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  1. Game #9: Ether One Ether One is a walking sim with some extra stuff to do. You work for the Ether Institute of Telepathic Medicine as a restorer. Your job is to enter the minds of people diagnosed with dementia. Your current patient is Jean Thompson, a 69 year old woman. After entering her mind you can explore a town called Pinwheel and its surroundings like the mine and the insustrial area. Your main goal is to collect the lost memory fragments represented by red bows scattered throughout the area. There are 8 of them in each area. After finding all of them you can enter the core memory where you have to take some pictures. Rinse and repeat for all the other areas of Pinwheel and you are done. Besides the red bows you can find broken projectors lying on the ground. Those can be repaired by completing three "puzzles" normally located near the projector. One of those projectors included completing a letter by filling out what to order and the amount, bringing the letter to the post office and returning the order to the house. Another one had you complete an ore transportation. After repairing the projector you can view a short audio log about past treatments of Jean. I think the projectors are completly optional for the story completion but not for the trophies. Throughout the world you find some letters or other notes that tell you what happened in the past. That's almost all you learn about the story. The only other info you get is through some monologue from your instructor who allways tells you how important it is that you're doing a good job in this case. I heard that the game has some bugs and crashes often. In all the time I played so far I didn't encounter any bugs or crashes. All in all I enjoyed the game so far and completed 2 areas out of 4. The first was Pinwheel harbour, after that I went to the Industrials. The harbour was a light compact area whereas the Industrials was darker and more mazelike. Time played: Around 5h 30min Trophies: 4/13 Rating: I still need to write a review for my last game what I'll do tomorrow.
  2. Next month's theme will be "Even" Have you ever seen the ID number in the URL of a game on this site? If the last digit of that number is even, the game counts for this month. Examples: Deponia, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (EU), Beholder Complete Edition To make it more interesting the majority of the digits need to be even, including the last one. Examples: Human Fall Flat, Max the Curse of Broherhood, One Piece: World Seeker For the sake of this event, 0 counts as even. As always you have another 24h to complete any remaining games for November. Here are the reminder for those without a game for November: @Ampplaca, @ArtikSkarab, @Ashuri-B, @AvengedEvil, @Briste, @Caju_94, @Chris1-1sirhC, @Dinkus83, @Hunter226037, @Kevvik, @Kingpin16444, @Lojtana, @NetEntity, @Obscure_Ale, @WDB_Chaotic, @ZachGM91 And the three months in a row without a game: @CSmit180 The last thing this time is a request. Since the majority is for another year of Monthly Madness I need new themes for next year. That being the fourth year, it's becoming more difficulte to find interesting themes we haven't used already. That's where you come in play. Everybody who has any ideas for themes can send them to me. Either in this thread or per PM. I'd prefere a PM though because in here it could get lost. Using the same structure like this year I need at least 16 different themes. Depending on how many I'll come up with and how many you'll send me I might add 3 suggestions per month next year.
  3. Game #8: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 I played a lot of LEGO games so far including the first LEGO Marvel Superheroes. Each LEGO game consist of the same elements. There is a set amount of story levels with a lot to collect. At first you only have a few characters to use in the level before unlocking free play for that level. To get everything there is you have to replay each level in free play which allows you to use any character you want. The things to collect are character tokens to unlock new ones, a lot of studs (basically the money in LEGO games) to reach the True believer status and 10 minikits. What exactly the collectables are depends on the LEGO game. In LEGO Harry Potter for example you need to collect 4 house crests and get the True Wizzard status. Between the story levels you can explore the hub world. There you can collect even more stuff. In this game you have many small hub areas like Manhatten, Wakanda or Asgard. In the hubs you can play as any unlocked character to collect all the stuff. Each character has their own skills to solve the different puzzles that hide all the collectables. A nice thing is that each character has a litte bio you can read to learn a bit about that character and the first appearance in comics. I think I spent 30 minutes to read all the characters I unlocked so far which was quite interesting especially for the characters I didn't know yet. There are over 270 characters to collect I guess, but not quite sure right now. Story wise it's about Kang who mixed all the worlds together. But before that, the Guardians of the Galaxy were after Kang who landed on earth. Now the Guardians and the Avangers and probably many more superheroes try to stop Kang and his companions by following them to the different locations. Since I'm not that far yet I can't really tell any more about the story. I'm not sure what Kang's plan is and how it will play out. But the story isn't the main part of a LEGO game. It's more about the collectables and how to get them all, at least for me. Since I like Marvel more than DC and I also played both other LEGO Marvel games and got 100% in them, I'm looking forward to continue the game. So far it's just ok but that might change later during the game. At least you start with different characters than in the other games plus Spider-Man. He was in all three right at the beginning which is great because he's one of my favorites. Time played: Around 3h Trophies: 4/76 (4/46 from the base game) Rating: so far.
