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  1. Platinum takes 15-20 hours. 1 Missable Trophy: Crushed Kill an Abadon Mutant Crusher with the Phoenix You can start a new game and after the tutorial go to the wilds and kill one of the two with the car. Some trophies are bugged. You need more than 1337 goon kills, Ballons, slams etc...
  2. Got my retail copy on Friday together with rage 2. Yeah it has an stable gameplay and yes it is similar to hellblade. Beautiful game with a good not to short story and many co-op elements. Insider tip 2019. By the way i liked it more than rage 2. Rage 2 map (spoiler alert) https://imgur.com/FYpNITn https://imgur.com/5VHMZc6
  3. Only Co op
  4. Thanks to patch 1.03 the platinum will always be ultra rare. But yes, this trophy is a waste of time. lol
  5. All updated to patch 1.03. And the grind takes much longer.
  6. I know this method. Thx for posting but you need 100 missions for Madman anyway. Maby I update. We will see what the next patch brings.
  7. http://updatecrazy.com/world-war-z-update-1-03-patch-details-for-ps4-and-pc/ And the patch is live. Now everything should be fine.
  8. Try Moscow Mission 2. The first wave in the underground car park.
  9. Hehe. Yeah for 1% of us it's sadly glitched. A friend of mine needed 3 playtroughs.
  10. 100% Walktrough
  11. free dlc coming https://mobile.twitter.com/wwzthegame/status/1121111275923103744?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-1684010916329863687.ampproject.net%2F1904200955460%2Fframe.html
  12. It will be because not everybody plays all chars to max level in mp. I hope for a dlc in the next 2 weeks. Tokyo 3, New mp maps and maby a hardcore difficulty. It's very easy with 3 good other players
  13. Easy. Shoot, running away, shoot, running away, throw some molotov. Mostly the hordes are scripted
  14. Try my way. Start a offline mission on easy at new York mission 1. Use only the pistol. Don't melee or something else.