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  1. What kind of game is it? I started searching and it seems like you go straight into spoiler territory and this game is heavy on story (or so it seems). Is it a visual novel or what?
  2. Tower defence must be completed flawlessly if I remember correctly maybe that was the case.
  3. i know right? Can't they spend a little time to draw 29 nice icons? Its not that time consuming and looks really nice in the cabinet. :/ The game looks cool though definitely wanna check it out. But this icon design is just underwhelming.
  4. Smells like a lot of playthroughs plus a bunch of quest-lines that will only give a trophy with a certain outcome. Probably very easy with a guide and troublesome otherwise.
  5. Each class receives different gem rewards for the quests. You can find how to get the certain gem by checking the official wiki: Also during act6 you will complete a mandatory quest that will grant you the ability to purchase any skill gem in the game.
  6. The hardest trophy is completing the Atlas. Maps are RNG drop and some maps are pretty hard + you have limited portals to complete them. On PC its easy to do bc you have good trade and a lot of maps to get from other players. We can only have faith in playstation users to play the game and farm
  7. Pro runners make 90 lvl in 5 hours That man is delusional 90 lvl is a fking grind-fest. 100 lvl would've taken you like a month of casual dedicated play. And remember — dying costs xp. So if you are familiar with the game and have a proper build it will be around 10-12 hours. Which is not a lot by any margin but forget about 1-3 hours. 5 hours to kill Kitava — considered to be a good pace.
  8. Well you start the game not on lvl1, I don't remember exactly but it gives you a lot of skill points so you'll ultimately will have most of the core of the build shown in the video. I can try to reinstall the game and make some screenshots, but I think I might've re-spec in the endgame to focus more on projectiles rather than mechanic summons (which you'll need for 90% of the game). Plus the itemisation in this game doesn't matter at all. Just use the best stat gear that you find. Simply look at the base stats — and take the strongest attack everywhere. Because atk stat will boost the attack of you summons and its next to impossible to survive 1-2 hits from the enemies anyway.
  9. there are some arts that do more than 500 combo by default, so yeah — its almost automatic.
  10. Yeah I've beaten it. Its a proper struggle to beat on hard. First of all I recommend hitting youtube and find a strong end-game build for this game. Because without it its next to impossible to complete levels. Melee builds is trash I'd recommend either strong arcane, or strong mechanic. Personally I played with mechanic using the bots 80% of the game, later switching to tesla blast cause it has sort of broken formula with passive skills it does almost 2000% of damage. So you basically erase enemies from the existence. The downside is — its not unlock-able till the later stages of the game. This is the build I've used for reference but tweaked it a bit. Basically your goal is to deal the most damage before you are killed and respawn. So either go for summons and try to avoid focus. Or go strong arcane blasts and you will still die but deal enough damage so that it will matter. Basically it is just a really tiresome grind and sometimes if you are not careful you can lock yourself inside mobs unable to flee. Thats why I've settled with machine build as it aggros mobs.
  11. I was playing a game with a friend on his account. But I remember getting all stars on the ng+ run and it was fairly easy at least the first ones. But my memories could be blurry (
  12. I like Kassandras character more. She has a more fresh, lifeful approach and a sarcastic demeanour. Dunno she just clicks with me. Alexios really feels like just another not-good-wannabe-assassin, whereas Kass feels like a brutal killjoy with a soft-side which is interesting
  13. War Master Kill the Leader of any Region with Low Resources, other than Megaris. This trophy sounds confusing, but I'm guessing nothing is missable. Looks like a fun Creed Platinum.
  14. I can see how "bash all crates" can be annoying, other than that — a solid metroidvania style trophy list. Actually looks pretty damn decent. A huge plus for me is the exclusion of a speedrun trophy cause I generally die all the time if I'm rushed. Actually I think perma-death will be speedrun-strats dependent. There can always be a method to cheese through the game pretty fast so we'll see at the release. But my take — a great and solid trophy list that easily get you excited.
  15. I had lags and pressed O on the menu screen. It disables the inks and deletes the lags.