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  1. Got a game for September done. I decided to play King's Quest for the Gaming by Numbers event and finished it completely. I only got one trophy when I played it the first time. The 100% sits at 2.23% right now. September 2019: King's Quest (First Trophy: 30.11.2017/1 year, 9 months)
  2. I would count the POWGI games as a series. That's what the rules say about episodic games: Episodic titles without a platinum trophy will be treated specially: - Silver: Awarded for finishing every episode on your profile. - Gold: Awarded for 100% completing every episode on your profile. - Platinum: Awarded for 100% completing every episode of the title. Broken Sword for Vita seems to be two lists for one game. That means you can get a rank by completing both lists. Completing any of the two list would grant you a rank.
  3. From what I saw I would say it is isometric.
  4. I finished my last game for this event yesterday with Tembo the Badass Elephant 5940: Kona 8081: Donut County 6792: Assassin's Creed Origins 3693: The Fall (EU) 3834: Grow Home 3725: King's Quest (PS4) 3616: Tembo the Badass Elephant 6987: Jak II (PS4) 4718: Zero Time Dilemma 6009: Blackwood Crossing (EU) With that I earned my full badge a little earlier than last time. Thanks for hosting another fun event @eigen-space. It made me play some good games I wouldn't have touched anytime soon without the event.
  5. You can use a game you got a rank for again in a later month for a or rank. I did it once myselfe last year.
  6. @Briste I counted Leisure Suit Larry for you so you got your 4 games challenge.
  7. September's theme will be "Long in the Tooth" Some games are so good that they get another game to continue the story. Every game that is part of a series (at least 2 games released) counts for this month, including any spin-off. Examples: Unravel, Life is Strange, Destroy all Humans, Minecraft: Story Mode Some games are even better and already have at least 3 other games as part of their series making a total of 4 games. Examples: Danganronpa, FIFA, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts You still have 24h to complete any remaining games for August. Here are the reminder for those without a game for August: @AmarisSkye, @Ampplaca, @Caju_94, @Champ147, @dizzyshadow, @DoctorDrPepper, @Hunter226037, @Violino, @WDB_Chaotic
  8. I didn't look at the things you played. I thought ladynadiad checked when suggesting it. In that case I suggest Limbo. It seems you haven't finished that game and it doesn't take to long to just finish it.
  9. I counted both games for you plus Frogger. @Obscure_Ale Welcom abord. That are all the stats I need.
  10. @Gesyca I can second What Remains of Edith Finch. One of the best Walking Sims I played and very fast to complete.
  11. It's time to post my game for August. I got a lot of games done but only one that counts for this month. Jak II 10 years old game (October 2003) Different Event (Gaming by Numbers, Bingo Bonaza) Hardcore (Daxter is an ottsel, a hybrid between otter and weasel Started this month
  12. I guess Riverbond could count. The game only needs the possibility to have a companion. I also would count Skyrim even though you can play the whole game without a companion on your side but there's at least the possibility. So if you like to add it let me know. Only living things count. I guess the cactus doesn't talk back or moves on his own. LEGO games are part of their respective series. LEGO itselfe isn't a valid series for this. LEGO Batman would be part of the Batman series but I wouldn't really count LEGO DC Super-Villains as part of the Batman series rather as a single game. The same for Spider-Man. Every Spider-Man game is part of the Spider-Man series but there is no Marvel series for example. Tales from the Borderlands also would count as part of the Borderlands series to give another example. The skips are for months in which you don't complete a game that fits the theme for that month. In that case you can use any other game you completed in that month as a substitut. If you run out of skips and don't complete a game that fits the theme you just keep your rank for that month but you are still in the event. After not posting a game for three month in a row you are moved to the inactive section untill you post again. That's a though case. On the one hand I would count AIs as companions but on the other hand the AI is in a phone which is an object. Fortunately I still have time to decide. Have fun playing Life is Strange. That was a great game with a great story.
  13. I think you signed up at the end of last year. After three months without a game for you I moved you to inactive and at some point I removed everyone from the inactive section without a single game. Based on that I'll readd you. The Lucky Loosers round was a month where all of the loosing themes of the previous four months were up for vote again. The theme for May was "Game of the Year" and I can't find a GotY award for Arcania. You could use a skip though. For July The Witcher would count since the game only needs some parts inside and you can at least enter houses. The theme for April was "Too good to be forgotten" which means any remaster/remake of a game would count. Again you could use a skip but keep in mind that you only have two skips total.
  14. At least I can't remember a Telltale game where you are alone the whole time. In TWD you always are with a group, Tales from the Borderlands has two playable characters who meet each other, also either of the two has their own companion, Mincraft also has sombody at your site. The only ones I'm not sure anymore are the Batman games especially the first. So if you think you can finish a Telltale game in 3 days you can still get the theme done.