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  1. The EU version of Neptunia ReVerse needs to be added to the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.
  2. You have to upgrade one weapon in each slot like the description says. So one pistol, one melee, one rifle and so on.
  3. I can't belive I just now saw this event. I'm in again and have some games I might play for the event.
  4. I'm again missing two reviews so here they are, Game #5: Star Ocean: First Departure R First Departure R is the remake of the first Star Ocean game originally released on the SNES. Before this version there also was First Departure without the R for the PSP. Also the First Departure versions changed some things compared to the SNES version like city layouts. The game starts in a small town whose name I forgott if it had any. Roddick, the character you play, is a member of the town patrol unit. Together with the other two members you protect the town but nothing really happens ever until to the day the game starts. Some bandits attack the town and you fight them off. The next day you have a meeting with the leader of your unit, an older man, and learn about a mysterious disease that turns people into stone that appeared in a neighbour town. Naturally you want to go investigate but are stopped by the father of one of the other members who is going himselfe. A few days pass and he still isn't back so your friend wants to go after her father alone. In the end all three of you go. Arriving in the neighbour town and finding her father you learn that he got infected and is turning in stone soon. There supposedly is a herb that can heal every disease on Mt. Metorx so you head that way to get the herb. On the summit you find that herb but get interrupted by two people that teleported right infront of them. They both are from the Terran Allience and tell Roddick and his crew taht the disease was brought to the plant by an alien race that collects the stone turned people. All of them then return to their ship and try to find a cure. Did I mention that one of your friend got infected as well. It'a a diseas that transfers by a single touch. Later we learn that the only cure is a long dead creature. That sucks obviously. The only way to get that cure is to find this creature and to only way to do this is to go back in time what they do. The battle system is active but in a seperate battle screen. You can walk freely in battle and attack. I don't know if you can block or not yet. So far I havn't found a way. Your allies act on their own but you can play as them as well if you want. With and you can use a special attack. In the first battle I didn't know that I can move so I was just standing around and watch the others do everything. That's where one of the most annoying parts of the game comes in play. Not only does the game not tell you how to fight, it doesn't tell you anything. You don't have a questlog or any other hint what to do. At the beginning for example You progress after entering a house after talking to the right person. That leads to you running around towns several times to find the next trigger for the next story part. I already was out of the town and on my way to other locations on the world map before deciding to go back. Then I entered a house again and the story continued. I know that you didn't have quest logs in SNES game but the could have added something in the remaster. Time played: Around 2-3 hours Trophies: 2/37 Rating: Game #6: Onrush Onrush is a racing game unlike other "normal" racing games. It's kind of a hybrid between racing and demolition derby. The games has 4 different kind of races and I'm going to describe all of them briefly a bit later. But first comes the overall gameplay. During the races you have differnt goals depending on the type of the race. You always play in a team against another team. If playing alone they all are bots but you can play in multiplayer. Then you have grey cars called cannonfodder that are destroyed easy and refill your boost. You can use your boost by pressing and that's what you should do most of the time. Boosting across the map whil destroying the cannonfodder to refill your boost. Boosting also fills up your your rush meter. With rush at 100% you can activate it which gives a boost to your speed and depending on your car a buff. It also is easier to destoy the other team's cars during a rush. That being said you have 8 cars to choose from but most events limit you to a few cars. Destroying enemies or jumping over ramps also refills your boost. The first is Overdrive: In this mode you have to earn points by using boost and rush as much as possible. I'm not quite sure if destroying enemies also gives you points or not but it could be. The second is Countdown: In this mode you both teams have a time running down. You have to refill it by driving through checkpoints which you also can miss. The team whose time reaches 0 looses. The third is Lockdown: In this mode a zone is appearing and going around the map and you have to conquer it by driving in the zone. You need mor people of your team in the zone than the other team has and stay in the zone for 5 second to conquer it. The last one is Switch: In this mode you start with motorbikes. After you get destroyed you switch to the next class of cars. You have three switches which act as lives. After you reach the last class of cars you can't switch anymore but can still respawn after being destroyed. You goal is to deplete all the switches from the oppenents. And thats basically all there is. There is a story mode that leads you from event to event and tells a bit how this "sport" was created and how it developped. You can customize your cars with skins as well as your character and your crashtag but in singleplayer there is no real point to do so. Surprisingly I enjoyed the game a lot. During the races you have some additional task to do like destroying a specific amount of cars and getting everything done is starting to get harde now after completing three events out of five or six. Time played: The game says around 3 hours but I think it should be more Trophies: 18/33 Rating: Start of event stats Games played: 287 Completed games: 168 Unearned trophies: 3730 Completion %: 64.17% End of event stats Games played: 293 Completed games: 169 Unearned trophies: 3873 Completion %: 63.29% I played and completed Assassin's Creed Liberation during this event so that's the one completed game. I lost 0.88% and got 143 new unearned trophies, so it wasn't too bad. I got 57 new trophies in March which is more than the previous months.
