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  1. The problem is that the leaderboard is for legitimate trophies. If you allow hacking etc it just becomes a competition to see who can download the most save files onto a hacked system. Jak is different as it can be platinumed quickly using a feature of the game (debug menu) and is not being influenced by outside factors (such as hacked saves). Everyone has the same opportunity to use the exploit simply by buying the game. Hacking may require additional software/hardware etc. You could ask the psnp powers that be to add a “dirty” leaderboard which displays all cheaters alongside legit players I suppose. I’m sure that feature existed a few years ago but has since been removed.
  2. The key for that part is to immediately run to the right and grab the shotgun. Then camp around cover and take them out 1 by 1. You can also exploit it a bit as well. If an enemy is off camera (behind you) their behaviour will change. It takes them longer to target you etc. It takes a few tries but it’s not too bad.
  3. It’s a fairly long game as you need to grind all the characters to lv30. The majority of the other trophies are skill dependant. I would say 100+ hours. For difficulty it’s easier than the first one as legend difficulty is more forgiving than cataclysm but a lot of trophies rely on having decent players with you. I would say it’s a 7/10 for the 100%. I got the plat on launch and haven’t played much since so I can’t really comment on the player base but I would recommend going in with a team of 2-3 people who are reliable and try to find a good random for the 4 player trophies. There is also a vermintide community on psn which is still pretty active so I would join that if you’re just starting out.
  4. @Sarsky @fbdbh The problem is that people would abuse it. You are talking about a system to help innocent people who were unlucky but others would simply use that system for their own advantage. I guarantee that if a whitelist of games came out that were known for hacking then within a week everyone would have those games platted with unrealistic timestamps. A whitelist would literally open the floodgates for cheaters plus you would have many proven cheaters trying to return to the leaderboards. Regarding your comment about being able to play what you want etc my advice would be to play the games with risk of hacking on an alt account. Of course it’s a shame that you won’t have the trophies on your main but if there is no way to earn them without risk of hackers then it’s your only option to stay on the leaderboards on this site. Regarding your proposed system it would only allow people to cheat 2k points into their profile but the leaderboard is about legitimate trophies. I’ve been trophy hunting since around the time PS4 came out and have no hacked trophies (either intentional or accidental) as I’m careful and do my research before playing older stuff so I don’t get caught out. I also don’t do the vita hack. As I said before, intentional or not the trophies have still be cheated so the current system works well if you ask me.
  5. This all seems like a lot of extra work that will ultimately just open another way for people to cheat. I understand what you are saying about people accidentally ending up in hacked lobbies. The same thing can happen with the vita hack - it can mess up your time stamps and result in a flag on your profile. Neither are directly your fault but both can provide easy covers for actual hacking (the vita region hack already does this in my opinion but that’s a different discussion) and you have the 2 strikes before you get removed to help with that. At the end of the day everyone here understands the risks of playing certain old games prone to hacking or hacking their vita. If you don’t want to risk your profile just stay away from those games and don’t hack the vita! The rules are the same for everyone and if you are a legit player you will never have anything to worry about unless you expose yourself by playing games with lots of hackers. I don’t think the flag system needs to be changed. If you are genuinely not at fault and trophies are autopopped you can always hide them before your profile syncs up to avoid the flag altogether. If anything, I would make the flagging system much more strict.
  6. That won’t happen unfortunately. Even if people stopped buying ratalaika games right now there will be others who are so desperate to climb the leaderboard with the minimum possible amount of effort and skill that they use a boycott as an opportunity to gain a few spots. There are so many profiles out there with relatively high leaderboard positions that would have no hope of being there without rata and VNs. We all know the profiles I’m talking about. 75%+ avg rarity and no games above a 2/10 difficulty. Rata have taken the fun and competitiveness away from the leaderboards and opened it up for people who are desperate to feel like they have achieved something but don’t want to put the effort in (unless you consider copying lists of text inputs and following video guides effort).
  7. The problem here is that there is no end, nor does it get you closer to any goals. Everyone in the top 200 does all the stack of these crap games, forcing you (and myself) to do them too just to hold position. They are just empty points. The leaderboard would look exactly the same without ratalaika except trophies would mean more. It’s nothing new unfortunately. VNs are exactly the same. It wasn’t as prevalent as ratalaika to begin with as it was very expensive and in some cases difficult to obtain the games. With all the game sharing/renting and vita hacking going on these days though those obstacles have largely been removed too. It’s a shame the leaderboard has degenerated into a competition to see how much time someone can spend playing terrible games (that in some cases are in a language they don’t even understand). It will only get worse as time goes on too.
  8. I’m not that far into the drift career (probably halfway) and so far it’s been extremely easy. It seems easier to make big combos than the last game. Playing on easy difficulty I’ve been getting 4-5 times the score requirement for most of the events. The later events may be harder (I doubt it though) but you can give yourself a significant advantage by taking an overpowered car into the events. Just leave the drifting until last and go in with a maxed out car if you’re worried about it. If no one else posts here before I finish the drift career I’ll update this to let you know how the final events are!
  9. I used a maxed black hole and maxed celestail. Drop celestail, run a quick circle round the area (as it takes a while before it starts dealing damage) then drop a black hole in the same place. It will die in 1-2 casts.
  10. The dlc trophies count as unearned as soon as you earn a trophy in the core game so in your case they are already counted as part of your unearned number
  11. The laser pistol (I forgot the name in game) is really all you need. It insta kills most enemies and takes vehicles down in a couple of seconds. I also used one of the 50 cal snipers (from the core game) for longer range enemies
  12. I wouldn’t be a wrc game if it didn’t have glitched trophies.
  13. I spoke to someone else who said the same. He was having trouble getting the trophy to pop after many runs. I think it might be a bit glitchy
  14. I used the nasuxu racing WPL01 performance for all the time trials. To upgrade it to its “ultimate” set up you will need to do pretty much everything else first though as some of the best parts are awarded for playing for 10hours and completing online wins. I agree. Luckily they are very slow though!
  15. Red marker in playground free roam It doesn’t need to be a full one. I did mine on a path that had just 5 waypoints.