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  1. You can try Black Desert. Its an MMO and takes extremely long. Atleast 600-700h+ (depends on how much you afk while playing). I would guess its similiar to ESO but without the high difficulty, just grindy.
  2. I had to search a bit as well. I missed two enemies who are on the first floor in the clocktower and are extremely hard to hear from outside the building. I missed them the first time i tried. Another tip i can give you is to not interact with any hostage so it doesnt trigger the jeep (and i also heard that less enemies spawn in as well). The trophy should pop as soon you kill the last enemy. Good luck
  3. The glitch got patched in February fyi, so its not working anymore. I am also pretty sure it wasnt mentioned in the patch notes but we tried it and also got confirmation from another source that the glitch is patched. Correct me if im wrong
  4. I heard he is getting a rework soon
  5. Just answering my own question and for anybody who is curious: I got my "master" trophy after reaching more than 2300 skillrating (which is Silver 3). I started from Bronze 1 after my placements so i did it whith steady climbing - so im pretty confident that 2300 points is the threshold for the trophy.
  6. What Silver Division did u reach? Because i placed Silver 4 today and did not get it.
  7. Yes you can join during a match in progress
  8. It depends. The best fishing spots xp-wise are definitely the hotspots (in the ocean near Velia for example). You can see them from afar when there are some fish jumping around and there are seagulls over the spot. For a short time you will ONLY get golden fish. Bring the triple float rod and you also have the chance of getting multiple fish per "catch". But a reminder: You won´t see every hotspot starting with fishing level 1 - you need to level up to see more. On afk farming i would say it´s the best to go to spots where its not overfished and with a good loot table. When you have a branding stone and Balenos Rod +10 (and penguin) you can fish for at least 6-7 hours without repairing your rod. Edit: For hotspots you can search up a map online. The spots are fixed but when they will appear is random. I started afk farming in Heidel but quickly changed to Tariff and Illya Island for the rest since it is not overfished and the bite-time is pretty good especially on Illya Island.
  9. In my opinion, Bloodborne is definitely harder than DS3. Not really during the normal story, but the chalice dungeon with half hp and the dlc were pretty hard. I have to add though, that i played Bloodborne as the first entry into the Soulsborne-universe^^
  10. Hey everyone, there is a pretty easy way to get the trophy right now. The item "The Crusher" has a passive where you get extra damage for your abilities. If you kill the enemy with the extra damage (the damage "tick" is yellow) 5 times in a game you will get the trophy. It is similiar to the old method with the damage-aura from the armor. You can die between the kills and they dont have to be in a row! Easy way (only 2 people required and you need to be at least lvl 30): - Find a 2nd person - Change your play region to Asia or Australia and search Duel Ranked (can take some time to find each other) - Select a champion with physical damage-abilites (i did it with Vamana) - Kill the enemy 5 times with the extra damage (and not with the ability damage!) - Done! It is still working right now (Patch 8.12). Haven´t read anywhere else about this - so not likely it will get patched soon
  11. Got 3 plats this month: Burly Men at Sea (100-69,5%= 30,5 * 0,5) = 15,25p Worms Battlegrounds (100-1,45%= 98,55 * 2) = 197,1p Nioh (100-18,79%= 81,21 * 8) = 649.68p = 862,03p in total Congrats to all winners^^ Sry for not using the spreadsheet ;p
  12. Hey, I would also like to participate^^ The contest from last year was pretty fun Also Merry Christmas to everyone
  13. Crazy Fox, but I´m thinking about a new name 😅
  14. Ok so this should be my points: Color Guardians: (100-25,06) x 0,5 x (1200/1200) = 37,47 Batman: (100-65,14) x 1 x (1155/1155) = 34,86 36 Fragments to Midnight: (100-83,34) x 0,5 x (1170/1170) = 8,33 Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm: (100-37,64) x 1,1 x (1155/1155) = 68,6 CoD Infinite Warfare +1 completed 100% DLC: (100-1,65) x 1,4 x (1365/1185) = 158,6 Uncharted 3 Remastered: (100-20,99) x 1 x (600/1230) = 38,54 TOTAL: 346,4 points All numbers rounded for 2 digits after the comma. Im not quite sure about the red numbers, since there is no guide here on PSNP so i just took my estimated time for platinum/100%^^
  15. I would also like to participate Lets see what i can do in the first month
  16. Also done: S - So generous (Twin Robots) U - Under pressure (Twin Robots) D - Daddys Home (Bioshock 2) A - Acid addict (Twin Robots) N - No rush (Twin Robots)
  17. @wolverine123 got the Smiley trophy in Save the Ninja Clan, same for me^^
  18. Just a quick question about the new challenge: Is it ok, if we get (basically) the same trophy but with different stacks or systems? For example: Uncharted on PS3 / Uncharted (Remastered) on PS4? @Fredoline05
  19. Also "done" with challenge 2: D - Death is my friend! (Save the Ninja Clan) O - Off to the Slammer (Save the Ninja Clan) N - Never Surrender! (Save the Ninja Clan) E - Eat My Dust (Save the Ninja Clan)
  20. Done! Just. In. Time. On to the next challenge^^
  21. Wow this event sounds pretty cool, so please let me join I also had the thought that 72 hours is pretty short as well but it depends on the challenge. But maybe you already have an idea in mind to increase the difficulty from week to week.
  22. 1. Resident Evil 5 (71%) - (50/71 Trophies) 2. Resident Evil 6 (0%) - (0/71 Trophies) 3. Uncharted 2 Remastered (53% ---> 100%) - 29/53 Trophies ---> 53/53 Trophies) 4. Uncharted 3 Remastered (0%) - (0/59 Trophies) 5. N.E.R.O. (100%) - (24/24 Trophies) 6. Grim Fandango Remastered (100%) - (48/48 Trophies) 7. Tearaway Unfolded (0%) - (0/35 Trophies) 8. CoD Infinite Warfare (0%) - (0/51 Trophies, just the basegame) 9. Tales of Berseria (0%) - (0/51 Trophies) 10. Gravity Rush Remastered (100%) - (64/64 Trophies) 11. inFamous First Light (100%) - (25/25 Trophies) 12. Lara Croft GO (0%) - (0/18 Trophies) Finished UC2 Brutal had some frustrating checkpoints but it wasnt really harder than Crushing. The speedrun took me about 3:12 - managed to do the "skip"-jump in chapter 17 on the second attempt In the end the time was ok, wasnt as close as i thought. I will probably start Lara Croft and UC3 next, maybe speedrunning UC3 (the entire game) but not sure yet since i need at least one entire day...