  4. Game #7: Punch Line This is the weirdest game I played for any of the KYC events so far. That's probably because it is from the guy who made the Zero Escape series. At its core it is a VN with some parts where you have to do stuff. The gameplay part consists of playing tricks on people to scare them or to get them to do what you want. The story is about a boy and starts during a bus hijacking. After some time a girl comes to the rescue but seems to have problems winning. You then transform (kind of) after seeing panties (yes, you read correctly) and throw yourself and the hijacker out the window into a sea. Back on the shore you see panities again and pass out. After waking up again you discover that you are a ghost. A ghost cat is also there who tells you what happened. It seems your body was stolen by somebody and you have to get it back. Unfortunately your room is protected with seals so you can't enter. To get inside you have to find a special book. As an astral being you can't interact with anything or anybody but you can play tricks. That's how you can lead the characters to do the things you need to be done. During the trick parts of the game you can visit the differents rooms of the house you're at and interact with some items to knock them over or move them. If the person sees your tricks you gain points that will raise you spirit power. I'm not sure what that exactly does but you need a higher spirit level to do things. Then there are the trick chain sections where you have to prepare before starting the chain. One trick will start the chain but it will end if not all preparations are done. During the trick sections the girls are in theire rooms where you move around. You have several possitions in each room you can switch with and . In one position you will see panties. As long as panties are visible the camera will be drawn towards them. Also an exitement bar is rising. If it reaches it's maximum you have to resatart. If it happens again afterwards the world will go extinct because you will pass out if you see panties twice. I'm not sure why the world will go extinct if you pass out but who cares. Time played: Around 2h Trophies: 12/50 Rating:
  5. Game #6: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel A bit late but it was a busy week so far with no time to write the review. Trails of Cold Steel is the latest sub series in the "The Legend of Heroes" series. I haven't played any of the other Legend of Heroes game so this is a first for me. However I played the demo for Trails of Cold Steel 3. The game starts right in action. You are part of a group whos mission is to stop a cannon from being fired. Nothing is explained to you and you are supposed to know what to do. That's especially difficult in the battles as you can do a lot of different stuff that have a lot of different effects. Again, nothing is explained. At the end of that section of the game you have to fight a boss. You also don't know who any of the characters is. This section is the only thing I didn't like. I want to know what I can do. After you're done the game jumps back 5 months and starts to introduce you to it's mechanics. You play as Rean Schwarzer, a new student of the Thor Military Academy. You're on the way to the academy by train. After ariving at the train station of the town the academy is in you meet a girl with the same uniform as yours. Most students wear green uniforms but you have a red one. During the entrance ceremony you get to know why your uniform and the ones of eight other students are red. You nine form a new class called Class VII. That's the sixth class after I II III IV and V and the first year this class exist. Right after the entrance ceremony you are treated to an orienteering exercise in an old school building. There you get your ARCUS, a device that let's you use Orbments. Through those Ormbents you can cast magic. It also functions as a communicator. The group splits up and you stay behind with Eliot and Gaius. You three then start to explore the dungeon your in to find the exit. It's in this dungeon where you learn how the battles work, but more on the battle system later. During this dungeon all of Class VII's members get introduced. At the end you fight another boss before finally exiting the dungeon. The game then skips roughly two weeks. Back in class you have to answer a question. Answering correctly will give you APs which will rais your rank. That means you should familiarise with the history of the land and other stuff that might get asked in class, a bit like in the Persona series. The next day start your free day where you can do what you want. That's where I am right now. I have three quest of which