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  1. Delete me
  2. Delete me
  3. I'm hoping for a big Bayern win, hopefully they win the whole thing
  4. Either way it's four teams who's football I quite enjoy to watch so I'm happy about that I felt like Benfica played the ball around well, just missed that lethal finishing touch, but with Cardozo not exactly finishing well last night they were just missing that extra something. Defensively I never really expected them to be performing too well against Chelsea really
  5. orly? Barca Chelsea should be good to watch, Benfica were hard done by in my eyes, deserved to go through after they were the better side with only 10 men, I thought they could've grabbed it in the last minute. Well finished by my man meireles though!
  6. Delete me
  7. It did look quite sarcastic didn't it My bad haha
  8. Wow congrats chambers, didn't think that was yours
  9. Mainly in regard to the italic section, I'm always curious as to what people dislike about Barca. Most of the talent is homegrown so you can't class them in the same league as Chelsea/ManCity/Real, although they do tend to splash the cash that they've earned (The whole Ibrahimovich thing). They play fantastic football, so you can't hate them for running their luck etc. And the football they play so so attractive it's unreal. Meh, for me they tick all of the boxes, more power to them I say, without being dis-honest to my beloved liverpool, obviously
  10. I think the whole point of pinning the thread is so it's, y'know, pinned to the top
  11. Impressive record