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  1. It's very easy with the hunter. Got it first try. ( Singe Boss)
  2. From 600 to 1000 per mission. Sad the booster is gone. You get double coins and XP.
  3. My method was to join other players and Speedrun their missions for coins. Overall it was a easy 30 hours platinum.
  4. Yes you can farm money and kill 100 enemy's every run. The 400 kills weapons take 1 hour and the 600 kills 1 and a half. With the heavy weapons you need 3 or less hours because of the ammunition. You can always kill yourself in the tutorial and kill the opponents again and again. I would first farm the kills, after that you can still run stealth through brother 3 on challenging for 800 silver. It's a 50 hours platinum not 100. I only need 3 weapons to 10 and 50 God hand kills.
  5. Fastest way for money is to play the tutorial mission on challenging difficulty again and agian. You easy get all weapons to 10 this way. Sad my story trophy is glitched.
  6. Platinum takes 15-20 hours. 1 Missable Trophy: Crushed Kill an Abadon Mutant Crusher with the Phoenix You can start a new game and after the tutorial go to the wilds and kill one of the two with the car. Some trophies are bugged. You need more than 1337 goon kills, Ballons, slams etc...
  7. Got my retail copy on Friday together with rage 2. Yeah it has an stable gameplay and yes it is similar to hellblade. Beautiful game with a good not to short story and many co-op elements. Insider tip 2019. By the way i liked it more than rage 2. Rage 2 map (spoiler alert)
  8. Only Co op
  9. Thanks to patch 1.03 the platinum will always be ultra rare. But yes, this trophy is a waste of time. lol
  10. All updated to patch 1.03. And the grind takes much longer.
  11. I know this method. Thx for posting but you need 100 missions for Madman anyway. Maby I update. We will see what the next patch brings.
  12. And the patch is live. Now everything should be fine.
  13. Try Moscow Mission 2. The first wave in the underground car park.
  14. Hehe. Yeah for 1% of us it's sadly glitched. A friend of mine needed 3 playtroughs.