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  1. No maby in 1 week. They have some problems to deliver the jp disc version. That's why only jp people play the game.
  2. Where's the online mode? It's not in the game yet. I hope they add it with update 1.01 and patch master explorer. The game has only 4 levels and is not worth the price tag.
  3. Play elder scrolls online, black ops 3 and 4, dead by daylight, Friday the 13th etc with a 100% completion not that easy games. Everbody can have a 100% profile with 200 ratalika games.
  4. For me it's 300 hours +. I gave up because it's not fun to do the same stupid missions again and again. Play and enjoy the story and when you're life's to boring go for the platinum. Respect to all that go for the platinum, it's a long long long way. lol
  5. Damn this trophies are so broken for me. Never got the elementar kills, upgrade with mods & 300 healing. I play with the physical version. After my 5th Playtrough I gave up.
  6. Yes. Made a Speedrun on supernova and got all difficulty trophies.
  7. With a good team of 4 in mp and solo Speedrun on insane or extreme for credits it takes you 50 hours. (disc version)
  8. It's a beautiful game but with to many bugs. The biggest problem are the save file. You only have one and after playing some hours you can't save anymore. When the game crashes your save gets corrupted. This was an knowing issue on steam and never got patched. The only way to get the platinum for now is to play in one go with no crashes but this takes you between 15 and 20 hours.
  9. I think yes because of different choices. I check it later. Not at home. for performance I don't know. Played only 5 minutes. Need to finish cod mw first.
  10. I have the game and the trophies are very easy like cod mw.
  11. fun short easy platinum. without bugged fan trophy you can obtain the platinum in exact 3 hours. Fan trophy workaround: Beat the final boss. after that you are in the main menu. Press continue. Now you are back in the final boss area. Go to the shopkeeper until you see speak with him. Stay there and let the game running for a couple of hours. Normally the trophy pop after 3 hours or less standing in front of him. Congrats to platinum.
  12. Create a new char and after your first skill point used for a class the trophy should be unlocked. I don't get 40 blueprints trophy. I have all. Same with second char. I have no idea how to get it.
  13. Maby October 15 with the new patch or 2020. Nobody knows only devs.
  14. Nope it's exotic. Switch to purple.
  15. How you can reset the stats? All glitched for me. Can't get this trophy and blueprints. Have all lol. With other account both trophies unlock. Thx ubisoft for always online politic.