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  1. No only the 200 wins and 1000 bots can be boosted. You need 4 ps4 for platinum because nobody plays the game.
  2. Easy platinum in 7-10 hours. I recommend to upload your save before every main mission.
  3. I have both and can say saints row 3 remastered is good and worth the money, Mafia 2 cheap 1080p upgrade.
  4. No. I have my sources for early copies.
  5. I have the game already and yes it's the same list. 80 Trophies in total.
  6. I would wait for a price drop anyway. It's single player only. When you do all main missions first and level up to mega shark (level 30) you can 100% the game in under 7 hours. Game is fun yes, but the fun ends to early. Why the trophy list not up yet on psn? Same with saints row 3 remastered (81 Trophies).
  7. Yeah game is so glitched in many ways. Enemy's not showing up, collectibles stay always as "?" game crushing and save lost. You need to do a new run. Do all main mission first and than mop up. It's the only way I got the platinum trophy without problems.
  8. I have the platinum now. I think i could not finish my first game because of game crashing. Second game work'd fine and took 7 hours for 100%. Game is really easy and no missable trophies. Difficulty 2/10 Platinum time 7-10 hours. Needs no guide because you see all collectibles and other trophies pop automatically with story progress
  9. Maby Xbox work fine. I start a new run today. They already bring out patch 1.02 but at the end of the game you can't finish because the shark won't be 1 evolution up and no mission show on map. Platinum name is platinum 2 friends of me have the same problem. It's not only me.
  10. Nothing. After the story you can go for all collectibles etc... You need to beat the story anyway for all collectibles. You need the biggest shark (older shark) for some locations. The game is good but always crashing and I lost all my save progression. You can't finish the missions because they are so mutch glitches. No enemies at target etc.. I hope they patch it.
  11. It's identical. I have the game already and can confirm that. Very easy 10 - 15 hours platinum.
  12. This game was brutal. My fingers bleeding.
  13. so after 3 playtroughs and some kill farming I can say that the trophy for reach the bad ending is glitched. For all other trophies you can cheat your game through the end. with double tap r1 you spawn instant in the last level and with double tap l1 you switch levels. It's a 2 hours platinum with a good guide for saving all robots.
  14. Mr_Pound_of_Life Payday 2: Crimewave Edition A friend of me done this glitch but OK my fault I give him account and don't hide it. Same with the other 3 games Gravel GRID Devious Dungeon
  15. No you can only play the tutorial, offline mode is in the game yes but it will be unlocked in the near future and you will not get trophies from it. You can play private lobby to farm and boosting. Servers go live today with day one patch. Edit: patch and servers are now live.