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  1. Iron Man VR
  2. Nah, I tried that with a buddy. I had to legit find 20 randoms. Most days I'd see the same person but I kept at it. But yeah messaging recent players is always a good go to.
  3. I just logged on daily and tried to join games. I'm sure its more dead now but thankfully I got the trophy.
  4. Classic. Yeah I don't even remember how this game played and I have plats for it.
  5. I've seen quite a few trophies pop in coop mode, I was wondering if anyone has the trophy for 500 hero kills in it?
  6. No, the proxy is biggest change and can use it on both. I have.
  7. Doubt it, but it would be nice. 1 trophy away from a plat that's taking me 3 playthroughs.
  8. I have my NA down to version 1.00 but can't seem to get this debug mode working. Anyone have a full guide on how to do it? I've scowered the internet for how to do it but it doesn't do anything for me. R3+l3 to fly and r1+l1 for debug, but nothing happens on any game mode.
  9. @LukeTheGooner Bioshock!
  10. I can only get it to work on version 1.00. There is a thread on how to downgrade games on psnprofiles. Just Google 1.00 games psnprofiles and you should find it.
  11. Same issue I'm having but with flipping them. Got all my first play, no trophy. Second play with all kills and no wiretapping popped fine. Currently on play 3 for flipping. Such a boring game after 3 plays...
  12. Any word with update 1.42 fixing community goals? Edit: scratch that, still no community goals.
  13. I haven't seen anything about this and am 100% okay with playing it for a third time.
  14. We went all the way to where you get the ship. It was the NA version. I have both so I started solo on the EU one. Haven't tried that region mp yet. And we did the arena, cat, and a few misc ones and nothing popped for me. He's not even a trophy hunter so I prolly should have hosted lol.
  15. Yeah I really only pre-order (when available) for preload the game on launch to skip downloads or updates....even though some games add a patch on launch lol.
  16. I was playing with a buddy and he didn't get any trophy all the way out of Fort Joy. I was the host. Makes sense I guess but I've seen people say they're able to get trophies as a client so idk. Maybe a patch changed this without notes?
  17. yeah I was going to suggest the same thing lol. It might be seeing the other versions save.
  18. Half-life Alyx please.
  19. Lol noob
  20. It was a joke lol
  21. Mafia 2 for the ps4.
  22. Same boat here. Working towards a quick run and hoping it pops early.
  23. Grats, got mine out if the way as well juat in case.
  24. Woot. Thanks!