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  1. I downgraded 5 of my cars to lv1 then reapplied the top upgraded and the trophy popped. Try to reupgrade 5 as just doing 1 car doesn’t seem to work
  2. This is a strange thread. At the end of the day if you want to be on a psnprofiles leaderboard all that matters are the rules of psnprofiles. Same with any other trophy site. You can define cheating however you like. If you play a puzzle game and use a guide you have “copied” someone else’s work - textbook cheating. Use a video guide? You’re copying someone else’s soloution to the task at hand. Cheating on this site is a term used to cover hacking/use of save files/use of external software etc. If something is in a game and available to every player then there is no unfair adavantage and it is therefore allowable.
  3. Thanks for the guide! For the landmine trophy there is a good spot on level 9. From the first checkpoint enter the factory and climb the conveyor belts. In the top left of the area there are 3 mines. Just keep restarting the checkpoint.
  4. Did you do all the rally cross locations too? My trophy popped when I raced on one of the rx tracks for the first time
  5. From what I can remember there were some dead ones lying around that you could just loot so I think you will be fine
  6. Yeah all the ingame trackers are messed up but keep going and you will eventually get the trophies!
  7. No. Any 25 missions should do it. If you are in a rush to get it look for low level assassination missions and just run to the 3 targets. You could also spawn them using the tarot as it’s currently free
  8. Single race - select online tracks instead of local and just download any track you like the look of. Finish the race for the trophy
  9. I did hero mode yesterday. You can play all the hero mode maps in solo or coop
  10. They also could have put James may’s drive in the alpine in which was featured in the actual episode
  11. These cards are no longer missable. If you take the money you can acquire the cards from the desk/body of the witch hunter captain when you go to the witch hunter garrison base during Triss’ quest line. You dont really need to leave low level contacts either. If you play on death march first you can simply switch to easy after the story and do any remaining contracts without oils etc. Ive done all 3 stacks of Witcher 3 now. I found the quickest way to get the 100% is to do an easy playthrough first and get all the trophies and dlc done. Then do a new game + on death march and just run the main story quests. You will have so many skill points (and the dlc abilities) that you are op throughout the entire run. The only enemy capable of killing you is the last boss (but you can have 3 extra lives anyway if you set up correctly). All you need to do in ng+ is grab the plans for a set of Witcher gear and level it occasionally as you progress.
  12. I doubt it would unlock later as the first time you have access to the TT event should be your 3rd season. My advice would be to continue with your current season and earn all the other trophies (especially the win TT 3 times and the fans). After that start a new season on a clean save to get the TT in 3 seasons trophy.
  13. Yeah I agree. It took me 7 months from launch day to finish project cars and I was one of the lucky ones!
  14. It’s a shame there is a trophy for 3 weekly community events. It means lots of people will be sitting there trying to get first achiever. I missed out on first achiever on dirt 4 by 3 seconds as everyone was waiting for the server reset! Other than that it should be an easy list. Even if the physics and ai are the same as the first dirt rally there isn’t much to worry about here I think.
  15. I fully explored the world, cleared every location and completed every side quest. I didn’t find it to be too big - I just worked through it methodically. Took me 95hours so only around 15hours more than origins