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  1. They updated the game to version 1.05 and it seems to be working fine again. Atleast for me the update solved the 83% error.
  2. With the newest update (version 1.02) the trophy has been fixed. I got it now, after ascending one more time. Hopefully the trophy is fixed for everyone and nice to see, that they fixed it so fast.
  3. Well i didnt expect to get the trophy the time i purchased the quick ascension for 50 rubys. So I continued playing and ascended later, but still not got the trophy. I will keep playing and tell you guys if I can get the trophy, when I ascend the next time. Also its not possible to delete the save game. I copied my saves to an usb drive, tried to delete it and start from zero. But it seems like the games saves on their servers. The name of the hero is Amenhotep. If you purchase his 150 level upgrade your world gets ascended. You will start from level 1, but get hero souls.
  4. I just ascended for my first time and didnt get the trophy world traveler. Maybe its because I bought the quick ascension from the shop for 50 rubys? I just wanted to get the hero souls from there.. Anyone with the same problem? Is there a chance to still get this trophy or do i have to restart completly (delete my save file)? Thanks for help and remember not to buy the quick ascension before your first real ascension if you want this trophy. edit: The trophy got fixed now. Got it after ascending one more time.