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  1. Ugh, gotta love rng. Yeah all my save scumming has put this game on my baclog for a while.
  2. Still need this myself as it's one of the last trophies I have for the game. I've been rerolling the special chest at the top and save scumming to get all my money back if I don't get any pieces for her.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima #259
  4. Hahaha yeah timing is everything. I accidently finished Dying reborn on my vita as 100 originally so I decided to hide all those trophies to keep ffxv on track.
  5. Mine was final fantasy xv. So was my number 100. It will also be my 300
  6. What?! He'd better be included!
  7. Daaang nice! Now let's get a western release date.
  8. Amen, thats the only actual multiplayer trophy I have left and worked hard for the rest. I know its on me for not getting it done faster but still. I love the game and honestly this one trophy prevents me from even playing it.
  9. Preach. I check for community goals every week. Its such a simple thing. If they don't want to continue them at least change the trophy.
  10. Yeah I agree. I've never played it on the base console and can't imagine it being as fun as it is on vr. I've never played a game that had me sweat so much(in a good way).
  11. @rolltideroll157get that predator grind over with.
  12. Using 5 ps4s to get all Elite Dangerous MP trophies and not getting the community challenges before they stopped offering them...
  13. Dang I hope they release this on VR. I love that game on there.
  14. Iron Man VR
  15. Nah, I tried that with a buddy. I had to legit find 20 randoms. Most days I'd see the same person but I kept at it. But yeah messaging recent players is always a good go to.