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  1. We are looking for someone to join us for nightmare and cataclysm difficulty (and probably gold on town meeting). At the moment there are 3 of us playing soldier, witch hunter and dwarf. We play between 1300 - 2000 GMT everyday (except Sunday and Monday). If you need the trophies or are just feeling generous and want and want to help us out send me a FR on psn and put vermintide on it!
  2. I unlocked 5 parts pretty quickly but I’ve been getting wins for the last hour now and not unlocked anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Trophy hunters are a relatively small percentage of PlayStation users. This fact alone negates some of the concerns raised in the original post. For example people shying away from games because they are hard. A casual gamer isn’t going to care about that and will buy the game anyway. Also exposure for indie titles was mentioned. I think this is down to the the publisher. They can’t rely on a trophy hunting website to market their product for them! It’s a trophy hunting forum. The goal is to earn trophies so of course the easiest, shortest games will generate the most interest here. VNs are hugely popular in the far eastern markets where they are played as intended. Of course they appeal to a trophy hunter as they are quick and easy but hunters are not the primary market. I think high level profiles are still impressive but trophy hunting is a simple numbers game. It comes down to time and resources. Even with unlimited time and money it would still take a couple of years to reach level 100. To a casual gamer a high level is impressive in itself. To a trophy hunter who might look at a profile in more detail it’s easy to spot a player who is more skilled and has taken on harder plats. A quick look at the trophy cabinet or milestone list is usually enough. I think trophy hunting is about playing at a level and creating a profile that you are happy with. I play a lot of short easy plats to raise my leaderboard rank but I also play a lot of longer more challenging games. I don’t play anything that has a list in a non English language either as I don’t see the point in playing something I don’t understand but I still have respect for people who are willing to invest thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours to do JP VNs. They just have a different style of gaming to me and if that’s how they want to make their profile then that’s fine! The inclusion of a rarity adjusted leaderboard (like another trophy website we all know about) could help to restore some balance between easy and hard plats. The only problem is deciding on a difficulty level or rarity stat. So extremely hard games don’t have ultra rare plats due to the low amount of game owners. Difficulty is also a personal thing. What is a hard game for one person may be easy for another.
  4. I’ve done both PS4 stacks now using this guide. The “Words are loaded guns” trophy unlocked at the end of step 2 of the guide, not step 1. You can also save some time by making a separate backup after stage 9 of ending 1 and combining it with ending 3. Finally, the “Goldie” trophy unlocked upon starting the “This Love” mission, removing the need to carry out step F of the guide. Nothing glitched out (except possibly “words are loaded guns” not unlocking during step 1). The damage trophies unlocked independently on the EU stack (I didn’t have to combine them as mentioned in the video). I did have a beneficial glitch during the NA stack. I dealt around 60 points of damage and both the damage trophies unlocked together. Thanks for the guide! With a bit of streamlining it would be perfect but it still saved me a huge amount of time
  5. No probs. If you need anymore advice pm me on psn. I only check the forums once or twice a day
  6. The boosting has change somewhat since the game first launched. If your character hasn’t finished the story you can’t access the higher difficulties. I think expert is the highest you can go to. You can still be power levelled in the rifts but it’s much slower as you are only on expert. After finishing the story you can access T6 difficulty so it speeds up a bit. Once you have a character at lv70 you can access T13. I would advise having a high level player rush you through the story (I took a friend through from start to finish in less than 4hours). After that have him run your characters through rifts to finish the levelling. You could probably get everyone to 70 with the story completed once in about 8hrs (depending on how strong/fast your partner is). The same process will need to be carried out for your hardcore character as well.
  7. Yeah. The majority of players are just casual though and are not interested in specs or pushing for higher performance. They are just happy that it looks reasonable and runs well enough for the couple of hours a week that they play. Serious gamers are in the minority on consoles. It would be nice to see different models with different hardware options like you mentioned though. The question is how much performance difference can you get away with between models before the basic system can’t run some of the more demanding games properly
  8. Exactly right. If they made a console that could keep up with a high end pc it would cost (unsurprisingly) as much as a high end pc. Console gaming is gaming for the masses and as such needs to be affordable so the tech will always be a few years behind to keep the price down. Personally, I would be happy if there were higher tiers of consoles. For example a Ps5 standard and a much more expensive ps5 pro that was closer to a pcs power. It would be a relatively small market though and would cause problems with game development with such a big difference in specs. If Sony released a £3000 console as a ps5 and no cheaper option most people would be priced out and sony (and game developers) wouldn’t be able to survive with such a reduced number of players
  9. PS4 - 388 PS3 - 117 Vita - 29 Multi - 30 No surprises here as I only started trophy hunting seriously about 6months after the PS4 launches
  10. I agree. I’ve done both stacks now and both times I thought that the list was a bit grindy. It’s still the shortest AC plat (except liberation of course) but it does get tiresome grinding out 20 convoys, 20 camps, the Templar treasure hunt and all those challenges to unlock the veterans cheat. The amount of resources required to renovate everything and max the ship is a bit excessive too
  11. A quick look at your profile shows you used the debug method for all the jak games recently. Seems you don’t care as much about doing games legit as you like to make out. JUST PLAY THE GAME THE NORMAL WAY. lol Thanks for the tip
  12. The only other thing to watch out for is the TT unlocking in later seasons. I won it in season 3 but it didn’t show up again until season 7! I think the game glitched on me. I skipped a few events to try and get it to show and that seemed to unglitch it. One last thing - make a backup save after EVERY race as the game has a tendency to crash and corrupt your data. I’m not sure what causes the crashes but I had 3 when I was playing. Luckily I had backups every time
  13. I don’t know what triggers it but it unlocked during season 3 when I was at 12k fans as I mentioned above. Just win every event and go for events that have the highest fan gain
  14. Most arcade archive games are easy and quick. Some of them can be a bit annoying at times though. They are pretty expensive too for what they are but if you are willing to spend the money you can knock out 10-15 of them in a few hours
  15. I wish the trophies per day stat was broken down by month/year on my profile. I created my account about 6 years ago but have only been trophy hunting for 3 years so my trophies per day is very low (around 7). If you want to know the highest and most consistent just check the top 50 on the world boards!