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  1. Damn I hope this never happens with 2. I have the digital EU version and physical NA version.
  2. It's at the zoo. There is a ring you get in the center of and sting behind the seals in the alcove. Hard to miss if you just look behind them. It's a gold ring.
  3. Yeah trophies stopped unlocking completely for me so I had to install the game in my primary console...
  4. Gotcha, thanks bud I must not have the requirements met yet then.
  5. Yeah I have the special edition with the steelbook and it was advertised as including an avatar, gold glasses, gold exo legs, and gold armor plating but only came with the glasses.
  6. Yeah I'm at the point where I'm at power legs rank 3 and still see nothing but gold glasses and no avatars either.
  7. Yeah I was just gling to say check the requests for the pizza delivery lol. I just got it myself.
  8. Is pvp still pretty active? I had almost everything maxed out at launch more than once and lost it all with the save progress being reverted. I k how they fixed it but I grinded the hell out of this game.
  9. I'm not sure, I've had plenty of caffeinated drinks. I just saved all my food and ate it all at one point and got the trophy. My ttoohybissue is the pieces of Spacers gear not unlocking. I've tried many combinations.
  10. Okay cool thanks. Just kinda scared at first bc the code only included the glasses.
  11. Well yeah, it's just getting some of the misc trophies in 1 that sucked. Like the Walker trophy mostly in 1 and in 2 the starfighter ones. Other than that the game is just a grind. I can't think of too many difficult plats that aren't a grind minus maybe bo3. And I've only finished mp on that game.
  12. I have the bloodborne looking skin and the whole set adds xp bonuses. But honestly you can skip all that and use servers with bonuses or eat some food that helps. Leveling your base character isn't bad if you only do quests. The pets do help but I always forget mine. Its mostly cosmetic really.
  13. Oh I know. It's just the xp boosts only ever give me character xp and not main progress xp. It's been pissing me off. It's always only eve done that for me. Xp across all modes my ass.
  14. Yeah battlefront 1 was my hardest. Sessions never worked for me so I had to do most solo. Just got all the mp trophies minus 500 hero kills and rank 50 on bf2. Just need that 2x and 3x xp to count towards my rank and not characters. Lando doesn't need to be rank 50 lol. Dying light was my most tedious. I played on day 1 and had to wait for patch after patch bc I 100% all the collectables so many times but no trophy. Now I'm having the same issue in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 for the same reason bc patches changed the gun requirements. The load timea are keeping me from finishing that one. I seriously only need to get all primary weapons again. I've finished that game twice 100% with no luck. So now I'm doing it fresh...again with the newest patch.
  15. Yeah man, I do wish we never had them in the first place. My rank goes down so fast bc of people getting region stacks. I can't fuck with the plats for like barbie or shit, I don't wanna go out of my way for absolute shit plats. I like my collection for the most part. And I'm not picky on 100% bc of dlc.
  16. Agreed on Mayo. I tried to be the fastest plat achiever but all that tapping. Lol. Black flag was much easier on ps4 for me bc of boosting and loading times. I'll likely never get the last 2 mp trophies I need on ps3 but I'm glad I finished them on ps4. I'd like to get all the ps4 ac plats minus the side scrolling ones. That's too long of a a boring game.
  17. Nah, you can afk. I've done like 30 or 40 hours of fishing, made tons of money before the patch but it's just a huge grind. They added a chair you can sit in for more xp but it doesn't help too much. I use my second console and just leave it running. You just have to empty your inventory every so often so make sure you get those extra slots. Everything else is basically a chore just not as bad. And seriously as a mage combat has been a joke so far but I've only made it to the third village story wise. Fishing has been my priority.
  18. Gundam Breaker 2. I went from 1 to 3 but plan on finding fishing the last few on 1 before I play more of 3. But I have so many vita games o wanna keep building my backlog bc that's the perfect system to save games on for when we inevitably have no more coming. I'll be pissed if they stop trophy synching.
  19. I think it's more grindy than difficult. The fishing and others at least. Most the time I send my mage out 1 shotting enemies for quests. I haven't progressed enough to see any actual difficulty based combat and I've only ever played solo.
  20. I'm guilty of them myself. I always try to race a buddy for a faster plat on them though. I'd like to hide them but I don't wanna seem fishy. Rank is nice and all but I also have many rare trophies. The 8 bit ones can be fun sometimes but these word cross puzzles and shit i avoid.
  21. Wonder what the other region is. I'd get em both
  22. Battlefront 1...finally
  23. I wonder what region that second list is from. I'd like to get them both honestly.
  24. Dying reborn... the time sync was off and it took my planned ffxv 100th plat spot. So I hid all my trophies for it. Ffxv JP version shall be my number 200th plat.
  25. I focused on mostly stealth and dialogue choices with the dumb stat. You can skip many main quests if you know who to kill to make the game faster. Took me 6 in game hours while skipping all companions and sending to the sun for that trophy, reloading, doing what Phineas wants last and rushing tough with disguises. Skipped almost all combat and was lvl 20 by main quests alone. I know its cheap but I just want to enjoy the game on hard. I have no idea what was going on in the story so I followed the guy who finished it in 21 mins to the sun and did the rest myself. He played on easy and clearing the bots in Edgewater was the hardest part. Loading times were the worst part btw