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  1. Yes! I intentionally couldn't play too much of the game bc I was afraid I'd plat it too fast. Such a good game.
  2. For real lol. Only 11 levels to go and I'll never touch the mp again.
  3. Ghost Recon Breakpoint 😋
  4. I'll try emulating the first video. It worked. I just wanted to see the one with dialogue.
  5. Says video unavailable, cam you reupload it?
  6. Where are you ordering yours from? I can't seem to find any newer release for the japanese version, just the deluxe one that came out in the states recently.
  7. Gotcha, thanks for the info!
  8. Can you farm a checkpoint with this?
  9. @jpmelville do you need to capture the base first or go in while it's still red?
  10. And your butthole has awarded you kindly.
  11. 👍 this beats me crashing copters into the demon places for hours. Thanks
  12. Good, I wanna get this crap over with lol
  13. Ah, picked this up again just to return it after I get my last trophy for the plat.
  14. Hmm, not sure bud, I had to get a friend to help bc ranked matches didn't appear in adhoc.
  15. Ah okay, yeah they made me kill him at the end of it. I thought I almost had him killed then he shocked me and took me down at full health on 1 hit on the force pull planet.
  16. I got my first one after you get force pull. I went down to where all those elevators are and he was where the bug enemy jumps out of the ice. Sadly he beat me but it took me to another world for an arena quest.
  17. Yeah it was the post game one taht sucked. Mostly on 1 the dire missions towards the very end of the list. AoT 2 is much easier with the daily gears you get if you stat in top of it lol.
  18. I mean I'd say more like a 6/10 and maybe even a 5. I have the import on vita and the main game finished on an alt account just not this one. The endless eclipse gets harder but if grind enough and get high levels with great gear it's not that bad .way easier than the 2 Attack on Titan games for sure. Oh yeah, some team mates really do suck I forgot about that. But get them a super high lvl as well and it shouldn't be too bad.
  19. I chose the one where you save each successor. Only bc I wanted every possible vestige without looking on my last 2 plays (which I sped through). That just leaves the last 4 vestiges which are for not saving any successors. It's also the longest play imo. So worth doing first for me.
  20. My issue isn't so much bc of motivation but fear of the plat and never playing again. Games like Control, God of War, AC Odyssey to name a few. Lol Oh my god dude, that is painful to see. That is such a grind lol.
  21. God of war
  22. Dang that sounds like you want a boring ass grind bud. You can make plenty of progress on hard while picking up side missions that are on the way. After chapter 3 I see no reason not to do side missions if you want decent gear. There's still plenty to do post game as it is. I say play on hard from start to finish. The game is definitely not difficult.
  23. Interesting. I wonder if it has english subs
  24. If you have a PC you can just set up a macro and it will auto press the button for you. That's what I do.