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  1. Yeah that's one of my biggest gripes too.
  2. Not bad so far. The game randomly generates the maps so I've ended up rerolling them after a few boss runs for extra things that never popped up. Combat isn't so bad if you level up and upgrade quite a bit. I've only played solo so far but I heard it's better coop.
  3. And if anyone is looking for where it goes you get an item to unlock it all after leaving the hub.
  4. True true, I have faith in the console version of spidey. The mcu one can suck it. The film studios make nothing from the console variant anyways.
  5. Ah, yeah I figured the world building would have an impact I'm just curious as to if any trophies are effected by solo play. I'm fine playing some of this coop I just prefer the solo aspect and getting my ass handed to me. Some people seem to have the mentioned glitches trophies. On psn there are more unlocked then the boards on psnp
  6. Sony bought Insomniac so if they keep the IP we are good.
  7. Going solo myself. I did hear there are secrets you can only get in coop. Haven't found out what they are yet though.
  8. I was very happy to read about this this morning.
  9. I guess I was suckered into it. Downloading now
  10. Dying light... I played at launch and the 100% trophy was bugged and after 3 patches and 4 more 100% plays i finally got the plat. Not fun at all...
  11. Yeah I do this often myself. But intentionally. Mostly because I like to get a ton of trophies and sync up to watch my rank change. Never been flagged but I've also never let any of my vitas go completely dead so I guess the time stamps were good.
  12. 22,019 unearned and growing!
  13. I'd say nice, but I realized I'm on the final chapter playing uber anyways... thanks though!
  14. Anyone try this with the NA digital version?
  15. My Name is Mayo... lol
  16. Patched as of maintenance...
  17. Same here. The only thing the in-game store actually downloaded for me were the legacy missions.
  18. You have a link to this?
  19. I do it only to break my obsession with trophies. I'd rather play an unobtainable plat than a game without one (I know, I'm weird). Currently working on not finishing Ninja Gaiden Sigma+2, even though I have so much hope that I can get the plat. And yes I'm aware its "impossible ".
  20. Oh yeah, I'm aware bud. Thanks though. I'll be content with almost all the trophies if anything lol.
  21. Daaaang
  22. Sadly it isn't. I have yet to try ninja race mode and I'm sure that's where I'll be destroyed. I've been obsessively playing tag missions and I'm finally at a point where hope is becoming lost. But I keep getting so close to finishing a boss after one dies then I get ruined... I know its "impossible" but i must try!
  23. Its still possible to platinum. It just takes way too long. I was lucky with the flag trophy when the event was available. And it still exists in grand operations.
  24. What he said^^^ sadly lol Yeah i just pulled those numbers out of my ass.
  25. It's not been unobtainable, just a pain on the ass to get. But even after the patch you are still expected to spend 10+ hours on a server for 500k