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  1. Uhhh wow.
  2. Saaaammme
  3. I'd say, with the exception of triple or double xp the coop mode can still land you tons of xp. I was almost always first place with the 1k bp heroes. I stopped playing all modes except for that.
  4. Spec ops The Line. I'll finish it, it's just the ai teammates are garbage!
  5. Not likely, there are technically 4 endings and with the vestiges it's pointless to try. You would be spending more time reverting saves and being weaker. After your first run you can speed through your next 2 plays way faster. After I beat it the first time I think the last 2 plays took me less than 15 hours.
  6. Just saw this, my b, yeah HuntingFever says explains it easilly.
  7. Dang, well here's to hoping we get a port!
  8. Hey, I explained it The google search is going to help with programming stuff. You will need external programs or that controller I mentioned. But I think the controller is like 90$.
  9. It's an easy Google search away. You can either buy a programmable controller which allows macros(buttons pressing automatically by programming them, that's basically what macros are, programmable buttons for a console at least) or you can remote play on your PC and find a macro editor and there are plenty of guides on YouTube on how to make your own on pc. It basically presses buttons on the controller for you as well and you can just leave it running. I perfer the remote play method so I can watch tv and keep an eye on things with my laptop. I use it quite a bit with online games.
  10. I didn't even know 3 existed! I sure hope its ported. I loved 1 and played some of 2.
  11. True for the headshot trophy, it's not too hard though, I managed to get mine in 2 games. Much easier than some of the others legit.
  12. I have both versions installed on my ps4 pro and didn't notice a save issue.
  13. Got my plat as well. The downside is all this new content has made the game slightly better with the coop mode. Still not worth playing past the plat though.
  14. Good point, yeah I've just been focusing in the online related ones and forgot about that grind.
  15. Any maps that a turbo controller could do the work on. I'm still like 400 miles from finishing it and don't wanna grind
  16. Ah, gotta love broken counters. Aight, thanks for the tip man.
  17. Are there any new drones in the dlc area? Please say yes...
  18. Yeah I have 1 left now. I saw you got the plat recently, grats on that bud.
  19. Oh of course not, mine still hasn't shipped and I bought the higher tier one too. Good thing I stopped playing the NA version for a while so I have that to go back to. Lmk when yours comes in so I have an idea of what to expect in terms of a timeframe.
  20. Ahhhh, well dang. Oh well, I'll stick to it then. Thanks for the info!
  21. I mean I love my vita. I have 3 of them and a vita tv for when they inevitably become too expensive. I highly suggest it not only for trophies but the remote play is decent and there are plenty if great games on it. Unfortunately I have too many Japanese vita games and Google translate on menues cam be a pain lol.
  22. All mine have converted to 1.00 that I want but the long dark debug menu doesn't appear for the digital version. Anyone know how to for sure activate that? I destroyed it on steam and don't wanna grind some of the harder ones. They say r3+l3 to fly then r1+l1 to activate debug but nothing happens.
  23. Thank you kindly
  24. Do these prevent any trophies?