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  1. I just hold up on the pier in Blackwater and kill the cops nonstop. If done right you can get thousands of xp in a very short amount of time.
  2. Lol yeah I have up blowing up their twitter
  3. Yeah I have a feeling I'll have the same issue this time around as well.
  4. To the point, simple and clear.
  5. Agreed. I was already sketched out when they mentioned adding an mp experience to deus ex, and was even more bothered to see that they forced trophies in it. But alas, I should have finished easy ass breach years ago. Idk, I have some hope that they will get it fixed. I mean christ, Just Cause 3 and the first tomb raider still connect just fine.
  6. Ah, nice. Yeah I don't remember the sequence j was on. But grats!
  7. Yeah, we've been dealing with this shit since it started, so checking this thread is going to be your best bet. And I still try to login every day.
  8. Sorry I just saw this. Just keep reloading the game in your main hideout and one will spawn there eventually. That's how I did it. Time seemed irrelevant. It should spawn in the bedroom I believe. And when I say reloading, I mean quitting to the main menu and forcing a ubisoft sign in.
  9. Poor RAM allocation with the xmb causing crashes. Trophies taking so long to pop you get scared. Long ass app deletion times on games over 2gb(even after waiting on the size to populate) Yeah, mostly poor hardware making things sometimes inconvenient.
  10. Idk man that sucks. I know it happened to me again last night and all I did was close the game and choose a horse race. When that finished the missions weren't locked. It's almost like an invisible bounty bc the challenge for staying wanted was rising in time and no one was aggressive to me.
  11. Happened to me to. After closing the app many times I just hopped in a horse race in the online options menu and when it finished I went to free roam and they came back up.
  12. Yeah, my most recent response from them suggested using another profile even after clarifying I have been sending them support tickets from other profiles after they stop working and the fact that I only care about trophies on my primary account.
  13. Little does Squeenix realize we are trying to get trophies, not enjoy a shitty game mode. It's like yeah, I love breach so much that I'll use another profile until it shits out on me!
  14. I've submitted a ticket as well to have my primary account reset on their end. Let's see how long it takes to respond this time...
  15. Oh yeah I know, it's just the fact that I have to fo the collectables again.