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  1. Make whichever choice you want. Nyte Blade doesn’t give you any assassinations. I won’t say who does or at what point in the story you get them as it’s a spoiler but you can’t miss any assassination contracts
  2. Yes I know that but why would a percentage include people who haven’t started the game? To me that doesn’t make sense
  3. Agreed. I’m just highlighting that the the rarity stats on here are wildly inaccurate which brings me back to my original point of not understanding why people are that bothered about it. I still think PSN is more accurate though. The % of the player base that are cheaters is nothing in comparison to the % of the player base excluded from the stats on here.
  4. Yes it makes more sense to take a fraction of the PlayStation community and work our rarities out against them right? PSN rarity is the only figure that truly means anything as it shows the percentage of game owners that have that trophy. You can make the stats say whatever you want if you segment the player pool. You could make a rata plat ultra rare if you compare yourself against 100 other people who haven’t earned it but have started the game. There could be thousands of other people who share your rarest plat but you wouldn’t know unless they happen to be tracked by psnp. Like you said most people are casual gamers but a rarity is only accurate if all players are included, casual or otherwise.
  5. The vast majority of grinds are pointless and feel like a punishment for people who want the 100% to me. It’s just artificial game time that developers add on to give the illusion of value for money. I would rather have a skill based trophy that extends the game time by forcing you to practice and master the game than a mindless grind. OP also mentions rarity. Personally I don’t see the big deal over a trophy’s percentage. Rarity percentage is skewed by many factors. Some very challenging games have a common plat because there are so few game owners. Some very easy games have an ultra rare because they require expensive hardware or hundreds of hours of pointless grinding that literally anyone could do. Rarity on this site is just against a relatively small number of PlayStation owners who happened to register or be tracked here. The only true rarity is found on PSN as that is against all game owners worldwide.
  6. It’s also worth noting that while the rider animation for a whip can look similar to a scrub, it won’t count. The little green icon that pops up for a scrub is a dotted line over a flattened “n” shape and the icon for a whip is a dotted line over a ditch or loose “u” shape
  7. I just kept an eye on the lobby list and joined people when lobbies were available. I found most of the lobbies on Saturday and Sunday evenings (uk time). The game is pretty dead though. My friends and I were planning to join each other’s games with alt accounts to make the numbers up but we didn’t need it in the end
  8. 20 different people. Connecting with the same player multiple times only counts as 1
  9. I share your pain. My most recent experience of this was in ghost recon breakpoint when players would join my raid group (usually with little to no experience of the raid) and somehow expect to get through it with no mic. Same thing with the raid on division 2. Funniest thing is that the PS4 comes with a mic in the box! I suppose it might break over time but any mobile phone headset works just as well or a basic single earbud replacement for less than £5!
  10. I had the same thing with the 6th key. I was running through it in mission select with cheats on to speed it up and the key didn’t show. I tried again with cheats off and they key spawned in though.
  11. You don’t really need to do much farming anyway. You will get 7 mastery tokens by the end of the game if you collect them all, making the trophy really easy. You only need to do 6 of them yourself. I did mine naturally while playing through the game then used the tokens to finish off after the last mission
  12. I assume they will stick to the original f1 schedule until some new race dates are announced. I’m hoping for a featured event next week so I can put these date sensitive trophies to rest!
  13. You need to set a lap time in all 3 practice sessions, qualifying and complete the race. I don’t think you need to complete all practice programs as one of mine didn’t register (I think my lap may have been invalid and I didn’t notice) and the trophy popped for me when I completed the race. I didn’t have to go into the in game mail to trigger it. It popped as I was loading back into the menus after the race
  14. I would like to see a prestige system. Once you hit 100 you can reset it and get a prestige icon on your profile like a miniature plat icon or similar then you can level up again. If 100 was a big goal for you and you don’t care about going any higher you could just sit there and not prestige if you prefer.
  15. You can also die by falling into the lava itself (not the fireball). I made a backup at the start of 3-2. There is an “abyss” you can fall in at spawn and a small lava pit you can fall in just after to quickly get both trophies. It’s nice you don’t actually have to finish the game twice as the “did you really need to do this trophy?” suggests. Finish the game then simply hit continue and it loads up after you beat the final boss, popping the trophy for finishing twice!