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  1. Yeah check the other post, I've already mentioned how to solve this. It's a pain when it happens.
  2. Personally I use one of the dlc suits almost maxed out and I did the dlc on ng+. I felt it was harder but not much after grinding so much in my first play. It's been a while but I use the suit that either helps with health or stamina. Its blue and not a mascot. Lol
  3. @ph0nix123yeah man I just change my emblem after ever match, let it save, leave mp then go back. It hasn't lost progress since.
  4. I've had it crash twice in mp. It also lowered my progress to the last time I customized something, so it may be wise to just cha ge an emblem part after every match. I lost like 10 matches worth of xp...
  5. I enjoyed it on the pacifist run, it almost seems like it should be played that way. If you get the massive amount of xp otherwise you just get too OP. It's like it balances the game. Then when you wanna cleanup collectables at chapter 6 you just go ham on dtainging them and picking everything up around tough enemies become a joke.
  6. Cant find you on psn for some reason. Send me a friend request for red faction.

  7. Wtf is a dragon?! Is that like a bandicoot subspecies? I kid, I played the first Spyro and every terrible sequel after :p
  8. Yo is Spyro that game about a gecko? I'm asking for a friend.
  9. @Tusked-LatticeLike I said, providing you don't go OP, the combat is decent, and felt fluid enough to enjoy, especially being low lvl and actually dodging to stay alive. I didn't spend much time in a corner or against anything, so the hit detection only ever bothered me with ranged attackers, and bothered is an overstatement compared to how hard they hit at a low level (still, no real complaints, I liked that it made the game more difficult). And you do know the game has more than just combat, right? @rolltideroll157 lolz
  10. Your name bothers me...



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  11. I have to agree combat-wise. If you play the game without sacrificing any humans the combat is actually pretty decent(given the added difficulty of not gaining massive xp). I finished the game around lvl 25 and when I went back to clean up sacrificing fools for their collectables I was around lvl 45 and was so OP it wasn't even funny. The characters have more almost unnecessary depth than you would expect, but it works well because it ties them in with others and the environment. Not the greatest game, but definitely not trash.
  12. Damn I noticed this too. Just ignored it, but hmmmm.