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  1. I played the hell out of both of these growing up. I wonder if the Aladdin cheat from the genesis still works lol.
  2. I had it going smooth this way too but my laptop is too thin for an ethernet cable so it would never get past 800ish. Had to do it legit...
  3. Took me 12 hours with a 3 hour break in between on realism. The story is great, action is awesome, just a little too easy. The misc trophies are clever and enjoyable. Glad they opted out of mp trophies.
  4. Yup, that's Battlefront 2 for you.
  5. True, it's so much faster. And with the new game and movie out soon it'll likely be in the November events.
  6. It's only working for classes on my end right now. Also the game crashes almost every other match. So you might wanna wait for another update. EA sent a statement aware of the crashes.
  7. Still no on the headshot kills unfortunately, but yeah I was getting double xp yesterday. Triple appears randomly too for some reason.
  8. Oh god, yes, please someone chime in. I'm working on this to lol.
  9. Yeah I got the assualt one. Gonna do vanguard. I know headshots don't count but meh. Thanks for the info bud.
  10. Following you now bro

  11. Ah, thank you kindly
  12. Is this in 1 game day or 24 hours irl?
  13. Ahhh, gotcha thanks. I thought it was something else
  14. Are you guys talking about the class challenges? Like the ones for getting x kills with whatever per class and so on? What do these unlock?
  15. Not sure about thay rank 8 issue, bit the raid isn't in the game yet. Once you hit 150 you can access the quest, you just can't actually do it til the content is released. There is a forum about this on the game page if you need more info.
  16. I've mention this in another thread but on the ps4 and ps3 versions I just kept reloading the main base and eventually one showed up there.
  17. I'll have to say FFXV and Monstwr Hunter World as well, for sure. And no one can forget the Yakuza games. Mmm mmm mmm!
  18. 22,337 and counting! 👍
  19. Yeah I've been playing it in quality mode on my ps4 pro with no issues. Honestly I can barely even notice a motion blur with the setting at max.
  20. Finally hit rank 50 in rdr2 online. Now I'll never have to play it again.
  21. Heck yeah, thanks bud!
  22. Anyway I could get a copy?
  23. I'll see if I can find it when i get off work.
  24. I can't remember the name of it but I found a location in a building close to where you meet the gang from borderlands 1 after you finish ground slamming the bomb. It's a small room in a building.
  25. Lolz