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  1. They seem to. I've gotten a lot of mine on repeated checkpoints just from dying.Dying. Collectables however, don't.
  2. There was a trick on Dissidia when it was launched by changing some net settings on your ps4 that basically made it hard for you to connect to anyone so you could play vs and with bots. I wonder if you could do that on this game?
  3. Preach on preacher man. I played on pc quite a bit while at work and I gotta say this hits the nail on the head. It has a nostalgic effect from those of us who have poured hundreds of hours into L4D but to me that's all I feel when I play it. I suppose I would enjoy it more if I never played L4D, but who knows. To stay relevant on this thread I feel like giving an unbalanced game a 10/10 could be fair, but at the same time certain rng spawning issues make it like 8/10-9/10. I've had friends play that have been incredibly lucky on nightmare runs, but thats just it...luck. But let's be honest, how severely different is an 8/10 to a 10/10? To me anything 8 and above already shows its going to be a pain. Last note @Kazya-_-, if you want to only hear the opinions of those who have played it, maybe state that in the title of your thread? You make good points but so do those doing thier due diligence otherwise. This is psnprofiles, there are plenty of other threads where there are people who haven't played the game in subject yet still comment. This is to be expected.
  4. I have no way of checking the fps but it's as smooth as a game that came out when it did could be without mods. If it's not 60fps it's likely damn close. I tried it on my ps4 first and noticed a slight difference in how the animations flowed when I did ps5 and played that like 95% of my run. The game is still dated, but toss on ray tracing and it looked great. Also I only experienced one crash and it was at the cutscene at the end of chapter one which I worked around by skipping it. No idea if 2 is 60fps but it plays so smooth for me I doubt I'd notice otherwise. It definitely doesn't have that stuttering that feels like 40fps that AC Valhalla had on ps4 to ps5. I played em both on my ps5 and the ps5 version was so much smoother. So long post short lol, 2 plays well enough for me that I'm content with it without thinking it needs a touch up. I still wish there was a ps5 version of the game for trophies sake.
  5. I can't say anything about 3 as I'm not there yet but I finished 1 last night and started 2. 1 was piss easy with the camo on, the off, headshot, then back on tactic to preserve energy (enemies are way too dumb in 1 minus the aliens and that final boss). I didn't see a ray tracing option on 2 which is fine because it looks good enough to me but it's way harder than one. For me it's mostly due to checkpoints being spread out more than usual. I suppose also because I have yet to unlock any upgrades for guns or my suit lol. Loving 2 so far though. Oh, note, I have only tried the hardest difficulty on both games, I don't want to do multiple plays. Saving a few trophies per game so I can have 1, 2, and 3 in order of completion on my trophy list.
  6. Mine is kinda out there, but the first one that comes to mind is Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite. Poor guy I have a thing for tragic charcters.
  7. I'm missing one of the first 25 without dying and collecting each on my first play (I'm only on act 3). I still have to play the hardest difficulty so hopefully no issues arise on that run. I suppose it's best to check the stats everytime I pick something up to be safe.
  8. Lol I bought this game at a gas station years ago because it was 99 cents. I never planned on playing it just wanted a joke game.
  9. Damn, lots of hate on this thread. I'm going to go with Smash Bros. But what constitutes overrated? Is it the over hype of a series? The massive sales a game makes? Or a certain annoying fan base? Either way, I say meh. Smash was the first thing that came to mind. Edit: @JourneySilvers hahaha damn, great minds think alike (apparently at the same time).
  10. Seeing as I have way too many games, I delete my saves on the cloud if it prompts me with the limit. I tend to run out of how many games you can store as saves on ps+ rather than the size capacity. Thanks to that I've lost a few game saves that have ps5 upgrades. No Man's Sky is the first thing that comes to mind. I'm going to have to grind that out again.
  11. Much obliged
  12. I was just going to suggest this. If you want a great space simulator with great physics and tons of logistical planning this is the one for you. Just expect a decent, albeit not too annoying grind for better ships.
  13. Yup. So nice to see the absence of the mp trophies. I never got them all in 2 but I did them legit in 3. Such a pain.
  14. I had to double check if I even played that game. Im pretty sure I did but must have deleted it at 0% as well lol.
  15. Lol, all you people claiming to see no reason to hide trophies, well, I have 18. All from Dying Reborn because it synced late on my vita and ruined my planned trophy catalogue. It would have taken my 100th plat away from ffxv. Which is also my 200th and 300th plat. All those sweet easy trophies wasted. Side note: @damon8r351 you crack me up.