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  1. I just got to level 30 yesterday and it wasn't a grind at all. I just played the game as I wanted to, knowing that everything I did was chipping away at level 30. Was a lot of fun (although my logic systems still don't work lol) If you want to just do it fast and purely for the trophies then I can see how it would be extremely boring but splice in going for misc trophies alongside just enjoying the ride and reckon it'll be a much better time!
  2. I reached the summit on my first playthrough with approximately 2000 deaths, only 3 cassettes collected though (I think) and about 35-40 strawberries. My death counter is now up around 20,000+ after getting all strawberries, and completing B and C sides lol I dread to think what it'll be on after Chapter 9!
  3. I finished this last weekend without the use of assist mode, but I poured a LOT of hours and deaths into it, 7B and 7C especially (8 hours 3000 deaths and 10 hours 2500 deaths respectively). I think I'm still sane...if I was sane to begin with lol So far I haven't found a big difficulty spike (I say so far because I've yet to make it very far into Farewell). This is NOT because I'm good at the game, it's because for me, all levels from B sides onwards were tough, so I think I very slowly got better as the game got harder, rather than finding B sides easy and then jumping to super hard C sides. I think persistence is absolutely the key, but not at the expense of your enjoyment with the game of course