  5. I'm one review behind so I'll post both together in this post. Game #3: Crysis Remastered A remaster of the 2007 released game Crysis. Back then it already had amazing graphics that were quite demanding on your computer's resources. Since I haven't played the original I can't really compare the graphics to the remaster but I can say that it looks very good. The game starts with you and your team being in a plane travelling to the island your mission is on. You are part of a 5 head team of special US forces and your goal is to rescue a team of archaeologists held hostag by the north koreans. Over the island you jump of the plane and land on a beach that was not the planned landing point. Since everyone landed somewhere else you make your way to your meeting point. Soon you find one of your teammembers and shortly after another one dead. It seems that he was killed by some kind of weird creature. Since you have a special nano suite whenever someone dies he has to be desintegrated so the north koreans won't get their hands on that suite. Later on you find the ship of the archaeologists in the middle of the forest. A weird place for a ship. Also some more traces of that creature from earlier. In the end you learn about the location of one of the archaeologists and make your way to the school ro rescue her. That's the story so far. The game is a third person shooter with stealth elements that are quite important. You have different weapons to choose from like guns, machine guns or snipers that can be adjusted with a silencer or a visor for example. You have a main objective and from time to time get a side objective you can do. The game is level based but the levels are open so you can attempt your mission how you want. The combat is a typical shooter but in my opinion you take a lot of damage so a full front assault leads to a quick death. That's were your nano suite comes in play. One of the most important feature is the abillity to turn invisible. Being silent is the better option in my opinion in this game that's why I mostly walk around invisible. While invisible your energy depletes depending on how you move. Walking normall depletes it the fastest, crouching a bit slower and crawling the slowest. Shooting completly depletes your energy so you get visible again. After a short time the energy refills as well as your health should you loose some. In case of being spotted you can reinforce your defense which also need energy but is important to get in cover to survive. You can drive with some vehicles in the game, some with turrets. Shooting trees and some other things will destroy them so the world is kind of destructable. At first I didn't really enjoy the game because of the easy deaths but after using the stealth more I started to enjoy the game more. It wasn't quite what I expected the game to be though. Time played: Around 3,5 hours Trophies: 5/41 Rating: Game #4: Slay the Spire Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding rogue-like game and one of the best rogue-likes I played. For me only The Binding of Isaac is better. You can play with four different characters from which only one is available at the beginning. After finishin a run (win or loose) you unlock the next one but you need to win a run to unlock the last character. So far I unlocked the original three (the fourth is a new one added by an update). I'm currently in my third run in total with the third character. Each character uses a unique set of cards that have a different focus on playstyle. The first character called Ironclad uses red cards focused on dealing a lot of damage with each card. The second one called The Silent uses green cards focused on generating energy to use a lot of card each turn with lower damage than then Ironclad's card. The third one, The Defect, uses blue cards focused on generating orbs. Each run starts in act 1. You can choose your way on a kind of map. You can see the path you can take and what will await you with symbols. Once in a battle you use your cards to defeat your enemies. You always see what the enemy will do in their turn so you can plan ahead. Your enemy wants to attack? Play block cards so you can block all the damage. None of the enemies wants to attack next turn? Use all your energy to attack without worrying about geting damaged. Always depending on the cards you have on hand. Each turn you draw five cards. Each card uses between 0-3 energy to use and you start with three each turn. Some cards use x energy which uses all your remaining energy. Besids attacks and blocks you can play power cards to give you an effect for the rest of the fight like getting 2 block at the start of each turn or letting you keep one card at the end of your turn. At the end of your turn all your remaining hand cards are put on the used card pile which will be reshuffeled once your redraw pile is empty. Some get exhausted which means they are out for this fight and won't be reshuffeled. After the fight you get some money and a new card for you deck. You can choose one of three or just skipp if you don't want the cards. Which card you can get is random. Then you have potions you can use during combat and relics that give a passive effect. Relic are very varied like giving one more energy but removing the ability to heal in exchange or doubling the damage of every 10th attack you play. Besides the fights you have event rooms, shops or tresure rooms. At the end of each act you fight against a boss. After winning you start in the next act fully healed. In my second run with The Silent I reached the boss of the third act where I finally died. Due to a relic I had my max health halved which could be the reason why I lost in the end. According to the wiki there are four acts so I nearly won my second run of the game. Time played: Around 5 hours Trophies: 5/46 Rating:
