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  1. I have this on phone. But after 10 hours of play it's getting boring. Although, it is a very good and detailed game. You'll never see anything like this anytime soon. The best of these simulation types of games.
  2. Uncharted 4 God of War (2018) The Last of Us Ratchet & Clank (2016) Uncharted 2
  3. Interesting, my system is in Hungarian, (since it became available) and I don't have a single problem!
  4. It's a Milestone game, don't forget that. They're producting mediocore games.
  5. I haven't played the game yet, but god.. hope you are wrong. I loved SoM too. I don't want to have the same experience like you.
  6. There are some pretty hard trophies. I love racing games but what i heard is keeping me away from the game. A few youtubers has got early access to the game and they said that the controls are better, but it's still hard to control a car. I'll wait for some reviews, then i decide. Did you guys know that these developers created NFS: Shift? That was a fantastic game in all ways. Graphics, controls, cockpit view etc..
  7. I think that they maybe got a code to unlock the game.
  8. I've got a code for an avatar. LOL. I was expecting a theme. Almost platinumed the game over a month ago and got the e-mail on Wednesday. BTW. Here's a pic.
  9. I didn't say that.
  10. I want the platinum trophy and the game but not with this price. It's just too much for me for a short or only 5-6 hour game.. meh.
  11. Yes it means the game will come out within a month. (I hope) I've only played the pirate version of it and it was really good. Wanted to buy this, but when i saw is comes to consoles i decided to buy it for PS4.
  12. It's looks like a good and punishing platformer. IGN gave it a 6.3 out of 10 because when you die in the game, you have to start it from the beginning. Which is quite embarrassing. Although the trophies are looking good.
  13. I don't really care about the trophies.. i just want to play this game so bad..
  14. This game will fail. How can someone like this? Haven't you guys seen this, have you?
  15. Is it worth to buy or should i wait for Kona or Outlast 2?