two are required to advance the story. In battles you fight with up to four members. On the left side you have a timeline that shows you whos turn is next. In your turn you can either just attack, use magic, called Arts or use Crafts. Attacks are free, Arts use EP and Crafts use CP. CP are gainedby attacking or being attacked. Attacks, Arts and Crafts have a range. Some hit all enemies in a line, some hit in an area and some only hit a single enemy. To allign your attacks you can move in your turn but that ends your turn. Then you can use items, which also ends your turn. That are the things I can do right now. Other things you can do that I saw during the first part of the game are link attacks, but I don't know how they work exactly. Then there are S-Crafts which seem to be a special attack you can use once. Time played: 5:45h Trophies: 2/51 Rating:
  6. Game #5: The Swapper The Swapper is best described as a puzzle platformer with the focus on the puzzle part. The game is set in a space station hovering above a planet. You are one of the last person left on that station. The story is mostly told through logs you find throughout the game. The station you are on has the objective to collect material found at this distant location. They found some mysterious rocks, which are a kind of creature called the Watchers. Those rocks comunicate through telepathy. Their minds seem to be connected by a giant Watcher shaped like a head. Throughtout the game you will find some of those Watchers and can "hear" their thoughts. I won't spoil the end of the story, even though it's not the main aspect of the game. More important in such games is the gameplay. The person you controll has some kind of gadget which lets you creata clones of yourselfe. You can create up to 4 clones so that there are a total of 5 yous on screen. All of those clones are controlled at the same time. When you touch one of them they disappear and are a part of you again. The second main mechanic is that you can take controll of each clone. Storywise it's transfering your soul to another body. With those two mechanics you have to solve puzzles to get cores/power cells, which you need to progress through the station. To make the puzzles more complicated you have two restriction. There's a blue light and a red light in those puzzle rooms. Blue means you can''t creat a clone at that position and through red light you can't swap. Sometimes the light is purple which combines both restrictions. The goal in each room is to get to the core with the clone you're controlling. Later on in the game you can reverse gravity at some places by walking in white glittering stuff. The game isn't that long. Depending on your puzzle solving abillities you can finish the game in 1-2 hours. However you won't get a trophy that way. All trophies are tied to hidden collectables, which are just more logs. Basically you can finish the game without getting a single trophy. You also can get every trophy without finishing the game. I used a guide to know in which rooms the trophies are and I recommend it. I just looked a pictures so I still had to figure out how to get there. For me the game was nothing special. Most puzzles are managable with some thinking but I had to look up some of the later ones. The story is ok I guess. Nobody expects a great story from a puzzle game but it helped to set the mood. Time played: 2-3 hours Trophies: 10/10 Rating:
  7. Mutants and cyborgs sound good to me.
  8. Sign me up. Let's see how many games I can complete of the ones I planned. United States Thanksgiving (November 28th): Not sure what I could use for this. Might find something before the end of the event. Black Friday (November 29th): LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. You have to spend milions of studs to unlock every character in LEGO games. Saint Lucia's Day (December 13th): Gravity Rush Remastered. Kat is a 17 year old girl according to the wiki, which should be young enough. Las Posadas (December 16th - December 24th): Ether One. It's a walking simulator, should have you walking a lot. Winter Solstice (December 21st): Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit. Set during the winter, has a lot of snow and it's very cold. Hanukkah (December 22nd - December 30th): The Little Acre. This game seems to be light hearted so it should count. Christmas (December 25th): God of War 3. It's the only one that comes to mind that I own. Kwanzaa (December 26th - January 1st): Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Boxing Day (December 26th): Judgment. I guess you fight a lot using kicks but you also use fists. New Year's Day (January 1st): Any game that I might play for another event.
