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  1. They did. All the dlc was made free fairly recently but you have to prestige many times to unlock the cosmetics required for the trophies. It is a grind but there are frequent double xp weekends. You don’t need to do much - just play matches. Soul harvest is probably the best for levelling due to the frequent demon spawns. If you owned the original season pass and launched the game before the dlc went free all the cosmetics will be in your inventory and you can get the trophies in less than 5 minutes.
  2. The shield guys are easy when you get used to them. Just target them first and take them out quickly. I used zip attack (triangle), dodge under (circle), air launch (hold square) then air combo (spam square) and it kills them straight away on easy. For the gun guys just use a takedown (needs 2 stamina bars). You can also web them with a web bomb, throw them (hold triangle) them web them to a surface with the web shooter to take them out quickly. One of the screball stealth challenges was annoying until I learnt the path. I used a lot of trip mines to take the guys out quickly. They are useful for double takedowns if 2 enemies are stood next to each other.
  3. As far as I know the horizon theme was made free for all (EU). I have it and I’ve never played horizon. It was just sitting in the store as a free them. It has a big platinum trophy on the theme
  4. You will both get all trophies but make sure each player picks up the diaries and shoots the canoptic jars individually. Everything else can be done by 1 player but will count for all. Even things like the puzzle doors will count for everybody even if only 1 player solves them all. The difficulty scales in coop but it’s no challenge at all on the lower difficulties, even if you have a full party.
  5. Depends on what the milestones are and how many events are required to complete the career. It could easily end up being as long as ride 2 (or longer)
  6. You don’t need to go back to the first island. You will run into him again later in the game as you explore but his quest won’t start automatically. If you are clearing all locations you will definitely find him though. Sorry I’m being a bit vague - I’m trying to avoid putting a spoiler in!
  7. Yeah there is another quest that tasks you to find epic grade shark teeth (I forgot the name of the quest though) and they show up as quest items. As I mentioned there were a couple of quests where I had to give normal skins to a guy. As you said, they come from the bounty boards. I got the plat yesterday and completed all side quests and locations along the way but I never needed to sell any trade goods. With all the exploration and looting I ended up with 1M money and 35k of each crafting resource at the end. I still have every trade item I ever found sitting in my inventory!
  8. I have been clearing all areas and doing all side quests. I came across 3 side quests where people want you to collect the trade items you get from animal kills (teeth and fur). It’s easy if you already have them in stock. Other than those quests there is no use for any of trade goods
  9. You can get this trophy straight away using some uplay credits. I bought Evie as a leuitenant and the female assassins skin. Just ram one of the small ships as soon as you sail for the first time with those two items equipped for the trophy
  10. A simple way is to go to a new region and kill the leader straight away (before the area reaches weakened status). I bumped into a leader while clearing a fort and after killing him and completing the location objectives I was at max bounty.
  11. I used a lasgun for mine. I had a base critical of +12% (from signums, implants etc). I also used the inoculator component that gives +10% critical. I ran that setup for about 10-12 missions and that was enough to get the 16-17 I was missing. I was just using the standard shot and mixing in aimed shot and burst for stronger enemies. Also make sure you are not using the grinder perk (+30% damage) as it disables criticals.
  12. You will also need to play on challenge to earn more glory. If you are at/over the recommended power level for a mission you won’t get any so can’t work towards the weekly glory trophy
  13. I was thinking of getting this as I have the plat for pretty much every PS4 racing game but I don’t think I can face another huge pointless grind with inevitably glitched trophies. Wrc6 and 7 were massive grinds and this looks like it will take around the same amount of time. I wish devs would stop putting this kind of stuff in to artificially extend the game length. If the game takes 30hours why make us sit there grinding for another 40 when everything else is done?! I would rather see difficulty related trophies that are a lot more rewarding to earn.
  14. You only need 2 so it can be easily boosted
  15. You could back your existing save up, start a new game and let it idle for 30hrs. Leave you pad plugged in and set the controller auto switch off to “never”