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  1. Quick update from me: Now that I got all the trophies from Final Fantasy XV Comrades I can concentrate on this event again. I still want to finish the Nonary Games and Cosmic Star Heroine. Not sure if I will get something for the other two numbers though.
  2. I don't think there was any new information about it since the announcement was pretty clear. Only PS4 games are given through PS+ from April 2019 onwards. If you renew your subsciption you can add all the PS4 games to your library on the webpage. When you have a PS4 someday you already have a nice collection of games.
  3. Event Summary Another event is over, another summary arrives. Event games played: Life is Strange: Episodic adventure game I enjoyed very much. The theme of time travel and butterfly effect is alway interesting for me. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games: The first two games of the Zero Escape series bundled together. 9 people try to escape and avoid death. Probably the best game of this event for me. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet: A 3rd person shooter in the Sword Art Online Universe. Not as good as the normal RPGs in my opinion. Kona: A first person exploration game with a mysterious murder. Interesting game so far. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: A Diablo like game based on the novel Dracula. Cosmic Star Heroine: A RPG in retro look. Interesting battle system which requires some tactics. Octodad: Dadliest Catch: An octopus disguised as a human needs to perform various tasks while holding up his disguise. Other games played: Journey: Just wanted to get the last missing trophy in this game. Marvel's Spider-Man: Played it to keep my trophy streak running on busy days. Mostly during the Zero Escape period. Grim Legends 3: The Dark City: A hidden object game I played for the Monthly Madness event. Stats pre event: Games played: 196 Games Completed: 96 Unearned Trophies: 2828 Completion: 59,15% Stats post event: Games played: 204 (+8) Games completed: 100 (+4) Uneraned Trophies: 2977 (+149 Completion: 58,49% (-0.66%) Trophies earned: 165 (36 from non event games)
  4. Game #7: Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Final Day) Octodad is probably the weirdest game I have played so far. You play as Octodad (Is that his name? Doesn't matter I call him that), an octopus in disguise. The game starts with you getting ready for your wedding. With a human woman! Being an octopus and all that's not as easy as it sounds. An octopus has no spine. That means you are all wobbly. You can move one of your arms with the right/left stick and grab things with . To move your "legs" you have to press for the left leg and for the right leg. While pressing of the buttons you can move the corresponding leg with the left stick. At first it's kind of difficulte to navigate but after some time it becoms more intuitive. The only difficult parts at that point are ladders. It's not easy to climb but fortunately there are only a few climbing sections. The story is nothing special. You try to hide the fact you're an octopus while doing all kinds of daily life tasks. In the different levels of the game you have to do some garden work, go shopping or visit the aquarium. During some levels a chef appears who wants to prove you are an octopus. Octodad only uses blub sounds to talk but everybody understands what he is saying. I mean that's not normal for a human. Even though I completed the game it wasn't that great. The controlls at times got clunky and one of my legs got stuck or even the whole character. I understand that it's the point of the game to have weird controlls but it was to much sometimes. Trophies are pretty easy when you know what do do except for one which took several tries to pull off. I got some during my normal playthrough and used a guide for the cleanup. Time played: Maybe 2,5 hours Trophies: 20/20 Rating:
  5. Another month comes to an end so I'll post my stats now. Platinum trophies: +24 100% completed: +7 Completion: +5.15% Lost some of my completeion because of KYC but not that much.
  6. I might give it another try. Like I said in my last post I only have a PS4 so I can't play Psychedelica but I don't mind playing VNs. I still have Hatoful Boyfriend, Psycho-Pass and a few others to play.
  7. I only have a PS4 so most of the Tales of Games aren't possible for me to play. I already completed Never Alone 2 years ago so I can't use that as well. The only game I could use from the ones you listed is Tales of Berseria but I don't know if I want to play an RPG. Tales of games take some time to finish.
  8. Game number 6 is done and it's also my 6th game for this event. It also marks my 100th completed game. 0: Assassins's Creed: Revelations (5550) 1: 2: 3: Life is Strange (3313) 4: 5: Far Cry Primal (4365) 6: Octodad: Dadliest Catch (EU) (2576) 7: Grim Legends 3: The Dark City (7607) 8: Spy Chameleon (5048) 9: I have games for #9 and #1 with The Nonary Games and Cosmic Star Heroine. I don't know what to use for #2 and #4 though. Suggestions are welcome maybe even something with snow as that is almost certain next month's theme for Monthly Madness.
  9. They still do the Formula 1 games. Maybe there will be another Grid game sometime.
  10. Thanks for the offer. @vin_rob should be able to help as well. I have to wait till the Royal Edition arrives though. Buying the game again was cheaper than buying the DLC. I got the Royal Edition for just under 20€, whereas the Comrades DLC alone would be 20€. It should arrive on Wednesday.
  11. @SyIaris How long did it take to complete the Comrades stuff in FF XV? I'm planning to start it after this event is over.
