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  1. I finished one game for this month with Far Cry Primal. You aren't required to stealth but it helps as it normaly is easier that way. There's also a trophy for killing 25 people with takedown which can only be done if you are stealthy, but not sure about the hardcore with this game. But what I'm sure about is that it counts for the another event challenge. It's part of three current events plus an old Kill Your Completion. The events are: Backlog Pyramid, What the Hell is that still doing there and Gaming by Numbers. Now I hope to complete Assassin's Creed Revelations this month as my second game for the theme.
  2. Another game done from my pyramid. This time it's Far Cry Primal. Only one game left from the bottom row, namely South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and that will be next game I play for this event.
  3. I also got my first game for the event done. 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Far Cry Primal (4365) 6: 7: 8: 9:
  4. I just finished Far Cry Primal and got the platinum + 100% in game completion. It didn't really feel like a Far Cry game but it still was fun. But it takes a bit long to get all the skill points. It took 6 months, 2 weeks and 1 day to complete it. October 2018: Far Cry Primal (First trophy: 30.03.2018)
  5. I would be interested in taking over the event if there should be enough interest for another year. Maybe you can add a poll the next month to see how many would like to continue.
  6. @eigen-space Just to be clear: I can use games that only have one trophy left before the platinum or, in case of a 100% game, only one single trophy. If so I might finally go for the last trophy in Alienation.
  7. They will release the Augmented Edition on the 16th October with all the DLC.
  8. No problem. I actually tried to make the "Braid" black but that didn't work that well. Nice that you figured out a way to make it more visible.
  9. I made one for you. It's not perfect but it should be enough. I took episode 2 from Monkey Island as it is the first one you listed. Edit: Ok, you can't see the picture for Braid as it's only the word written in white. It's there when you right click on the image and select view image.
  10. Just a heads up. The online features of Sound Shapes aren't available from the 15th October. It's not clear if the cross save feature is affected by that so you should do all the sound shapes versions as soon as possible if you wanted to use the cross save.
  11. Since we have a boosting section in this thread I might as well ask if somebody in here wants to do the latest Rocket League DLC with me. I need a club member to do the trophies.
  12. Since the month is already over, I'll post my stats now. Platinum trophies: +19 100% completed: +4 Completion: +4.60%
  13. It's time for me to finally cross a game off my backlog again. I finished Sword Art Online: Lost Song with a time of 1 year, 10 months, 6 days. It was a bit grindy at the end but still fun to play. I still have every other SAO game to play but I think I will take a break from SAO for now. Here's the line to copy/past for you September 2018: Sword Art Online: Lost Song (First Trophy: 19.06.2016)
  14. I finished my game for this month yesterday with Sword Art Online: Lost Song. It counts for the following challenges: Hardcore: You already start at level 100 but I'm now at level 550 so it should be enough to count Over a year: It took me a total of 1 year, 10 months and 6 days to complete it. Part of another event: Actually it is part of two other events. First it counts towards the "What the hell is that still doing there" event and it was part of a "Kill your Completion" event but I don't know which one exactly anymore. Because of this event: That game would have been in my backlog much longer probably.
  15. I guess I'm in as well. No clue which games I will be playing though. I'll see what I get with the games I play and only later decide on numbers.