  6. Game #2: Typoman: Revised Typoman is a puzzle platformer with focus on words. You can see the main character on the image above. He is made out of different letters and you start only as the head. In the first few minutes of the game you assamble your body and learn about the power of words. Throughout the game letters are lying around the world you can put together to words. The game is 2D so you have to pull/push the letter together. You also can grab and carry them. Some words you can make have special powers that help you advance in the level. To open a gate for example you can use the words 'raise', 'rise' or 'arise' and probybly more if you have the letters you need. That being said the game puts more focus on the puzzles than the platforming part. Later you can make the word 'lie' which creates a little creature that can change words into their opposites. Sometimes an evil creature tries to stop you by creating other monsters to kill you but those part didn't happen to often until now. There is a story in this game but it's not really important. I think it's about an evil monster and you have to stop it or something like that. The game is quite linear with some hidden areas with quotes (the collectables in the game) that tell something about the current area or give hints about the puzzles. So far I found all of the quotes. Time played: Around 3h Trophies: 8/21 Rating:
  7. Game #1: Farming Simulator 19 Let me start my review with saying that choosing this game for an event like this probably wasn't the best choice. What I mean is time. It's a complex simulation that reqiuires time to learn and since I hadn't that much time the last week I only touched the surface of the game. I started with the tutorials which you can select from the main menu before starting the real game. There are a total of 6 tutorials the teach you the basics of farming. You learn how to cultivate land, how to fertilize, sow seed and reap your crops. Also have to put lime on your fields and why plus how to get rid of weed. The last tutorial is about planting trees and cutting them. One aspect of the game has no tutorial and that is all the animal stuff. You can get cows, sheep and chicken to breed and get stuff. That's only explained in game in the menu together with a lot of other stuff. After completing the tutorial you can start your new life as a farmer. You can select one of two maps to play on and once the game has loaded you can take a short tour to learn the map a bit. You start with some basic machines and a small part of land with a total of four fields on it. From there it basicaly is an open world where you can do whatever you want. The main goal is to make profit. So you start by working on your fields. On the map you can see the status of every field on the map. It shows if it needs cultivation, if it is fertilized or if the crops are growing and so on. Depending on the status of your fields you start with the appropriate task. If you don't want to do it yourselfe you can hire AI helpers to do it for you while you do anything else. For that you have to place the right machine on the field or start the task for the first few meters and then press a button. Just make sure that there are no obstacles or else they will stop untill the obstacle is cleared. It's not for free thought. You're losing money while an AI is working. Then you have contracts you can take for other virtuel farmers to work on their fields. Those works are the same as for your own fields, so cultivate, fertilize ore reap crops. Sometimes you need to deliver something for them. For those contracts you can take your own machines or rent them if you don't have the required nachine. And there are a lot of machines. Let's take fertilizing as an example. You have different fertilizers like liquid ones or solid ones. Each need a special machine to use. The machine for the liquid on has different types as well with different ranges, costs and what ever you need. For the beginning you probably should just take the cheapest of anything you have to buy. Also your machines are going to break with time and you need a tractor for everything to pull plus a weight for some machines on the front of your tractor. Some machines only work with a specific tractor and so on. I don't know how many tractora and machines there are but I would say it over 100. There are like 10 trailers alone to carry all sorts of things. Back to the contracts. Renting the stuff you need will cost some of the money you earn for the job but it's not that much. It's more expensive to buy new equipment if you don't have it already. As with your own fields you can let AI helpers do the job. There are many more things like the aformentioned animals I haven't tried yet or some kind of market for crops with fluctuating prices which requires you ro decide what to plant. Also you can buy and sell land to get more fields and probably create new fields. At least I think I saw an option to turn on/off for something to restrict on existing fields. By the way, you can turn of some aspects of the game like the requirement for lime or digging over your fields. Last but not least you can play in multiplayer where you can create up to eight farms where the players can join. Time played: Around 3h Trophies: 4/24 Rating:
  8. @Gretchen27 Danganronpa became one of my favourite games after I played the first one. I hope you have fun playing/reading it. You can look forward to an interesting story and characters. I probably should continue Danganronpa 3 soon.
