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  1. Yes, i managed to complete Survival Mode yesterday. Took me about 20 hours. Now on to Quest Mode
  2. Just started the game and trying to beat Survival. First 2 levels done. I did Sparkle and Sparkle 2 three times on all consoles. I would say im confident with this game but this will take a while to complete.
  3. Does some malaysian game owner also got the bugged trophy?
  4. Is this game also playable with controller, like the normal version of Happy Drummer, without having PS VR? Thanks
  5. Just got my 100% playing only on Vita
  6. Jup, i noticed the same. Got the 'play 50' a lot earlier than 'win 50'. And i also lost only a couple of games(maybe 3 or 4)
  7. Again guys, all of you should bombard teyon with emails to let them know about the problem: [email protected]
  8. Everyone should use this email to contact about this problem: [email protected]
  9. Jup, already did. I'm in contact with them
  10. I can confirm that you DON'T need the sleigh. Got the trophy without ever buying it.
  11. Yes, DLC added new weapons and new Trautman challenges. Unlocked all new weapons and used them too. No trophy so far...
  12. Does anyone knows what to do exactly for this one, or has any idea? Me and some others are pretty sure we used every weapon and it didn't popped for us.
  13. Yes, nice one. Let's hope it will be free again