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  1. Shit, I don't see why they just don't make it at least accessible without the leaderboards. Then we cam just play offline.
  2. @BRliquid no way, there are base game breach trophies. You need it.
  3. I once found a room with a moose.
  4. @hsn963 yeah, I was lucky and just got hit with 1.05 a day before 1.06 came out. I was very careful until 1 little log in. But yeah I'm honestly hoping this has something to do with the psn changes and not so much on squeenix. It all seemed to start screwing up around beta for the last 2 patches. And that's without changes to Deus Ex. But, that's just me hoping.
  5. @FiveInchDeep yeah man, I'm still making reports with alt accounts just to spam em. The downside is playing all those shitty stages before I'm actually stuck.
  6. This came with perfect timing. I finally missed the 1.05 install and the next day this is out. Boosh.
  7. @RattamauledYeah just search by game name on the bar above the sort feature and you should find anything not hidden.
  8. @FiveInchDeep I've uninstalled and reinstalled with anwiwiyhouy dlc on my ps4pro and slim. I log in every night multiple times for the recurring server error message. And I have the disk, NA region.
  9. Its definitely in my list somewhere. I have a++ on almost all characters. I haven't even really played story mode. I usually play a match every few days bc of how long it takes to pair bots. I rarely play it anymore
  10. @Rattamauled Yeah it worked for me last night
  11. Yeah, I'd say that sucks too ☻ Welcome to the party.
  12. Yeah, @Mori and myself have done that. I've done it many times. @GastNDorf that's where my breach mode stopped working on my main account. I wouldnt be surprised if you'll be locked out soon.
  13. Sigh.. just let us finish breach.
  14. @NL_Sion I just jumped the same fence 3 times. The challenge he mentions os right after that. And I manually jumped btw, not by default.
  15. Lol. See above.