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  1. I haven't played the Remaster yet so no clue how neccessary more items are. Having only 4 in the SNES version made it a bit more challenging. For grinding reasons it is helpfull to have more recovery items but I think I will play with 4 when I finally start this game.
  2. @ladynadiad The original version only allowed 4 of each item, not 9. In my opinion an option to raise the item limit is a bad decision.
  3. Game #3: Color Guardian (Days 3-6) It has been a few days since my last update here so let's get started. Though it isn't required to get diamond stars on each level nor is completing the bonus levels I'm still doing it. So far I got 100% for the first three worlds out of five. That means diamond stars on all 10 regular plus the 3 secret levels and collecting every Toki. As I played the first secret level of the first world I noticed that the are much harder than the regular ones. You need better reflexes to collect every orb, you must change the color/lane more often and do more difficult stuff as a whole. Nothing you can't do with a bit of practice. Each level has a few checkpoints which help a lot. You don't need to complete a level in one go to get the diamond stars. If you die after you reached a checkpoint, you can just continue from it. As in most games of this type there are more difficult levels, or even parts in a level, than other. Each world introduced a new mechanic you use. At first you only had your occasionall mushroom to jump, later jellies were introduced to throw you back. In world two were some vents to push you up and windchoppers which let you glide throught the air. World three gave minecart which change the lane by changing to the corresponding color and world four has colored, moving platforms you needt to have the right color for. Then you have some blockades like flowers, gates or goblins you can only get past with the right color. The game has two difficulty settings. I'm playing on normal but you can set it to pro for harder levels. I haven't tried pro mode yet as I want to finish the game on normal first. Maybe I can try it during the event and report on it later. I have a blast playing this game. Althought not rewuired for the platinum, finishing every level with diamond stars is a great feeling. I hope I can do it till the end. Some levels take much longer though. Everytime I replay the levels to collect the Tokis I get throught without problems whereas it takes several minutes to finish the level the first time. That means it's much harder to get three stars than just to finish a level. It encourages you to play just one more level or try a level just once more. After several tries you suddenly have completed the world. After playing it I'm glad I got this game from PS+ as I never would have bought it. If you like somewhat challenging games and got it from PS+ you should try this game. Time played: No clue. 4-5 hours maybe. Come on Sony, put a playtime tracker in your next system update. Tophies: 35/46 Rating: On another note: I got the for Rime today. Replaying every level for the collectable was a bit boring but I would still advise to play without a guide first.
  4. Game #3: Color Guardians (Day 1+2) Color Guardians is a game I would never have played if not for PS+. It's normally not what I would buy. Still I'm glad I have the opportunity to play it as I have a lof of fun with it so far. This game is basically a runner type game. The game has several world with ten levels per world plus a boss level. All you do is running automatically from left to right and switching lanes to avoid obstacles and collect colored orbs. The first level is a tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. There are different colored orbs scatterd throughout each level you have to collect. There are red, blue, yellow and multicolor orbs. To collect an orb you must be the same color as it. You switch between the colors by pressing for yellow, for red and for blue. After completing a level you earn a rating of one to three stars. For three stars you need to colect every orb in the level. Then you can also earn three diamond stars. For that you need to collect the orbs the perfect way. You do that by pressing one of the three buttons mentioned above right befor getting the orb. By pressing the button you spin around which you can do all the time to make it easier to collect the orbs the perfect way. The levels start pretty easy with little to no danger in it. In the later levels you get introduced to new mechanics like mushrooms that let you jump or jellies which will send you a lon way backwards or forwards. Did I mention that you can't controll the speed you're running with or the direction? After defeating the boss of a world you unlock the abillity to find little creatures called Tokis in each level of that world. They are hard to miss and shouldn't be difficult to get, at least in the first world. When you find all Tokis in a world you unlock bonus levels. I havn't tried them yet so I don't knwo how hard the are compared to the normal levels. There's also a story in this game. Some evil guy stole all the color from the world and you, as a Color Guardian, have to bring it back. I know it's not a good story but you don't need one for this game anyway. So far I completed the first world with all diamond stars except for the bonus levels. Althought it is not neccessary to get diamond stars in each level I'll try to get them all. The levels are pretty short so far with only lasting somewhat between 2-5 minutes. This game is perfect to play a few levels if you don't have much time. I'm playing the PS4 version but you can also play on the Vita on the go. The short levels make this a perfect game for the Vita for short trips to work or somewhere else. I don't have a Vita but I guess there is cross save available too. Time played: ~ 2h Trophies: 17/46
  5. @Lorajet I found that but wouldn't count it. I guess Abbey and SyIaris have to decide on that.
