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  1. How do you report players who were very toxic during sessions on here? Like so toxic that they posted reports on psn to like 20 members of our boosting group for no reason other than they were being a jerk? They all got psn warnings because he was pissy.
  2. So we mass report him via psn then. He used some pretty profane language and wasn't the least bit helpful lol. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Nah, just something a buddy thought me. You get 4 people together and do that mode where you have to "hide" within their area. I think its artifact assualt. The mode that has the giant red or blue boundaries. Then 2 people (the ones you kill for xp) sit on a bench and the other two just keep waiting by the bench filling the meter for the most points and kill them over and over.
  4. With 3 others there is a method that should take less than 3 hours. It involves killing over and over on benches. You just have to find others who need it or are bored enough to keep sitting around to help.
  5. Which duplication method? The item naming one where you can spawn any item by naming an animal?
  6. That sucks man, I know it only took me like 2 or 3 loads to get it to pop up at the base. Same thing when I did the ps3 version. That sucks bc I never saw any on the world map. I think on the ps3 at launch I may have seen one on a random island but never on ps4.
  7. Yeah this is what I did. It also popped all his trophies for training. He hooks you up on health items.
  8. Damn I hope my sheep rank didn't reset bc it tends to do that. If so I'm sure I still have my collectables.
  9. Yeah I agree. And even if you have poor aim a decent ranged sniper can help. There are a lot of people that stand still more in bf2 as opposed to like cod or battlefield.
  10. I've seen quite a few trophies pop in coop mode, I was wondering if anyone has the trophy for 500 hero kills in it?
  11. Mine didn't pop either upon transfer. Just make a quick new character and rush to where Lamar tell you how to do it and you can do them all in around an hour.
  12. Yeah you just need the server to reset. I think just exiting to the main menu and to where the press start screen shows up and it logs you in again.
  13. Saaaame. My laptop would lag with the scripts on remote play so I just spent 4 hours over and over til I got it. What a pain
  14. I've been using it periodically here and there. It was working fine in december.
  15. Regardless of the ones you've mentioned it's a godsend having 2 consoles for so many other trophies. Its helped me so much.
  16. Yeah it can be fun, I've just screwed up too many times on steam and I have 2 stacks for the ps4 so I can take my time without reloading backup saves thank god
  17. Yeah I picked up jedi fallen order myself even though I need to finish the NA version. I could have sworn lego DC villians had a complete version. Or maybe I bought my copy with the steelbook and season pass, it's been so long. Great game though. I have the EU and NA versions of lego DC villians. Ugh, my library is too full dude. Over 600 games digitally and I don't even know how many physical, I just buy them on impulse and regret it when they are on sale knowing I wasnt going to play them anytime soon.
  18. Thank you so much for the advice. I plan on finishing every yakuza game but get held back by only mahjong. You are a saint.
  19. I currently have all the region copies of FFXV and their respective steelbooks. I know a lot of people didn't care for it, but I love that game. It's going to be each of my 100 plat milestones. I won't do all the dlc on all of them but at 300 I plan on doing them all minus boring comrades. plus I mean I love the witcher 3 so much I even have all 3 stacks of those. And we all know those are grinds. It is yes
  20. Does anyone know if it has to be a crafted recipe or can it be mixed with the ones you buy with coins? I wonder bc it just says eat all types at his restaurant.
  21. Worked like a charm. Not usually into this kinda stuff but I've been destroyed too many times on steam with iron mutant mode. You sir, have made me able to enjoy this game even more. /bow. Now to get destroyed in xcom...
  22. Mutant year zero NA/JP Control NA/JP Star wars Jedi Fallen Order NA/EU
  23. Where is that deal at? I have the base game for the NA version and the japanese full version on disk. Nevermind I see it on the ganestop app.
  24. Uhhh wow.
  25. Saaaammme