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  1. Sorry for late reply I was away on work. I really only need the Duel and Brawl trophies now. Managed all the kill ones in a freakish skirmish that was crazy for drop kills.
  2. Would anyone be willing to help me achieve these 4 trophies. The game lobby for the Duel and Brawl are so dead. I also need to mop up the drop from above kills and the push into fire or spikes kills. Don't get many map opportunities in dominion to do these. Always happy to do it in round robin style so everyone gets what is needed.
  3. Are there still boosting sessions going on for this game, looking to get all online trophies, especially war party done. If so please add me Mentalheadz is my PSN and i am UK timezone. Just put war party PSNProf in subject so i know where to put the acknowledgements for help once we achieve the trophy.