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  1. Following you now bro

  2. Your life is a lie

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    2. ShadowStar83x


      The cake is a lie!

    3. AlchemistWer


      @BigBossImBeamer I almost write the same you did 😅

    4. RoxasOnFire


      I ate the cake. It's only a lie bc I got there first

  3. Awesome collection of trophies you have bud!

    1. Masamune


      Thanks, I'm quite proud of them. ^_^  Not too much longer until I hit plat #100! :yay: 

    2. RoxasOnFire


      It all went downhill from there for me lol. Well maybe it was the 10k mark, but I know I saved my 100th plat for ffxv. 10k trophy was the first trophy in ffxv and my first trophy was the first in ffxiii. Had to keep something nice. Haha

  4. Cant find you on psn for some reason. Send me a friend request for red faction.

  5. Your name bothers me...



  6. Nice stats dude! I'm jealous of your rank. If I didnt work so much I'd be better!

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    2. RoxasOnFire


      Hahaha I shall try, sir.

    3. I need more BIOSHOCK

      I need more BIOSHOCK

      Thanks man! Hating people in general and the outside world helps alot haha

    4. RoxasOnFire


      Truest thing I've heard all day. 

  7. What doth life?

  8. Your response to that Fallout Shelter thread is perfect.

    1. BlindMango


      xD Sometimes there's not much to say

    2. The__High_Ground


      Just saw the thread xD what in the world was that guy thinking asking that here ahahah

    3. RoxasOnFire


      Keep an eye on the forums. You'll see worst. Hahaha