vita and the trophies are frustrating. I'll keep 1 of each version w/o debug and the rest with it.
  8. Thanks again bud!
  9. Any new exploits found with the (finally) newest patch?
  10. I didn't expect a change in combat, and they did modify that from the ground up, and I've been saying for years GoW has worked bc they haven't had to modify the engine too much. But this game adds so much more to the universe and change can be good. Yeah the enemies are a joke (even on the hardest difficulty) but the combat still has an impressive level of difficulty when multiple types of enemies are thrown at you. I don't hate em for changing the combat, we still have a damn good game with the classic Kratos epic QTE (easier QTE) in boss battles. I give it a solid 8.5/10.
  11. So awesome you joined us on here for tips and notes. Now if more developers cared for us trophy hunters and their glitchy bull.
  12. Damn I made 413 trophies in March. Found it, 45 days. Psh. Much more than that. I really need to sync my vitas more often.
  13. Lol I started an account then realized that with 2 vitas I don't sync everyday and I've been getting multiple trophies everyday since it was possible. I wish I knew this existed or I would've synced more often. I have 3 plats waiting on 1 vita and a few more on my spare... so lazy
  14. Ah okay cool. Guess I'll get it. Thanks.