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  1. I will plat the game very soon, I only have Hyperdrive, 10m damage and Etna mode left. It took me nowhere near 100 hours, with skipping of animations and story. If you know the game and know what you're doing, plating the game isn't that bad. I can see newcommers taking over 100 hours though. Just make sure, if you're new, to read all the info. Getting a stack of Statisticans early is really helpful. Rushing through Item World to get very strong really strong is also really helpful. Make sure to get Armsmasters for fast mastery. Make sure you focus on generics so you can turn them into Majins. and so on ... Just make sure you inform yourself to not waste hours grinding nonsensical. Also the game will get much easier with patches. They - for example - increased the max. Statistican level in JP. Making sure you can get 7x XP instead of only 4x XP. Ans they increased Geo Effect animations. All stuff that will make the plat even shorter. My main issue were the crashes all the time. It crashed 8 times, several times during Item Word. It seems to be fixen in JP, but not on my EU version yet. That's also why I haven't done the Hyperdrive yet, I would hate losing to a crash
  2. Weird, for me the trophy popped right as I was doing the challenge, I didn't have to go to columns
  3. I'm not really sure what I should write down there. It is pretty much just "complete the game" and farm for stuff. There's only a few trophies you could miss while frming to get everything which are USW kills (which you can farm against the spider boss) and lettign the power plant explode and still win (just put it to the outer ring and let it get destroyed by the 3 worms-like boss who roll on the ground). In the game itself you pretty much just have to have as many 3-missiles as possible and maybe the shied and some counter missiles. you could use canons and lasers for the few enemies the rocket miss a lot of times but really the farther you are the more you can just let the game play itself if you're full of 3-missiles Thanks for the gratz an enjoy Sword City Yeah, the difficulty does spike. But if you merge 3 missiles together you usually get through anything. Also with unlimited farming possibilities you can always progress, but farming sucks. I finished the whole game without any 4star missiles, just upgraded them to build sky scrapers. With them you are totaly OP and can wn anything
  4. As you can see I plated the game and it looks like I'm the first on this list to do so. If you got any questions, feel free to ask me
  5. Mainly because you have no idea you'll hate it. As an example: I loved the first Front Missions, but the last one is horrible. I just got it for my love of the series. Why would I continue to play it?
  6. Only 2: 4 from Singstar and one from Frozen, alla round 1%. Though I have to admit, that my girlfriend helped a lot
  7. I don't care at all. If I don't like a game, I just go to the next. Why play a game you hate? Just to fill the %?