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  1. I don't think so. It only happened me once, but that was irritating. (Playing on PS4 Pro)
  2. I know is 1080/30FPS, but what about the controls? And by that, I mean the input lag. How bad is it? If it's like Far Cry 5 or Dying Light then it's okay for me, because I want to buy this until it's on sale. Perhaps a PS4 Pro will solve the problem, but in Hungary, a brand new console is just as expensive as the non Pro version was back in 2015. Maybe, they'll count my old PS4 in..
  3. It will be 1080P 30FPS on the base PS4... On the Pro the devs said 'around 60' or less.
  4. I've played this on PC and I can tell you that this is a pretty good game. You can switch characters anytime like in the Trine games if the situation requires. The controls are tight and gameplay is fun.
  5. From what I saw, this game is nothing but a low bugdet Metal Gear copy with PS2 era animations. I can smell a big flop.
  6. Unravel was a much better game at every aspects. This is just pure shit. The same guy did make this game but with a whole different team. Every 'puzzle' is the same but can we call them puzzles? The answer is a clear no. Boring level design, boring game.
  7. I can confirm this! In the morning the patch has downloaded, after that I launched a Blackout match and suddenly the trophy popped. Although I didn't refresh my trophy list, but I have now. I had 5 specialist, now I has all. Shame that the Blackout win trophy has not been fixed. I have 2 solo wins, but I don't own the trophy :/
  8. Like all Far Cry and 30FPS locked games, it has input lag. If you play any Cod, Doom, Battlefield, Battlefront or Titanfall it could be a bit of pain in the ass. You can get along with it within a couple of hours like I did with Far Cry 5.
  9. Yes! Why should I make a thread for it? Other people have this issue as well.
  10. Sooo.. I won again today (I have 2 solo wins now) and the trophy doesn't want to be mine...
  11. I've got my first victory yesterday and the trophy didn't pop. I wonder what Treyarch are doing. They had time to put Cod points in to the game, but they don't have time for fixing their trophies. 3 years of development wasted to make Call of Duty: Recycle Ops 3.5
  12. I have this on phone. But after 10 hours of play it's getting boring. Although, it is a very good and detailed game. You'll never see anything like this anytime soon. The best of these simulation types of games.
  13. Uncharted 4 God of War (2018) The Last of Us Ratchet & Clank (2016) Uncharted 2
  14. Interesting, my system is in Hungarian, (since it became available) and I don't have a single problem!
  15. It's a Milestone game, don't forget that. They're producting mediocore games.