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  1. I used a lasgun for mine. I had a base critical of +12% (from signums, implants etc). I also used the inoculator component that gives +10% critical. I ran that setup for about 10-12 missions and that was enough to get the 16-17 I was missing. I was just using the standard shot and mixing in aimed shot and burst for stronger enemies. Also make sure you are not using the grinder perk (+30% damage) as it disables criticals.
  2. You will also need to play on challenge to earn more glory. If you are at/over the recommended power level for a mission you won’t get any so can’t work towards the weekly glory trophy
  3. I was thinking of getting this as I have the plat for pretty much every PS4 racing game but I don’t think I can face another huge pointless grind with inevitably glitched trophies. Wrc6 and 7 were massive grinds and this looks like it will take around the same amount of time. I wish devs would stop putting this kind of stuff in to artificially extend the game length. If the game takes 30hours why make us sit there grinding for another 40 when everything else is done?! I would rather see difficulty related trophies that are a lot more rewarding to earn.
  4. You only need 2 so it can be easily boosted
  5. You could back your existing save up, start a new game and let it idle for 30hrs. Leave you pad plugged in and set the controller auto switch off to “never”
  6. Just keep replaying the early levels in the city. You can stand around on the way to the banks and more enemies will come. You could also start a new game plus and play through normally to finish the kills off
  7. The other one is from the qualifying race I assume. I also got mine at 105
  8. It can be tricky at first. I recommend getting the Suter or Norton as soon as possible (try them both in quick race to see which one suits you best). Remember - the game saves at each sector on the TT course so if you fall you can quit to the menu then continue from the start of that sector. If you play on the easiest difficulty and reload when you fall you will easily be able to win the TT, even if your lap time is not particularly good. The worst part is the length - 3 lap quali and 6 lap race on the superbikes so it’s very time consuming.
  9. You need to win the supersport and superbike TT to get the trophies. Win both of them in season 3, 4 and 5 to get all TT related trophies
  10. It will probably be available from the HK store. All the other ratlaika games have had a stack there
  11. The mileage trophy is definitely glitched. I’ve ridden in excess of 150km on an mx2 bike (career), an mxgp bike (career) and my own mxgp bike (Grand Prix mode). I guess we should add it to the list of glitched milestone trophies
  12. Looks to be around 30 I guess unless there is something unexpected in the levelling/upgrading. It’s very disappointing that there is nothing difficulty related
  13. When making a new account - As soon as you select Japanese as the region everything will be in Japanese. It’s not like other accounts such as HK where you can choose English. It’s best to follow a YouTube video to help you make the account (unless you speak Japanese!) This region stack is in English though. You will get a language select when starting the game
  14. Celeste can be played with assist mode turned on. It’s a 2/10 difficulty plat. You can have fun with it on normal mode then turn the assists on to finish the trophies
  15. Hang out at the very bottom of the screen and dash left and right repeatedly. The enemies will eventually move down to the bottom. It’s safer than trying to move around the screen and fight them. At least, that’s how I did it