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  1. Having the same problem..... 20+ resets still missing 2
  2. Just managed to beat Akumu after 7 years 😅 It felt a lot easier than what I remembered about the game and actually very friendly. All the check points are still there, a few can be used to manipulate the game state / defuse bombs for parts. If collect all keys there will be so much ammo & Green Gel to waste on anything.
  3. For people who cannot upload due to 10009 its due to save data file size. They put a stupid limit on upload size and if you have many manual saves it will exceed. To workaround is just have a auto save that has the trophies unlocked. Go to PS5 data management, delete the manual save file and then upload. (The System Data and Auto Save Data should be a few megabytes, manual can be tens) The trophies will auto-pop once the save is downloaded. Though unless you really want the auto-pop I would not recommend playing the PS4 version. PS5 version loading / FPS is so much better
  4. Agree to OP. Just focus on getting full / almost full combo in one area with lots of ememies for harder versions and survive till end and it should be S, "wasting" magnum in emergency for sustainning combo is fine. 4x combo nets around 200k score points. For Factory 2, perfect bonus is not needed. I skip all skill points in the beginning, and focus on getting 46/47 combo then go backwards to collect missed items. This will get to around 460k points in area 1, and only need to survive area 2.
  5. 34 is in biome 3 at the beginning section, If the starting jump platforms has an blue orb on one of the left platform, that should be it.
  6. I feel using Super Multi-bomb + 1 Ex Shield in Stage 10 and die right at the end of Phase 1 would be faster farming CR. It saves the transition time between Phase 1 -> 2 (and 2 -> 3), nets around 4.5k CR per run. Still its a few hours of boring grind :/
  7. One of them requires you to hold certain amount of salt. Just keep buying salt until new event
  8. easy list, ending trophy missable, just back up the save before final boss fight.
  9. Remember to upload save before final boss fight. The ending trophy won't pop until end of Ending Credits, and the game can crash before it pops. If the game happened to crash before the ending trophy pop, you'll have to start again. Difficulty will be slightly higher than Surge 2, so around 5/10. if you are into souls games, it would be lower. Enemy AI can be easily manipulated.
  10. Thinking about it again actually I would recommend to start and give it a try now to get used to the game and know what to expect. Once next league start you are more familiar and can progress much faster. The early game content doesn't matter, the goal is always get to end game as fast as possible. The platnium will require lots of time and patience. About Standard, generally quite the opposite. Standard players are very few and item prices are much higher. Think it this way, league generally lasts 2-3 months, and end of league your character gets transferred to Standard. Naturally the longer you play, the more currency you accumalte in Standard, thus driving the price up. For example, a map called Doryani's Machinarium that's required for platnium and very hard to get costs about 15ex in League, but ~30 in Standard and there are only 2 people selling atm. Also league introduces new mechanics that helps you make currency due to the mechanic appear in every single map (once its in Standard it becomes RNG). This league for example the fog thing just prints currency that finally got me enough currency to buy the end-game stuff needed for platnium. (League timeline) https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/League. This league started in 3.13, so next is probably around mid-late June (due to virus it might be delayed). For builds you want league starter in early league, and if it can do all content that's great. Otherwise just farm and build another expensive character to do all contents. ED Trickster: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2581551 (There are some gear that's impossible to find on Console, but easily replacable) Zombie Necro: (This channel have some generally good builds and guide is very clear and easy to follow) (
  11. It took me several leagues, playing Necro before it got buffed, orb of storms trickster in Legion, and finally Essensce Drain Trickster (dodge & bow version) this league carried me to all the content for the first time. Don't start now, wait until next league start. At this point game is pretty much dead you won't make money by trading in early league etc. Find a good league starter build guide that's tanky and can do all content (Don't use something that requires specific item to work, its usualy hard to get on Console). I like ED Trickster since it doesn't care about some crazy map mods in end game and farms quick, end game bosses are trickier but doable. Note the PC build guides (there is almost no console build guides) may not work for console due to key bindings / other reasons. For sanity choose something that doesn't require more than 2 skill casts to clear mobs and require lots of specific flasks to work. Due to performance/crash reasons don't crazy with summons as well. Gear will always be expensive on console due to very few players and price fixers. Trading is not a good experience but if you know what you need usually you can get it, just price is usualy 5-10x of what you would pay on PC. But the game is just play and you will make currency. Its just slower on Console. With that said, Zombie Necro (if they don't nerf it next league), ED Trickster is what I tried and know could work that gearing is not super hard.
  12. In the order of where they appear in the room. If you face the exit to the basement, mask is on its right, the strange A symbol is on its left, etc. For the conductor in the basement, listen to the music when you stand close to him, and then active N (the number of dots on the sheet) conresponding instrument that plays the same. If you hear Grand Piano, active Grand Piano etc.
  13. The first time: there is a bookshelf with books that you can interactive, and stacked in a certain way that it spells something The second time: rotate the cube and try to get 4 letters our of it There are many other possible words that triggers a dialog, but nothing else, like
  14. Its certainly not an easy plat. The last few sheets are straight forward 1/10 material not designed for playing on a DS4, and there is no way to customize the keys.
  15. Its not only order the order of the finger, but also the location of the finger. Consider there are 7 keys, for C, finger 1, 2, 3, location is X, Y and Z, then you have it