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  1. I didn't expect a change in combat, and they did modify that from the ground up, and I've been saying for years GoW has worked bc they haven't had to modify the engine too much. But this game adds so much more to the universe and change can be good. Yeah the enemies are a joke (even on the hardest difficulty) but the combat still has an impressive level of difficulty when multiple types of enemies are thrown at you. I don't hate em for changing the combat, we still have a damn good game with the classic Kratos epic QTE (easier QTE) in boss battles. I give it a solid 8.5/10.
  2. So awesome you joined us on here for tips and notes. Now if more developers cared for us trophy hunters and their glitchy bull.
  3. Damn I made 413 trophies in March. Found it, 45 days. Psh. Much more than that. I really need to sync my vitas more often.
  4. Lol I started an account then realized that with 2 vitas I don't sync everyday and I've been getting multiple trophies everyday since it was possible. I wish I knew this existed or I would've synced more often. I have 3 plats waiting on 1 vita and a few more on my spare... so lazy
  5. Ah okay cool. Guess I'll get it. Thanks.
  6. How long did it take?
  7. Yeah I saw that bud, sorry
  8. I used two turrets, and tons of rifle ammo while backstabbing the bombers as they popped. Oh, and grenades and mines. It was easy. If you kill fast you get like 3 minutes of nothing. I literally just did this lol.
  9. Hmmm odd. I own many Japanese vita games (physically) and a few ps4 games in Japanese (ffxv, psycho break 1&2 aka evil within, and a few others). I get duplicates of the games I love due to platinums stopping me from ever playing the same game again. I'd be overly pissed to be flagged for games I've purchased.
  10. Yeah, I'm just randomly try to join other regions throughout the next few days.
  11. Worked with an entire Japanese team today. Won over 8 games and no pop
  12. Yeah a buddy said it was taking him close to an hour per level post 60
  13. Wow I haven't played since afew patches ago, never noticed something like that though.
  14. @TiNnYzEuS Oh I totally forgot, of you can get 8 people total together you can easily boost heroes mode providing you get matched up. That's how I got my 50 marked kills. It's a pain in the ass to do so, I can't remember if there was an option to do it changing regions, but after like 2 or 3 tries we matched up and stayed that way. I wanna say we did use a region thing similar to SWB1. An Asian server. And you obviously need to be in 2 groups
  15. Lol FFXV(all other regions) I have NA and JP myself. Good luck with the grind on the 1k trophies for ffxiv if you play it, and ffxiii can be a pain to grind at the end. Also, a tip for ffx: Don't sell anything til post game! GL. Lol.
  16. I second this request.
  17. It's always an option. If you have the elite bundle you'll catch up in no time. That and nothing matter before lvl 60 anyways. Lol. @VenomHunter0 Are you on the PvP server? If you don't wanna lose your char I can come rez you, but I'm only on the PvP server.
  18. I can only get trophies only be first character I made, so I'm glad I used all my bonuses on that one. The downside is it's not a class u wanna stick with but am forced to (warrior). Dps is great, but it was just to test him... My buddy can get trophies across all his alts though.
  19. Np
  20. Might as well throw in the Smash clone. Lol. But I agree.
  21. A buddy had the same issue last night, he had to use a keyboard for /loc and send me a picture just so I could rez him. He couldn't open his start menu or do anything. Huge issue if you cant get someone to rez you, especially if they can't see you. That was also his issue, he was invisible for some reason.
  22. Rats off to ya! GG @Zolkovo ☻
  23. It's basically a watered down Rogue Galaxy combat based system. It aspires to be a Tales like game at times.