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  1. Which of your completed games do you want to use for your skip? All the possible themes for the year are already set. You can look them up in the main post. The only way it could happen is during the last random month, where every participant can suggest a theme for the month. Thanks for clarification. I never finished the game when I played it on the PS2.
  2. My game for this month is Blue Reflection. It's set entirely at a hight school so definitly hardcore. Hardcore Started this month Next month's theme will be "We Remember Them" "War, war never changes!" Or was it "War has changed!" No matter which one fits war means death. For this month we need games in which a war is going on. A World War, a Civil War or any other war counts. Examples: I actually can't think of any that wouldn't count for the hardcore. No matter which slogan of the above counts for you we have to fight in our wars. Any game that has you fight as a soldier or assailant in a war counts for the hardcore theme. Examples: Most CoD and Battlefield games, Skyrim, Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops Here are the reminder for those without a game for this month @AmarisSkye, @Ampplaca, @Ashuri-B, @Gesyca, @Hunter226037, @MargulisValda, @MeanEdge89, @PermaFox, @Sanevin, @scarishbal, @starcrunch061, @The_Raltos, @vin_rob, @WDB_Chaotic, @ZachGM91 And with three months without a game: @Fitzquaid @Uchiha_Snake__ I'm not sure which of the trophies from Persona 4 Golden is for beating the story. From your trophy list is looks like there still is some stuff to do.
  3. I got three games done this month. Actually one game and two DLC cleanups. The first was the newest DLC for Human Fall flat. It got released early this month or late last month and I think this game will show up for more several times more in this event as they still aren't done releasing DLC for it. With the addittion of that DLC my completion time now is at 1 year and 1 month. 100% currently is at 1.19% The second game was Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist which can be deleted from the Worked on section now. Only one trophy was left but that was for winning every duel challenge which means winning around 100 duels against good decks. Fartuantely I could use an Exodia deck with a lot of forbidden cards that made it much easier. Completed in 4 years and 9 months with a rarity of 7.21% The last game was One Piece: World Seeker where I had to still finish the three DLC. Each DLC took around 5 hours to complete including the grind for all the skillpoints you need. Completion time is at 7 months 5 days with a 100 rarity of 4.81% May 2020: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist (First Trophy: 31.07.2015/4 years, 9 months), Human Fall Flat Thermal DLC (First Trophy: 17.03.2019/1 year, 1 month), One Piece: World Seeker DLC (First Trophy: 28.09.2019/7 months, 5 days)
  4. As long as you have more than one trophy left besides the platinum trophy it counts for a monthly rank.
  5. That's at least a rank. Better than nothing. As long as you post here you won't get moved. It's only for people who don't post anything for three months.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Which of those two games do you want to use with your skip? I added them for April onwards but forgot to add them to the main post until May. I added that challenge for you. I would count The Sims for both "s" and "t". The "the" can be used or not however the person wants. I'm always going with the Playstation lists. If there are two then it counts as two games. Despite that I can't remember there being a school in AC 3.
  7. @SyIaris A few I would recommend are Dark Cloud, Detroid: Become Human, Darksiders, God of War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Q.U.B.E., Stories: The Path of Destinies, The Unfinished Swan and Valiant Heart. All of those are great games, some take longer to beat some are quite fast.
  8. @Psy-Tychist I wouldn't say FIFA counts for this. The skill games are not what the theme is about. There should be a kind of school somewhere in the game. Soccer training isn't a school for me. Also not sure about Bloodborn and Fallout 3 since I haven't played those games. The other are fine though. @WDB_Chaotic I started Blue Reflection for this month. It's a bit like the Persona games but faster to complete.
  9. I just added this and another challenge starting for April and forgot to add them to the main post, so no problem. I'll add it the next time I update.
  10. Next month's theme will be "School Life" Remember the time when we all went to school? That's how this will be A normal school, a driving school or even a music school. As long as its purpose is to teach you something it counts Examples: GTA 5, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 For the hardcore theme your school of choice has to be an essential part of the game. It can be the main setting or be an important part of the story. Examples: Persona 5 Royal, Danganronpa, Bully/Canem Canis Edit And here are the reminder for those of you without a game for April: @AmarisSkye, @Ampplaca, @brejdak93, @Briste, @Fitzquaid, @Gesyca, @Hunter226037, @MargulisValda, @PermaFox, @Psy-Tychist, @Sanevin, @scarishbal, @vin_rob, @WDB_Chaotic, @XX_FTW, @ZachGM91
  11. If you can proof that you did everything that is required for a platinum on a sony console you can use the Switch games for this event. Sorry that I added you that late. Welcome on board. I added your completion for March You get a silver rank for that but no challenges. Those need at least a gold rank to count. My games for this month are Okami HD 10 year old game Another event (What the hell is that still doing there) Hardcore (A forest, cities, shores...) First trophy over a year ago Guacamelee 2 Another event (Bingo Bonaza) Hardcore (City, Hell like area) Complete all DLC
  12. My game for this month is Okami HD. I started it when it first released on PS4 but never got very far. Back then I played around 5 hours and finished it after 55 hours. It was great game that feels just like a Zelda game amd has lots to do. April 2020: Okami HD (First Trophy: 19.12.2017/2 years, 3 months) The current platinum rarity is at 14.23%
  13. Since I haven't played Persona 5 yet I can't really judge if it is open world.I know Persona 4 thought and if it is like that it would count. For Asdivine Hearts: If you would say it has an open world than it counts. For me that wouldm include exploring freely and being able to get back to older areas for example.
  14. I only know the first two Uncharted games and those creatures count for the theme. Since you said yourselfe U3 wouldn't count I didn'T count it but you still got your 4 games challenge done. Since you haven't completed any game this year I removed you completely. If you like to join again later this year you have to post your new starting stats. Here are the reminder for those of you who haven't posted a game for March yet: @Ampplaca, @DoctorDrPepper, @Fitzquaid, @MeanEdge89, @Rafi_004, @Sanevin, @ZachGM91 And the reminder for the inactive people: @BlackSquirrell1, @DreamingSnoozles, @Together_Comic, @Violino, @XX_FTW I'll give you a few days to post before removing you Last but not least I added two new challenges you can complete. The first is: Complete a game that was released during the last 6 month. This one is for those who can complete a new game. Whe have something for the backlog games so it is nice to have the opposite as well. The second one is: Complete a game that starts with the first letter of your PSN name. I know that this one can be difficult for some people because of theire names but it is even more impressive if those people complete this challenge.
  15. Next month's theme will be "Around the World and back again" Exploring to your hearts conten is the key for this month. Any game with an open world is what we are looking for. Examples: GTA 3, Judgment, Marvels Spider-Man Seeing always the same can get boring after some time. Any game whos open world has at least two different areas counts for the hardcore requirement. Examples: Okami HD, Dark Souls, Kingdom of Amalur. I'll update everything this weekend but I wanted to get the new theme announced. You can start to earn your ranks for April.