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  1. I tried this today. As soon as I imported my save the game did a little restart and all the trophies popped at the main menu without issue
  2. Your legends data is tied to save slot 1. As long as you don’t transfer that the legends trophies won’t pop
  3. Worked perfectly for me on the GER PS3 stack this morning. Thanks for the guide
  4. It worked fine for me. I did the following to get all trophies: short moto3 short moto2 full MotoGP short MotoGP The trophies popped mid season when I was mathematically champion. The same method has also worked so far on the PS4 stack
  5. This particular 917K didn’t win any 24hr it races. In 1970 the 24hr Daytona was won by a gulf livery 917K but the race number was 20 not 2 as shown in game. A 917K also won lemans that year but it was a 917KH coupe. As mentioned by previous posters these very highly priced cars are just credit traps to force people into micro transactions, especially now the credits have been reduced. I think the final car will be priced around the 3-6M mark like the mark IV and C9
  6. Slow response - my bad! The trophies popped at the lobby screen within a few seconds. I didn’t wait it out. I just launched the mission straight away and did button masher again
  7. Some info on the auto pop - I got all 3 new trophies on the ps5 stack. Only 2 of them auto popped on the PS4. I had to redo the ‘button masher’ trophy. Strange it works like that as every other trophy will auto pop but at least it only takes a couple of minutes to do again.
  8. Collectibles - as in collecting for the sake of collecting. I don’t mind as much if they serve a purpose such as upgrade points etc but a lot of the time they are just there for no reason. It often feels like devs intentionally do this sort of thing to punish people who like to go for 100% completion. I would rather have something challenging in a game that takes me 20hrs to beat than spend 20hr mindlessly collecting pointless items Pointless grinds - the sort of grinds you find in a lot of race games. Grid is a good example. After earning all the other trophies (takes about 20hrs) you have covered 6% of the required mileage for the last trophy. What is the point in making people grind that much? Even if you loved the game and regularly played multiplayer it is still fairly unlikely you would get the trophy naturally Early access - it really annoys me that so many people get early access to games, making it almost impossible to go for a first platinum achiever on the majority of big titles. I understand that they want people to review and promote the game before it comes out but why not just disable trophies on these review copies or wipe out any existing trophies when the game launches to keep things fair?
  9. Thanks. Guess I must be missing something else then. I’ve done the ship captain, bee keeper, monguls drowning peasants, return red hat and the legends woman. Only other one I can see referenced here is the siblings and I’m not sure if I did that. I can’t seem to find them anywhere…
  10. How do I get Kodoma to show up? I go to the house - I found a note on a tree stump but can’t interact with the banner or anything else in the area. Seems I’m missing something but I don’t know what!
  11. Settings-application saved data management-ps5-upload. You can also press options and upload from there like a PS4. Also, for ps5 versions of games the system has auto sync so your data will be automatically synced with the server when you close the game. This feature is disabled when you do a manual upload or you can turn it off in the settings for either individual games or globally. Finally, you can make a USB backup for PS4 games but you cannot export a PS5 save file to USB.
  12. Not sure. I was slower on my original lap too but then I realised I hadn’t loaded my bike setup and still had it set for mileage grinding! Glad you got it. If they could just allow us to sync the PS4 trophies properly we could finally have both stacks back at 100%
  13. A new patch came down this morning that fixes the born in the USA trophy. They didn’t change the track - just adjusted the requirement for gold. It’s quite easy now
  14. Nice. What bike settings did you use?
  15. I think the new trophies are not on the Sony server yet. If you look in offline mode they should be there. They should sync up in a few days I guess. I’m not sure if that time on that bike is possible!