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  1. You was using disk version to reinstall? or you can download 1.00 from store now.
  2. Seems like Paramour2/3 not unlocking after 1.03 update. Probably need to delete game and try to download without updates. Can somebody confirm that its possible to skip updates for digital version.
  3. As I herd its better to do on NG as NG+ even harder.
  4. Be careful on PS5. I Was not able to finish final fight. Game was crushing on me 3 times at 35% of Saren health. Solution - Do not use Biotic powers on Saren at the end. Found this solution on Reddit.
  5. ME1 is OK on insanity from start. The most complicated thing was missions in uncharted planets at start. But then I just progress the story and come back later for those planets and have no issues with them.
  6. Best advise to finish in one go is to complete all requirements for The Usurpation of Fire ending. After getting it just reload save and go for The End of Fire. And last is basic ending because you can any time brake requirements for The Usurpation of Fire. Its possible but its kind off difficult as you need to control most difficult ending requirements during first run. And those requirements are easy to break. Then go to NG+ because you need Sunlight Spear miracle that can be obtained only in NG+ but at the beginning, and finally somebody need to give you all rings. And also there are some other missable gestures and magic so probably 1.3 - 1.5 playthrough will be required anyway. I actually was not able to manage other trophies and missed some gestures. Good luck. Umbasa
  7. @GalakticArachnid @iSooPx Guys use discord server from topic start. There you will get help very quickly if you already beat the game or close to the end.
  8. I know its probably pure luck. But when I was farming them I always close/start game after successful drop. This way I was feeling the drop is more constant. Because one time I sit there for 2+ hours and 0 drop. Good luck.
  9. For some reason I can not get even Gameplay master, bronze. I already completed 192 badges but no trophy. Seems all (Gameplay master) of them are bugged. Or maybe only platinum ones counting for this trophy.
  10. PS Plus is the only way to back up PS5 save games, no USB save exports
  11. Took me around 4 hours. My only advise is practice first turn, and if no luck do not restart, try to continue to learn other turns as well. And of course do not give up, eventually you will make to the end and will be first. Thanks to everyone in this topic for help.
  12. October 2020. Version 1.02 tweeks works in U3.
  13. I will add my case. I finished all three games on Launch only brutal and speed run left. I get rid of the game copy. Then after some time I got PS+ version and recently finished U1 with tweaks and no issues. The U2 tweaks was not working for me. I was able to get only to chapter "the Dig" and stuck there. I was afraid to use proxy method, so I went to the store and bought the disk with red line above "Playstation hits". At home I removed digital game, also removed LAN cable to stay offline. Insert the disk and the game with version 1.00 started to install. U2 Brutal with tweaks working. Already at chapter 10.
  14. Got 15 gold bars but only 100 in cash despite I own Ultimate version
  15. This strategy from video above is perfect. 6 gadgets with no worries about combo and then only 9 different moves in one combo. I was struggling with this trophy for very long time. Thanks for sharing.