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  1. To give you a bit more information on Terraria I'm going to compare it to Minecraft and Stardew Valley. First Stardew Valley is a completly different type of game. At least I wouldn't compare them and I played Terraria for 175h. Stardew Valley is like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory which I also wouldn't compare to Terraria. It's more comparable to Minecraft but still very different. It already was said that Terraria is a 2D game which is the first big difference. Second Terraria focuses more on advancing whereas Minecraft is more for the creative people. I never really build fancy stuff in Terraria but in Minecraft it's the biggest part of gameplay. You have 4 directions in Terraria: left, right, up, down. There's more or less a specific order you should visit the different bioms/locations as some are just to hard before beating the previous boss and getting things you need from him to upgrade your gear. Some are even impossible. The bosses also have an order you should defeat them in. One activates hardmode which unlocks tons of new stuff and makes everything much harder. I would see Terraria more as an adventure game with minor RPG elements (upgrading armor/weapons/items) compared to Minecraft's sandbox/survival/building gameplay. Also Terrarias world is limited whereas Minecraft is nearly infinite Last but not least: I played Terraria on the 360 and it was awful. The most annoying part of the console version are the controlls. It's a game best played with a mouse. The same with Minecraft. The console versions are far inferior to the PC version in my opinion. Maybe that helps you a bit more.
  2. It's sort of missable but not missable. You just have to wait some time before you can get the trophy. So to be exact, he didn't lie in the first roadmap part. I guess not everyone want's to complete a game the fastest way possible, so the may don't mind waiting a few days to get the trophy. But like I said, I small hint would be nice for people who don't look at the individual trophies of a guide but only at the roadmap part. Or for people who want to complete a game the fastest way possible.
  3. I see no false information on the guide. I haven't played the game but the trophy you posted dosen't seem to be missable, only time consuming if you ignore the strange gravitational phenomena during your normal play. But I agree that a small note could be helpfull in this case.
  4. Fortnite supports cross-play between PC, XBOne, Switch and mobile. Everything except for PS4. Bethesda wants to have cross-play in Elder Scrolls Legends, their new card game. The might not releas it on consoles that won't allow cross-play. That's the second time someone put pressure on Sony to allow it.
  5. I recently started to play Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist again. I only need one more trophy for the the 100% but it's the most time consuming. I need to win every Duelist Challenge, which isn't that easy for some opponents. If anyone knows Yu-Gi-Oh I'm using a Gimmick Puppet deck as I like them very much.
  6. Now that I got the plat in AC Brotherhood I can tackle the game for this month. The tank mission is still one of the worst in the AC games. I decided to play Yonder instead of Digimon this month because of how long it took to complete Brotherhood.
  7. I finally finished my first game from my pyramid. I got the plat for AC Brotherhood. I know again why I hated the tank mission.
  8. In Germany we have 3 2-day holidays. At Easter, at Whitsun/Pentecost (never heard of these english words) and on Christmas. There we have the 25th and 26th plus normaly only have a day on the 24th.
  9. It should count. In the pictures you can see that you can plant crops.
  10. I know that Banjo belongs to Microsoft now. But it's also a Rare charcter as is King K. Rool. So maybe they can get him as well.
  11. With King K. Rool being announced I now hope for Banjo as a playable character. And Professor Layton and/or Phoenix Wright. We need more game series in Smash.
  12. Like I said for Amazon it's nothing to lose a few $. I once got an empty DS case sold by a shop through Amazon. I contacted them and got a replacement from them without having to send the case back. They won't/can't risk geting a negative review and losing customers because of it. I know that Amazon can give you a temporary ban if you exploit your rights with sending back things. I guess it depends on the amount you order how lenient they are.
  13. Normally Amazon will just send a replacement. My preorder of AC Origins didn't arrive so I send them a message and got a replacement without problems. For them it's cheaper to just send it again. In many cases you can even keep things you want a replacement for. I read that Amazon destroys many of it's returns. Especially when you are a Prime member. They don't want to risk losing a customer. But still, it sucks when such things happen.
  14. I normaly vote for the theme I would like to play and often enough it ends up winning. Also I don't want to look at the results before voting, so I vote early.
  15. I thought about Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth as it is also part of my Backlog Pyramide. I still have a Harvest Moon game I could play. With over 400 games in my backlog I have a game for almost every theme there could come. No problem about the theme. The vote decided and I take whatever is winning. The majority has decided even though it was very close this time. But I also wanted to use AC Revelations this month so I can deinstall the Ezio Collection, that has to wait now. Funny that you found this game as an example. I actually played it for 0,7 hours according to Steam. I thought where have I seen that game before after clicking on the link.