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  1. Well personally I'm very happy. There's an awful lot of PS5/4 games on there that I've been wanting to buy for quite some time. I'll be very happy to have access to them for one small sub. I guess the only fear would be these good games leaving the service before I can get round to playing them!
  2. My most recent tattoo -- artwork by horror manga artist Shintaro Kago.
  3. If it helps anyone with similar concerns, it turns out there's far more gigs and scanners than I anticipated, and having just completed them I'm now at 2.2 million. Keep looting and selling along the way and you'll round up with more than enough money to purchase all the cars.
  4. All eight snowmen are in race #2. The first is just behind the starting point and the other seven are on the track. You can do it in two runs. At the end of the first run, don't leave the arena, just box teleport back to the start of the race again. This way, nothing will reset. I used this guide:
  5. Which box teleporter? The one by the entrance to the graveyard level, where the flying dutchman is hanging out? It says I can't teleport because I haven't unlocked the second box and there's no ship in sight. 😟 I'm starting to suspect my whole game is glitched at this point because I've just realised there's supposed to be a bouncing pad on the ledge below where the chest is that bounces me towards the Get Aloft There Matey spatula, but that pad is missing too. Edit: I am an idiot. The issue was that I hadn't destroyed all electrical currents on the main ship. I did that and both the pad and the battle triggered. Thanks both of you above for your help.
  6. I've completed the ship segment, opened the chest, slammed the button and watched the cutscene of the cannons firing, even earned the Ship Shape trophy. But the battle does not commence. How can I trigger the battle? How can I get to the battle arena? Any advice gratefully appreciated. I've tried leaving the level and returning to the ship.
  7. This is what I wanna know. I'm happy to pay a sub for a few months here and there during periods I know I'll have more free time to play and try out some games I wouldn't have otherwise bought. It's what I do with my Xbox/Game Pass.
  8. Palm tattoos fade notoriously quickly !! Yours look awesome though... A lovely sunny day here in Wimbledon Village, London, UK...
  9. Completed the main story and all character storylines but only have 200,000. I've been looting and selling everything I find and doing all those random world events where you shoot a bunch of bad guys. I haven't done any side jobs, gigs or cyberpsychos and the like; gonna make a start on them now. Worried I'm gonna end up with no where near enough euros by the time I've finished everything else. We'll see.
  10. I guess this is why it's making its way to Plus. Annoyingly I bought this game last Tuesday, the day before the Plus announcement was made, but despite finding it tough at first I've grown to adore it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the DLC has to offer.
  11. Is it still the case that assist mode will disable trophies? I'm finding this game very difficult. I wouldn't mind the extra help.
  12. First next-gen platinum achieved: of course, the one and only... Astro's Playroom! 😍 I'm very much impressed by my lovely new PS5 and I'm looking forward to playing everything it has to offer over the coming years. 

  13. I haven't noticed any difference, but I've always been a teensy bit irritated by the physics when bumping into other riders. It's always seemed to knock me off-track and slowed me down more than I feel it should've. I'm loving the new Canyon mass race track they added, though.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing gameplay footage and learning more about this game, but not necessarily looking forward to the game itself. I'm pretty cautious about this and Bethesda titles in general. It has a very promising premise, though, from what I've heard so far.
  15. I can't remember ever receiving a hateful message so this isn't something I've had to consider before. But, I imagine I would report them. It would bring me some minor satisfaction knowing was a chance of the sender running into trouble with their account. I don't have much patience or sympathy for people who are unpleasant to others for any reason, let alone a reason as silly as video games.