  12. Game #6: Cosmic Star Heroine (Final Day) Cosmic Star Heroine is a RPG in retro look. It is set in a futuristic world filled with a lot of robots and other automated things. You play as Alyssa L’Salle, one of the best agents of a secret organisation. During the game you meet lots of other people who will join you. Up to four can be in your party. The game starts with Alyssa being on a mission to stop the bad guys. While doing this you stop an explosion and retrieve some mysterious objects just to steal them again later from your organisation after discovering stuff. Now Alyssa is on the run, trying to save the day. The battle system in this game has some strategy involved. Each character has their own skills you can use. But each skill can only be used once. After that it gets deactivated. To use it again you have to use another abillity to recharge all deactivated skills. Besides your skills you can use an item, but again each item only once per battle. There's no way to recharge them during battles. Also they are shared between all characters. The last thing you can use are techs which are gained from the shield you have equipped. Also only usable once per battle. Your characters can also activate a hyper mode that makes your attacks stronger. Hyper mode is activated automatically when you have enough points. Each character gets one when it is their turn. You can see when hyper mode is activated so you should have your skills ready by then otherwise you would waste it. Then you have style points. You get them for using some skills. When you have enough style points and your HP reach zero you will go in negative HP called despair mode or something like that. You can still save the character by healing him but healing is reduced in that state. After that character's turn he dies if not healed beforehand. There are no random battles in this game. You can see every enemy walking in the world. Getting near them will start the battle right where you are without going into a special battle screen, just like in Chrono Trigger. Also the enemies won't respawn. Once defeated they're gone for good. If you wish however, you can do the fight again by choosing the battle in the menu. You also get exp. for those fights should you need to level up a bit. While exploring you can find treasure chests with new items, equipment or money in them. There are areas where you have to fight against enemies to get to whatever it is you are looking for and you have your save areas which are like cities. There you can talk to people, buy new stuff and even do some basic quests. These two areas take turns. There's also a kind of world map. It's basically the other maps zoomed out. At first a thought the battle system can be difficult but it's pretty easy when you get the hang of it. The equipement of your party can influence how you fight though. For example one of my party members has an equipement that allows her to target everyone in her first turn. This leads to me always using the same skill in her first turn. As soon as she gets another equipement and looses this abillity I probably will change how I use her. Now her first hyper mode is mostly useless because I don't have skills ready. But that's actually the most interesting part of the game. You have to think about changing your equipement. Sometimes the one with worse stats is still better, depending on which skills they grant. Time played: 5h Trophies: 11/34 Rating:
  13. Game #5: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Final Day) The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a game based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. You play as Van Helsing, the son of Abraham Van Helsing from the book. I know all of that only because I looked it up on wikipedia. I originally thought it had something to do with the anime Hellsing, but apparently not. I know none of the both things so it doesn't matter. Van Helsing is a Diablo like game. With that I mean that you play one character and fight against hoards of enemies at once. The view is top-down just like Diablo's. The health and mana bars are also the same. It just looks and feels like Diablo in many ways. At the start of the game you can choose one of three classes. The standard class is a hunter, which seems to be the only available class without DLC. Since this is the Extende Edition you can also choose a Thaumaturge and some kind of mechanic. I picked the thaumaturge as he's the magican class and I alway pick magic. You have a companion called Katarina who is a ghost. You can adjust her behavior so it suits you. For me she does melee attacks and normaly acts as a tank while I shoot my magic from the distance. That's why she already died a few times. When that happens she just appears again after a while. While fighting your way through the maps of the world you can get alot of loot. So much in fact, that my inventory is full pretty quick. The good thing is that you can warp back to the city anytime to sell your stuff. Enemies you killed seem to stay dead. I don't know if the respawn eventually but so far no respawns. That means it's no big deal to go back to the city to clear your inventory of all your stuff. You gain levels by killing the enemies and completing quests. With each level you can level up your stats and learn new skills or upgrade them. There are a lot of skills you can learn, active and passiv. You can only equip up to five active skills so you have to decide what to use. It seems a bit much and overwhelming at first but after you know what you want it isn't that bad anymore. Some objects in the world are portals to another dimension I guess called the Ink. These parts are mostly small ereas you have to enter for quests. One was a giant scarecrow which I had to fight once I entered the Ink. All In all I enjoyed the game up to the point I'm now. I just entered the second bigger map of the game. I never really played any Diablo but some other games like it like Path of Exile. Van Helsing feels pretty much like the other games I played of this type and I wanted to play one again, so I'm kind of glad I tried Van Helsing. I don't know when I will continue with the game because I have other games I want to play first but I might play it a bit besides the other games I want to play. Time played: Maybe 5h Trophies: 10/41 Rating:
  14. I can't say for Let's Go but normally you get an attack called Fly. It's one of the special attacks you can learn from an HM. Those attacks can be used autside of battles and Fly is used to travel to every already visited city in the game. But in Sun and Moon they removed the HMs and replaced them with other means to use them. Fly for example was changed to a Charizard you can call. I guess it's similar in Let's Go. I heard that the Let's Go games are aimed at new players, to get a feeling for the games. So I would say get one and see how you like it. If you like it enough, you can buy the new game coming 2019.
  15. I think you misrembered that. I played every generation and can't think about one in which the gym leaders told you where the next one is. But as Billy said, it's normally pretty obvious where to go next. Most times you only have one way to go