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  1. For anyone else who may be struggling I noticed that you have to destroy the bollards (usually around the outside of the arena) as well. They don’t add to your combo, just your score. I also made sure I fully flattened all the yellow and red cars (not just hit them) on my run
  2. I agree. The insta fail is annoying especially on the endurance licence nordschlife time attack as the lap is so long. A time penalty would have been better. I got my trophy on the Yamaha rider events by the way
  3. I’m having the same issue. I got an Australian copy. I haven’t been able to pre load it. The game has actually launched now and I’m not able to download it. Contacted milestone (closed at weekends) Contacted PSN support Australia (also closed at weekends) Contacted EU PSN support (couldn’t help as it’s an AU account) I’ll post an update here if I manage to get a solution
  4. No my rivals points are still showing. In the tracker the number of rivals events completed was reset to 0. I’ve completed 12 now and have almost 600 points but the trophy for completing 10 didn’t pop. I hoping the 300 points trophy works on reset but it seems I need to do another 10 events
  5. I got the trophy today on patch 1.05 The new patch messed my stats up even more. It said I had 825 challenges completed in “challenge” mode. Trophy popped after I did the first event (rookie formula cars). I hadn’t done any of the challenge events prior to 1.05 but had everything else done (except the rivals trophies). I also lost all of my rivals stats so I hope those trophies aren’t unobtainable now. Not sure if it’s completely fixed as it doesn’t specify in the patch notes but that was my experience
  6. I’ve had the same problem. Didn’t get the deckers die, gellin like Magellan or tank mayhem trophies. Didn’t have any problems on the EU stack but there seem to be a lot more glitches and bugs with the NA version
  7. No I had archipelago, two worlds then king of winter on my run.
  8. I got the Wes trophy yesterday (6 year+ completion time for the 100%!). After all the patches it’s much easier and more consistent to find him. He will always spawn in world 3 of adventure mode unless the map is two worlds in which case he won’t be there. The levels are decided as soon as you go through the Maxwell door so you can guarantee he will be there for you by reloading your backup until you get two worlds as your first map.
  9. Make whichever choice you want. Nyte Blade doesn’t give you any assassinations. I won’t say who does or at what point in the story you get them as it’s a spoiler but you can’t miss any assassination contracts
  10. Yes I know that but why would a percentage include people who haven’t started the game? To me that doesn’t make sense
  11. Agreed. I’m just highlighting that the the rarity stats on here are wildly inaccurate which brings me back to my original point of not understanding why people are that bothered about it. I still think PSN is more accurate though. The % of the player base that are cheaters is nothing in comparison to the % of the player base excluded from the stats on here.
  12. Yes it makes more sense to take a fraction of the PlayStation community and work our rarities out against them right? PSN rarity is the only figure that truly means anything as it shows the percentage of game owners that have that trophy. You can make the stats say whatever you want if you segment the player pool. You could make a rata plat ultra rare if you compare yourself against 100 other people who haven’t earned it but have started the game. There could be thousands of other people who share your rarest plat but you wouldn’t know unless they happen to be tracked by psnp. Like you said most people are casual gamers but a rarity is only accurate if all players are included, casual or otherwise.
  13. The vast majority of grinds are pointless and feel like a punishment for people who want the 100% to me. It’s just artificial game time that developers add on to give the illusion of value for money. I would rather have a skill based trophy that extends the game time by forcing you to practice and master the game than a mindless grind. OP also mentions rarity. Personally I don’t see the big deal over a trophy’s percentage. Rarity percentage is skewed by many factors. Some very challenging games have a common plat because there are so few game owners. Some very easy games have an ultra rare because they require expensive hardware or hundreds of hours of pointless grinding that literally anyone could do. Rarity on this site is just against a relatively small number of PlayStation owners who happened to register or be tracked here. The only true rarity is found on PSN as that is against all game owners worldwide.
  14. It’s also worth noting that while the rider animation for a whip can look similar to a scrub, it won’t count. The little green icon that pops up for a scrub is a dotted line over a flattened “n” shape and the icon for a whip is a dotted line over a ditch or loose “u” shape
  15. I just kept an eye on the lobby list and joined people when lobbies were available. I found most of the lobbies on Saturday and Sunday evenings (uk time). The game is pretty dead though. My friends and I were planning to join each other’s games with alt accounts to make the numbers up but we didn’t need it in the end