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  1. Nice, I'll buy the dlc myself here in a few days.
  2. Yeah, I've found it cheaper on ebay. I was hoping to get it on sale some day.
  3. Shoot I didn't do it in 1 sitting lol. I was at it since thursday amd got it last night.
  4. Nice I'll check it in a bit. I do want the dlc for this game.
  5. Dang I'm unable to get the dlc. Tried a few years ago and it required a credit or debit card with a japanese address to verify the age. I haven't tried in a while, maybe its different now.
  6. Unless you have a Japanese credit card or a friend willing to share anything on the psn Japanese store dlc or anything with an MA rating won't be possible to download. I've wanted Alien Isolations jp version for a while but will need to get it on disk since I don't have the credentials. Their store is pretty strict on adult rated games and dlc. In fact its the reason I don't have the psycho break dlc myself. Just the base disk version. Unless they changed the rules. I spent quite a few bucks on JP credit that I had to waste on other things.
  7. Seems to play fine for me. My biggest gripe is the checkpoint system. Not only are tge loaf times long but I've had to restart the first stage a few times because the checkpoint would save right as the supervisor is aiming at me.😑
  8. I'd say 6 hours is a fair estimate for some. I feel like I put around that much time into it. Although I do suck at racing games, the race itself is a combination of luck and skill. I feel like I spent more time between loads than some runs of the race.
  9. Yep, gotta use the ram at any straight path to speed up. And you can utilize the scripted crashes to your advantage if you can stay ahead. Oh and the grass, always use the grass, lol.
  10. Try using first person driving. The one time I did I finished it on my first try after days of trying otherwise. The handling feels better.
  11. Yeah thats the one. 👍
  12. The mission in the forest thats on fire should net you 3 per run. 2 being main story and the 3rd being a question mark. I can't remember the name of the mission but the quest involves first speaking with rebels then saving 2 people. I belive its in the forest stage. I unistalled the game when I got the plat so I'm unsure of the name. Its an online quest stage. I used this stage to farm shield bunker caches as well.
  13. Yeah those are the ones.
  14. You get them repeating after doing missions in the main online quest chain. The one with the darkhold as a reward.
  15. Good luck, my villian sectors popped at 12. I just farmed the taskmaster one on challenge 1. Most the time I'd shrink him and knock him off the stage. Sad part about that is the DNA key went with him lol. The good thing is I no longer need those. 😋
  16. No problem •Go to application saved management in your settings •choose upload to online storage •Upload all avengers saved data •Afterwards go back to saved data in system storage •Delete all avengers data •Play the initiative mode til you beat the tutorial iron man harm mission •Then when you have access to the wartable do all 5 base harm missions on challenge 1 •Enjoy your ding To retrieve your data simply go back to app saved data, choose data online and download/overwrite your new saves with your old ones. Good luck, bud. I noticed you are still missing the Intel trophy. I did this on a new save as well. I had ever intel unlocked on my main save and it didn't pop til I collected 52 on a new save.
  17. Just follow the bigger mission chain that has the darkhold. I had all finished and after a few of the forced hives that quest gives the trophy popped. The heroic ones are part of that.
  18. I think 31? Yeah I uploaded to the cloud then deleted all the saves
  19. It popped at 52 for me.
  20. I had to start a new save to get it. Just backup your save and rush it. I had to do that for Intel too. I have all if them collected on my main save.
  21. Wow, it popped really early for me. I haven't even solved the murder in the first city yet. Not a bad glitch, I hated keeping track of this on the ps3.
  22. Yeah I started a new game and have been focusing on story intel first. I'm on the last stage with Intel then I'll farm chests. Sad thing is its my last trophy needed for the plat lol.
  23. Did you go through that long quest chain? You need to do a bunch of designated hives. Eventually it will tell you to do the iconic missions, thats when it pops. I can't remember the name of the quest chain but its the one that rewards the Darkhold.
  24. I'll give this a go. Thanks. I have all the intel so hopefully dupes count.
  25. I have every intel now and still no trophy 😑