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  1. Hello fellow trophy hunters, I am needing help with the the Prestige raid on Destiny 2. 😖


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  🙂

    1. douchebro


      you'll have a better chance for a response if you create a session by clicking on 'gaming sessions' top of the page.

       good luck =]

    2. Onyx_Shi


      I have one up but haven't had much luck in the past.

      And, thank you

  2. Hey, just send me a friend requests. I have one other person so we should be able to knock out most of the trophies together
  3. Hiya! Yes they can be done in private matches and I'm also looking for a group of 3 or 4 people to get the rest of the online excluding the reaching level 60 and buying everything.
  4. Looking for a 3rd person to get two trophies from Resident Evil 6

  5. Looking for help with Resident Evil 6 on Pro the A.I. doesn't move fast enough and I can't finish the level

  6. Happy New Year's Gamers :)

  7. Looking for anew trophy hunting buddy Destiny, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6

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    2. Redgrave


      Ah okay. So I guess that means you're a bit further ahead than me? I'll send you an FR now if that's okay.

    3. Onyx_Shi
    4. Onyx_Shi
  8. Greeting miss Skyes_Hideaway, have a nice day (^_^ )

    1. Onyx_Shi


      Greetings and thank you. You too

  9. RE6 is a Horror drama/Action-adventure third-person shooter video game. The progression of the world since it's Raccoon City days have greatly changed which is why RE6, RE5 and RE4 are more action based... I have RE6 for my PlayStation 3 and I enjoy playing it and soon to be getting it on the PlayStation 4. It is very much worth the $25 #HappyGaming!
  10. Love your name :D

    1. Onyx_Shi


      Thank you! :) Likewise