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  1. I agree. WRC 7 is the same as 6 in terms of grinds. More recently I’ve been playing Pacer. You cover around 6k KM playing the career but there is a trophy for 40k KM. I don’t mind high mileage trophies if there is enough content to get you close but putting in a trophy that requires 5-10x the amount of mileage you get naturally just feels like a punishment to trophy hunters. I’d rather they make the game hard instead of putting a hundred hour grind in!
  2. The fastest way by far is to play raid chapter 1 with your main character then leave the lobby and rejoin with a different class at the end before passing through the completion gate. As chapter 1 can be completed in around 30mins by a competent team this is by far the best xp/min Raid chapter 3 is also good. It can be finished in 5-6 minutes but the rewards are significantly lower.
  3. Weren’t the sport bikes, BMW R and Italy pack pre order dlcs with ride 3? I remember them being there at launch anyway
  4. I was in lockdown when the game came out so was playing 16-18 hours a day. Took me a total of 115hrs to do everything (not just the trophies but everything the game has to offer). My completion time on here is over 2weeks though as I got screwed by the fabric problem and had to wait for a patch to fix it! I would have been in the top 5 first achievers if it wasn’t for that damn fabric!
  5. Agreed. I don’t think it’s as good as ride 3 but I still enjoyed it overall. At least it doesn’t have the huge money grind that was in ride 2!
  6. 20 laps on nordschlife is enough. I’m locked out of the other 2 trophies. I got max points in both events before the patch added the trophies so now there is no way to trigger the trophy pop. I tried replaying and winning all the events but nothing. Guess I need to do them again on a clean save
  7. Just a heads up for everyone - the 3 trophies in the new dlc are glitched. I raised a ticket with milestone and will post any updates as they come Update - patch 1.08 has added the trophies. Seems the released the content before adding trophy support to the game
  8. No. Once you unlock a chapter it will remain unlocked forever. The raid rewards reset each week (you can earn 1 level 110 item from each chapter) but it won’t reset your progress If you have completed each chapter the trophy will pop. It doesn’t matter if you have joined other people and completed them out of order Use 1-2 ronin for the outer area and 2 competent samurai players to fight iyo - send them in twice each. Ronin can raise them in emergencies. If you are going for the cosmetics then the samurai can leave the lobby then rejoin to reset their corruption level and go in again but a decent player can hit max damage against her in 2 stacks. Use stone stance and parry window with +melee damage and leeching parry to regain health while fighting here and just spam the heavy attacks.
  9. There is a forum here on Ubi support. Turns out a few people are having the problem. Staff have acknowledged it and it’s simple to fix so hopefully it will be patched soon. Feel free to add your voices to the forum to bump it! https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/80794/fabric-no-longer-spawns-after-upgrading-pouches/13?lang=en-US&isSso=true&refreshStatus=invalidTwoFaStatus
  10. Fixed - patch 1.04 allows you to buy fabric from vendors once you reach level 6 settlement, fixing the issue I’ve been collecting fabric from the small loot chests throughout my play through. I got enough to finish upgrading my quiver and ration pack to the max but since buying the upgrades I haven’t found a single piece. It’s like the game has stopped dropping fabric as it knows my upgrades are complete. The problem is I still need 4 fabric for the shrine offering at Dobby’s Altar in Eurvicscire. I finished my upgrades before I knew about this shrine. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be grateful. I’ve tried looting chests in military areas, civilian areas, monasteries (during a raid and in stealth), re-raiding places I’ve already cleared and raiding small bandit camps not shown as locations on the map. I’ve tried low level and high level areas but still nothing. The chests either give me supplies and silver or iron ore, leather and sometimes a rune stone.
  11. I have the same issue. The map remains in my inventory but it did count towards my trophy. Easiest way to fix it would be to pick up another treasure hoard and the trophy should pop. I also have a glitch with the hoard in Eurvicscire. The treasure doesn’t spawn at the location in the map.
  12. For anyone else who may be struggling I noticed that you have to destroy the bollards (usually around the outside of the arena) as well. They don’t add to your combo, just your score. I also made sure I fully flattened all the yellow and red cars (not just hit them) on my run
  13. I agree. The insta fail is annoying especially on the endurance licence nordschlife time attack as the lap is so long. A time penalty would have been better. I got my trophy on the Yamaha rider events by the way
  14. I’m having the same issue. I got an Australian copy. I haven’t been able to pre load it. The game has actually launched now and I’m not able to download it. Contacted milestone (closed at weekends) Contacted PSN support Australia (also closed at weekends) Contacted EU PSN support (couldn’t help as it’s an AU account) I’ll post an update here if I manage to get a solution
  15. No my rivals points are still showing. In the tracker the number of rivals events completed was reset to 0. I’ve completed 12 now and have almost 600 points but the trophy for completing 10 didn’t pop. I hoping the 300 points trophy works on reset but it seems I need to do another 10 events