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  1. The mileage trophy is definitely glitched. I’ve ridden in excess of 150km on an mx2 bike (career), an mxgp bike (career) and my own mxgp bike (Grand Prix mode). I guess we should add it to the list of glitched milestone trophies
  2. Looks to be around 30 I guess unless there is something unexpected in the levelling/upgrading. It’s very disappointing that there is nothing difficulty related
  3. When making a new account - As soon as you select Japanese as the region everything will be in Japanese. It’s not like other accounts such as HK where you can choose English. It’s best to follow a YouTube video to help you make the account (unless you speak Japanese!) This region stack is in English though. You will get a language select when starting the game
  4. Celeste can be played with assist mode turned on. It’s a 2/10 difficulty plat. You can have fun with it on normal mode then turn the assists on to finish the trophies
  5. Hang out at the very bottom of the screen and dash left and right repeatedly. The enemies will eventually move down to the bottom. It’s safer than trying to move around the screen and fight them. At least, that’s how I did it
  6. If you have already finished the game just play on NG+. You can use the blood and wine dlc skill “second life” which is handy and of course your previous build will carry over. I started a new game plus at around lv65 and was overpowered for the whole game (I finished the run at lv84 and collected all places of power in both playthrough for the extra skill points). You will need to craft armour though as your old sets will become under levelled very quickly. I suggest finding the plans for griffin armour and upgrading it as you level up. It’s the most accessible set as you can get the standard and enhanced plans as soon as you arrive in Velen. You will probably need standard, enhanced and superior but you won’t level enough to reach master crafted if you are just running the story. I have the 100% on all 3 stacks of this game so if you need any more tips/advice feel free to message me on psn
  7. The trophies have changed to 0.1% on PlayStation. I assume it’s a test and that the dlc will arrive soon
  8. Nice topic. Plenary of detail, descriptive and informative. I was thinking of buying this but the title of “don’t buy this game” has certainly swayed me against it
  9. It’s pretty straight forward if you use the guide on Xbox achievements. It can be difficult on the later levels without the layer switch as mentioned but in the video guides you can listen to each layer individually making it pretty easy
  10. Just had this exact issue. Guess I will delete my save and do another playthrough Update: the trophy worked on a clean save. I left one of the pieces early in the game for my final one instead of collecting everything in order. I also made a backup before collecting the last one just in case but the trophy popped first time
  11. So I’ve just finished this game. Every trophy popped fine except the complete 10 levels (I got the complete 20 and 25 levels trophies). Not sure why it glitched but it looks like I’m going to have to replay the first 10 on a fresh save Update: After playing the first 10 levels again on a fresh save the trophy popped
  12. It’s possible but once you can only trade an item with veteran status once. It will loose its status on the second trade so you might need to re-level it!
  13. Well no one likes to share their octopus I suppose
  14. When it comes to upgrading an item to veteran status you can boost it with a friend even though you need to complete its requirements in a public lobby. Search in the Asia region for a 1v1 game at the same time as your boosting partner. The servers are pretty dead in that region so you should find each other after a couple of tries
  15. You can also get stacks of Sherlock Holmes devils daughter, survived mr cube and volume from the hk store. There are stacks of other games too but most things have non-English trophy lists. I have pretty much every English stack from the hk store on my list if you want to check them out. As mentioned, even if you make a Chinese account you won’t be able to fund it yourself. There is a candleman stack available in that region but pretty much everything else has a Chinese trophy list!