  6. Are you sure Rime won an award for his graphics? I can't find anything about any award it has won.
  7. In the newer Pokemon games you can activate an item called Exp. Share which will give every Pokemon in your team experience. In previous games only one Pokemon could hold the Exp. Share to gain experience without fighting. Game #2: Agents of Mayhem (Day 6) A bit late but I was too tired yesterday to write something, so here we go now. I guess Voodoo covered most of the important things about the game. The missions feel kind of repetetive after a while. The main and agent missions are, at least the ones I played so far, pretty similar. You need to drive somewhere only to kill some Legion guys. After that you drive somewhere else and kill some more Legion guys. Sometimes you have to chase a car and destroy it with your own car. You can use an EMP or ramm the cars with your boost to destroy them. The ramming works better for me as the EMP takes a few shots. The side "missions" you can do are more like little activities. I'm not sure if they are unlimited or not. There seem to be some which could spawn randomly and some fixed ones. The bigger problem by these activities is reaching the place they are. The ones I did were on roofs sometimes where I had to find a way up. I'm pretty sure I didn't use the intended way. On the Ark, your base, you can unlock several stations depending on your Mayhem rank. I unlocked an upgrade shop which lets you buy helpfull things like upgrades for your scanner to locate the shards and chests or to gain more exp. In another shop you can buy special one time use abilities or unlock new cars buy collecting blueprints you can get randomly through missions and chests. The latest thing I unlocked is something called Global Conflic (I believe). It's basically a waiting game. You can send your spare agents on missions and have to wait a given time before the mission is completed. The missions are set all over the world and you need to "complete" all of them to unlock the last one. Like I said you can't do anything on these. Choose your agent you want to send on the mission and wait. You can halve the time by choosing an agents from the region the mission takes place. All in all I liked what I played. You can see that it has some things from the Saint's Row series which isn't bad. Still it adds some new stuff. Combining old and new makes a decent game despite the critics. The only downside is the repetitivness of the missions. If you want to play a game from Volition ty Saint's Row first. Time played: ~ 5h Trophies: 17/50 Rating:
  8. I don't know if you completed the game yet but you can use chapter select after finishing the story once. There you can see what you missed in each chapter. That should help if you aren't sure where you missed collectables.
  9. A normal censor screen wouldn't fit to South Park in my opinion.
  10. There are these two: The first is for the Australian version, the second for the European. The text depends on the sceen you would play.
  11. Game #2: Agents of Mayhem (Day 1+2) Agents of Mayhem is the latest game from Volition, the developpers of the Saint's Row series. Given that you have some similarities to Saint's Row, namely the over the top action. This game is supposed to play in the same universe as Saint's Row. At the end of Gat out of Hell you can choose between 5 or 6 endings uppon one this game builds up, making the corresponding ending more or less canon. Knowing all this and being a fan of the Saint's Row games since Saint's Row 3 I wanted to have the game. Months have passed since the release and the game was sitting untouched till now. The game starts with a cartoon style cutsceen introducing us to the game. The later cusceens are held in the same cartoon style which I like. You play several agents from an organisation called M.A.Y.H.E.M (Multinational Agency Hunting Evil Masterminds) and try to stop L.E.G.I.O.N (the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations) , the other organisation, from doing evil things. The game is set in a futuristic version of Seoul where you need to find and foil the plans of Dr. Babylon, the leader of Ministry of Pride, a part of L.E.G.I.O.N. As you play you drive/walk/jump through the city while collecting stuff and destroying other stuff. There are several little activities to do beneath the main story. These things only take a few minutes or even just seconds to complete. The main missions are bigger and take more time to complete. Then you have character unlock missions and character specific mission. You play with three characters as a team with one being active and the other two can be switched in. Each character has a different weapon. The starting trio has a shotgun, laser pistols and a machine gun, each character one. You can equip special skills which will help your character by performing a special, powerfull attack. Then you have your mayhem skill which is even stronger and can only be activated once the mayhem gauge is full. Each character plays different, which is very good. There are a total of 13 characters you can play. The shotgun guy for example has the abillity to pull enemies infront of him so he can shot them. The first new character I unlocked uses a bow as a weapon, thus feeling a bit different from the other three so far. The longer you load your shot, the more damage you do. So far I like what I played despite the average critics of the game. But then I don't really care for critics anyways. It's better to decide for yourselve how good ar bad a game is. Time played: ~ 3h Trophies: 11/50
  12. It won an award in " Excellence in Visual Art" at the Independant Games Festival 2016, so yes it should count.
  13. We only have one theme per month after the vote is over. So I thought with minor theme you ment the hardcore one. My bad for the confusion.
  14. If a game was only nominated for an award it won't count for the hardcore requirement. It clearly says the game must have won an award and not the game must have been nominated for an award.
  15. Game #1: Rime (Day 6) I finished one playthrough during my six days with this game. There's not much I can add to my previous updates. I played the game without a guide, I not even used a collectable guide for my initial playthrough and I would advise anyone to do so. In my opinion you can find most things by your own even though I missed some collactables. For the remaining things you have to get you can use chapter selection after finishing the game once. Even if you had to replay the entire game it wouldn't tke that long to do. Rime is a pretty straightforward game. Explore your surroundings and you should find the solution for the puzzle at hand without much trouble. Story wise I don't want to write anything specific about the ending. I just repeat what I said in my last review. It's about the 5 phases of mourning and it might not be as it seems. There were a few things I didn't like about the game. The first thing is before the game even starts. You can't skip the developper logos which is kind of annoying as it takes some time to show everything. One other thing is the initial load time. Every time you start a new chapter it needs some time to load. I know that're only minor problems but I noticed them as negativ. All in all I liked the game and would recommend it to everyone who likes adventures, especially if you got it for free with PS+. I want to finish the remaining trophies for this game, mainly for the Monthly Madness event, so this game won't lower my completion in the end. I'll give this game a Time played: No clue. I loose track when a game has no playtime shown. Maybe around 5h. Trophies: 12/32