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  1. Doesn't matter.
  2. Play the first new York level only with pistol. For Handyman you need co-op and mp all classes to max. Player level 310 required. Insane. Not that hard with 4 level 30 fixer. Only Jerusalem mission 2 is really insane because the last scene with the car parts.
  3. You need to upgrade both to max. Co-op Level 180 Multy-player Level 130 MAX player Level 310 but you need way more Credits.
  4. All works fine for the moment. I post my insane runs and all info for the Handyman Trophy this weekend. 1 mission 2 go. Last Jerusalem level is really really insane
  5. You're welcome Level 2 in Tokyo on insane is so easy if you practice a little. On sunday I level up my fixer class in 4 or 5 hours to max. For me the best class in the game. With 4 level 30 fixer is insane a walk in the park.
  6. Nope. 2 Jerusalem 1 new York mission. No stress, only have 3 hours time a day. Farming credits is insane for me.
  7. I love insane difficulty. It's so brutal. You have to know everything inside out. A real challenge. 3 missions to go for the trophy. These Jerusalem levels are the hardest. Good luck
  8. This are the best 2 level to boost all classes to max level 30 in co-op as fast as possible and you earn a lot of credits to buy all perks / weapons. After that you need to play Multy-player for the 10 MP classes. I recommend King of the Hill with a good Team you earn 1500XP in 4 Minutes. You need max 130 Victory's for fully upgrade all classes. Insane mission rewards: 550 Credits / 2.5 Level up 15 minutes × 12 missions = 3 hours / 6600 credits 6 classes = 18 hours / 39600 credits Tokyo Mission 2 Insane Speedrun https://youtu.be/gpbHkK3fE7w Moscow Mission 3 Insane Speedrun https://youtu.be/9TvY-GLal5k
  9. For me it's OK to farm because I want to be faster and faster in the levels. Anyway you need to farm all classes to max level 30. 30 levels on hard = one class. 6 classes = 180 levels. And Maby you need the multi-player classes. I think they are 10. Max level 13 each. You need that to open and buy all perks in the game. Cosmetic level 1 weapons u never use except the melee shovel. After you level up your weapon to max u can buy the level 5 upgrade. You don't need to buy 2,3,4. I have all weapons on max level but you need the second level 5 version for each weapon. Stupid Damn I need to play mortal kombat and days gone but WWZ is addicting.
  10. It's a 10/10 on insane difficulty with bots. 9/10 with a good team. (Tokyo, New York & Moscow 9/10 Jerusalem 10/10) Thanks to friendly fire. All other Trophies you can earn solo. That platinum takes way to long. You need to buy every perk / level 5 weapon 1000 credits each and that's a lot with only 550 credits for finish a mission on insane difficulty. You can farm on hard for 350 credits. Easy 200 missions. 20 minutes for a mission = 70 hours with loading screens. That's only the story. I don't know if you need all the multi-player perks. That would be sick. Maby later you can buy credits with real money and you save 100 hours of farming. (pay to win in multi-player) After all that you can try finish all missions on insane. You need a good team with max perks and a lot of practice and skill. I got 5 missions so far and it was a pain to do solo. No chance with low level randoms. For all good luck with this ur platinum. Fun enough to go for it. My Insane farming method (Tokyo) https://youtu.be/mO_6Wi-lk5U For hard farming I recommend level 3 in moscow. Easy and fast level. Only one 2 minutes wave in the beginning and 5 targets at the end. The rest you can speed run. Sry for spoilers
  11. I love the game. Not that hard on insane with max weapons and class perks. sadly the game crashing always for me on insane. Needs a patch. You need more than 100 hours for platinum. All classes to max and the multi-player takes some time. You can farm the last level in chapter 4 on hard or higher for fast XP and cash. Shortest level in the game and turrets are your friend. 2 Trophys are bugged for me CAN'T FOOL ME & THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY. Recommend WWZ.
  12. 100% working guide 1. make sure you and your friend are in the main menu. 2. you make a lobby but don’t start the game and invite your friend. 3. it will say he/she has failed to join. 4. stay in that lobby you made and get your friend to host their lobby (don’t start game) it and invite and you, should be able to join them. until the patch comes out, this is a 100% working solution.
  13. They are many more in the free world and sometimes the city says 1 collectible but you can find 2. strange... Found all collectibles and no trophy
  14. Yes and all collectibles. Need only 1 from each. Seems all bugged. villa solhöjden in the south coast shows 1 collectible but nothing to find. The same with damfallet in the mountains. Just sad. Edit. Found both Now we need a patch. Some missions are also bugged and can't be finished.