  9. Here are my starting stats: Games played: 287 Completed games: 168 Unearned trophies: 3730 Completion %: 64.17%
  10. I'm going to join again. After several KYC events I left out I think it's time for another one. This round I'm going with 6 games and 6 different genres. My games are: 1st-5th: Farming Simulator 19 (simulation) 6th-10th: Typoman: Revised (platformer) 11th-15th: Crysis Remastered (shooter) 16th-20th: Slay the Spire (rogue-like) 21st-25th: Star Ocean First Departure R (RPG) 26th-30th: Onrush (racing)
  11. Hey everyone, I was pretty inactive the last month so sorry for that. I'll update the thread in the comming days with all the end stats where I will take what I see at the time of the update if you haven't posted your stats before. For next year I'll make a break with this event. For me it was the first time hosting an event and such a huge one as well. Should somebody wish to continue this event feel free to do so. I might return in the second half of the year for a 'lite' version of this event. Thanks to all the participants of this event. Without you it wouldn't have been that great or even possible. Have a great new year everyone and a lot of good games.
  12. Next month's theme will be "Trust your Technolust" What does that weird looking thing do? It looks very futuristic. Any game that features futuristic technology counts for next month. Examples: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Assassin's Creed series (Animus) For the hardcore theme your game needs a cyberpunk setting in addition to the future technology. Examples: Cyberpunk 2077, Deus Ex series, Transistor. Here are the reminder for those without a game for November: @Briste, @Gesyca, @Hunter226444, @Metal Slime King, @SyIaris, @Together_Comic, @vin_rob, @WDB_Chaotic, @ZachGM91 And here the reminder for those without a game for three months: @AmarisSkye, @Hisuiryu666, @MeanEdge89, @The_Raltos Last but not least, some info for the future. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to continue next year with this event. Finding themes for this year was already difficult without repeating too many previous themes. In addition I feel a little burned out after my 4th? year of participating and 2nd year running this. I think I'll decide until the 15th if I continue or not. If somebody wants to continue next year in case I won't feel free to message me. I still can help with some things like updating or finding themes.
  13. It's not what the theme asked for. The game doesn't mention the player so I used your skip for that. November's theme will be "It can't end like thst..." Reaching the end of a game is always an accomplishment. For some games it isn't enought to have only one ending but several alternate ones. Any game that has more than one ending counts for this month. Examples: Erica, Persona 4, Saint's Row: The Third. Not all endings are happy endings. Sometimes bad things happen to the protagonist. For the hardcore theme the protagonist has to die in at least one of the endings. Examples: Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dragon Age Origins Here are the reminder for those without a game for October: @AmarisSkye, @Hisuiryu666, @MeanEdge89, @The_Raltos, @vin_rob, @WDB_Chaotic And the people with three months in a row: @Rello-Evante I finally had time to update to the new month's theme.
  14. I worked on Tearaway Unfolded last month but wasn't that motivated to play it after a few days. I don't know when I'll finish my next backlog game especially with other event that require specific games like Gaming by Numbers in the last few month.
  15. Not when you use a skip. I'll use a skip as well. I continued with Tearaway Unfolded but didn't finish it. What I finished, however, was Saint's Row The Third: Remastered. Everybody is updated and sorry for the long wait. I had a very bussy month which will continue next month as well. The theme rollover will be made tomorrow but you already can start to earn your ranks for November. The theme is the multiple ending one.