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  1. It wouldn't make any sense to change it anyway. And thanks.
  2. You have to keep a few things in mind for this module. First the seriel number. There is a difference wether there is a vovel or not. Second: The amount of the strikes. You have to press other colours depending on the number of strikes you have. Let's say you have 0 strikes and no vovel. You tell that to your expert so they know which table to look at. Then you just need to say which light flashes so your expert can say you which light you have to press. I only played on PC but I guess there's the same manuel on PS4
  3. For the second question: No, it's from 2010. Only games from 2005 or earlier count for the retro challenge. But now that you mentioned the retro challenge I got reminded about something I wanted to suggest. What do you think about changing the retro challenge a bit. Instead of saying 2005 is the mark, why not take 10 years. What that means is that every game from 2008 would count. We could also take the month of the release into account, effectively raising the amount of games eligable for that challenge every month. @SyIaris @eigen-space @RizzleAbbey12
  4. I would say it's better to have someone as backup to run this event. I can imagine this event being a lot of work to keep updated. So if you don't have the time to do it alone, you should choose somebody to assist you. I also would offer my help with this event.
  5. Seems to be the case. Now it says it's F2P later this year. So the Founders Pack is for people who can't/don't want to wait for the free version. In my opinion that's ok. If you really want to play the game now why not pay for it? By the way, it's 30€ in Germany. Normaly the just take the $ price and put an € behind. I'm thinking about buying Saturday Morning RPG. Any thought about the game? Is it worth for about 7€?
  6. At the end of the description of Paladins it say it will be free to play at a later time. What you can buy is the founders pack, which allows you to start playing immediatly plus unlocking all Champions and some cosmetic stuff. I guess you can download the F2P version tomorrow when the games releases.
  7. I don't kow how it was done previously, I just said what I think about it. I have no problem with it being counted but it's not what the rules say.
  8. I finished Abzu today which fits the theme. It's only a gold trophy though. You dive through the ocean, swimming with different sea animals and solving easy puzzles. No hardcore as the whole game is about swimming, but a star for the because of this event challange. Also I started Song of the Deep and Oceanhorn for this month. @Kent In the part you quoted it sais "if it is used for a time sensitive event like Platinum Rain Day". In my opinion personal goals like a milestone shouldn't count for that.
  9. I checked the review again and it's because of the dangerous environment. It seems that not only the normal enemies are a danger but also everything else, They say it's a combination of a fantasy RPG and Survival Horror. Not sure how accurate that is though.
  10. Has anyone already tried Smoke and Sacrifice? I just read a small review describing it as Zelda + The Last of Us, but I'm not sure wether to buy it or not.
  11. I still buy games at full price day one or near release but I prefere physical. Mainly because downloading takes pretty long on consoles for me. I normally only have a download speed of 2 MB/s. Also I often buy games on a whimp when browsing Amazon or looking throught the shelfs in stores. Mostly that are the games I don't really am interessted in. So there's no problem for me buying them late after release. Normaly there is no install for physical games, except for the patches. There are exceptions though like L.A. Noire if I'm not mistaken. That's because the developer/publisher only bought the 16GB card instead of the 32GB one because of the lower costs.
  12. That's the problem. Digital games should be cheaper due to no manufacturing costs but the price always stays the same, even after many years. For example GTA 5 is still 69.99€ digital but I can get it for 22.99€ physical on Amazon. If there's no sale in the digital shops of the consoles it mostly cheaper to wait a few months and get the physical version of a game. I also read that Switch physical game are that expensive because of the hight costs for the cards. But again you can get them cheaper a few months later. I paid 47.99€ for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 only about half a year later. Thats 12€ less than the digital version.
  13. I finished the first part of Batman Arkham Knight with completing all of the story DLCs. I don't know if I will continue working on that game or concentrating on Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  14. After completing Ratchet & Clank early this month I tried to finish Horizon: Zero Dawn which I haven't finished. The only other game I got the plat for this month was Dark Arcana: The Carnival which doesn't fit the theme. So here are my end of the month stats Platinum trophies: +13 100% completed: +2 Completion: +4,82%
  15. Inazuma Eleven is a RPG about a school soccer club available on the DS and 3DS, You have your normal RPG stuff to do while building your team to win a tournament/save the world. Apparently everything is done through soccer in that world. That's why I compared it with Golf Story.