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  1. No we don't.
  2. HITMANvs007 Demon's Souls • Reason: You can't access other levels before 1-1 is beat. Phalanx wasn't the first boss they beat. They beat the game without beating Phalanx. Demon's Souls Hello... I will start by saying when I had started this game it was on a friend's PS3 and Phalanx was my first boos. I didn't sync up the trophies before saveing my game progress to the online cloud server, and when I got my copy of the game I just played where I left off from, So the progress is there for me to continue on game save I just don't have the trophy from the start of the game and then I realized I had to start a new game to get that one I missed form not syncing to the server back then.