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  1. Yeah that's what I used as well through the whole game. I think it was a Ubisoft Club reward too.
  2. I started playing on pc a couple weeks ago so I can play at work and login frequently on ps5 just to sync my stats and I'm having a similar issue. My main is way higher in lvl than what the trophy tracker says even after lvling up on ps5 and misc trophies are also lacking even after doing the above criteria to get them to sync.
  3. Check out the trophy guide. It lists all missables. It appears there are some.
  4. Good to hear it dude, no prob.
  5. Hopefully that works. It worked for me.
  6. Did you start the game on the ps5 and create a save before having the option to import or did it just never show up the first time you started? I ask because I started the ps5 version before transferring my save to the console from the cloud and that option never showed up til I deleted my ps5 saved data (which I literally only clicked new game).
  7. I bought the deluxe digital edition and regret it. The only thing that was nice about it was one armor set. Got the plat in like 8 hours. I should have went with the cheaper one.
  8. I was able to get mine from the Cerberus Armor purchase and the newer N7 model. I saved before purchase, loaded, bought them it popped and reloaded. Before I tried loading prior to purchase I bought all armors many times. I guess doing that as soon as you load helps?
  9. Got mine the second I talked to Hackett when I finished Rannoch. I was like 5800ish.
  10. @GTAJJ awesome, thanks for the heads up bud.
  11. Anyone getting the "read more" option stating you can't download it because you already own it? Even the psn app says unavailable and I own the ps4 remaster.
  12. Still on my Note 10+. The 20 feels too light. I like a thick feeling phone. And I usually upgrade every Note.
  13. I agree with @XXIIlII, I turned mine off as soon as the pistol in the first part of the village started pissing me off. This game doesn't seem to really have a use for adaptive triggers. It slowed down rapid firing for me.
  14. Nice job on the completions btw. I wish I didn't buy so many games or swap as soon as something cane out.  😜

    1. Cerlayjux


      I try. It's difficult sometimes because there are definitely games I want to play. Also I have games that I need to go back and finish. Like Mass effect 1 2 and 3. 😃

  15. Sorry I came across you in the forums and I just really have to ask. How did you get the evangelion trophy card? Is it a custom one?

    1. RoxasOnFire


      Hahaha yeah bud, I used my own image from a search. It's been soooo long since I did it i can't remember how but I'm sure it was as simple as replacing my trophy card with a custom one.

      Sorry for the late reply, dude.