  9. Game #4: Deponia I watched a Let's Play of this game when it first released, so it isn't really a new game for me but I forgot most of the stuff so it feels new. Deponia was developed by Daedalic and got three sequels where the 4th game was made because the people didn't like the end of the 3rd. Deponia is a point and click adventure game. You play as Rufus, a man living in Kuvaq on the planet Deponia. Rufus wants to leave Deponia and go to Elysium. The first thing you do in the game is to prepare everything for your depature. Therefor you collect a lot of items, combine them in your inventory and use them on various object lying around the world. After getting everything done you are ready to leave once and for all. You just need to adjust your canon to hit a ship from the Organnon. Of yourse everything works and Rufus reaches Elysium, not! At least you are on bord of the ship but only to cause a girl from Elysium to fall off and getting caught to also fall off again. Back on Deponia you collect many more things while trying to wake up Goal, the elysian girl. Therefor you need to brew an espresso. After doing that Goal wakes up just to punch Rufus in the face before falling unconscious again. And thats where I am right now. Gameplay is like all Point and Click adventures. On the PS4 you can walk using the left stick but I mostly just use the curser to sellect what I want and press to get there. This being a PC game originally I had some problems with the controls. The curser selects whatever is nearest to Rufus, which leads to selecting the wrong things sometimes. To progress the story you have to solve puzzles to get the items you need. Therefor you have to figure out which items in your inventory can be used on the various objects in the world. Then you have to talk to the different people in Kuvaq to get information or new items to use. At some points you have to play a minigame. Time played: I don't know. maybe 2-3 hours. Trophies: 5/19 Rating:
  10. Aliens for sure but a spaceship isn't enought. It has to be a living being (or dead in case of zombies or ghosts, I guess)
  11. Game #3: Judgment Judgment was developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku who developed the Yakuza series since Yakuza 5 and was part of CS1 R&D. CS1 R&D was split and Ryi Ga Gotoku was born and made the Yakuza games since then. Why am I telling you that you ask? Because Judgment is a spin off of the Yakuza series. You play as Takayuki Yagami, an ex-lawyer, who now is a detective. That's because he won a case in court a few years ago. His defendant, for whom he got a not guilty verdict, murdered his wife and burnt down her house the day after the process. That led him to give up his job. The game is set in Kamurochi, the same city as in the Yakuza game. It starts with a murder case the defense asks you to help investigate in. A Yakuza suppossedly killed a man from another Yakuza clan and was arrested. Your job includes investigating different clues, talking to people and running through the city a lot. At important places you enter investigation mode, a first person mode where you have to find something like a surveilance camera. In each of those sceens is a cat you can find. You have to find all of them during the main case for a trophy. Fortunately you have unlimited time to search. At one point I had to enter a hideout of a Yakuza clan. Therefore I had to use a disguise as a mechanic after demolishing the heater of the building. Other things to do during your investigations includ picking looks, using the right key for a door, using your drone to find something, chasing after people and fighting off enemies. During fights you can switch between two styles. One is a bit faster and better against a group of enemies, the other is slower but hits harder. You can pick up almost anything to use in fights lying around. There are normal weapons like bats but also bikes and traffic cones. With those objects you can perform an EX attack that does more damage than normal attacks but you need your EX gauge filled. Besides the main case you can do a few things in the city. First you can go eat in one of the many restaurants. That also refills your health. Then you can play various minigames I haven't tried yet except for two. One was an arcade machine and the other was a crane game where you can win things to decorate your office. There are many people around tow you can befriend by doing stuff for them. That's the stuff I can do but there are some more things like getting girlfriends and drone races. There also should be side cases somewhere in the game but I don't know how I get them yet. Having only played a bit of Yakuza 0 before this was basically my first time playing a "Yakuza" game. The gameplay is similar to Yakuza 0 as well as the things you can do. It being a detective game is a plus because I like those game. Investigating is pretty simple with what you have to do but the fights might get difficult, especially on higher difficulties. You have to spend skill points to upgrade your character and learn new attacks or things that help during the general game. All in all I like the game. The story seems to be interesting. So far I only completed chapter 1 which took around 5 hours. I don't know if every chapter takes that long or if some are shorter. One thing that bothers me a bit is that you are running through town a lot. You have to run from location to location with some fights in between during your travells. Since you only can walk very slow or run, you always are running which leads you to bumb in every pedestrian what slows you down. At least you don't have to push the button the whole time. It's enought to press it once. Time played: 5h 30min Trophies: 2/47 Rating:
  12. Are there just different types of spirit animals like a cat and a dog or are there any other supernatural creatures like a ghost for example besides the spirit animals. Should there only be different types of animals it wouldn't count for the hardcore theme since you need at least two different creatures. My game for this month is my first entry for the KYC event. I didn't know there where supernatural creatures in that game so it was a pleasant surprise for me. The Order: 1886 Different event: KYC and Bingo Bonaza Hardcore: There are Lycans, basically a werewolf and vampires. Started this month
  13. I got an unexpected game for this month. Human Fall Flat released another level with new trophies a few days ago. November 2019: Human Fall Flat Ice DLC (First trophy: 17.03.19/7 months, 3 weeks) The 100% for Human Fall Flat is at 0.36% right now but it might get higher by the end of the month.
  14. Game #2: Beholder Complete Edition The complete edition of Beholder includes the DLC which I haven't tried, so I can't say anything about the DLC. The main game however puts you in the shoes of a new houskeeper for an apartment complex after the previous one wasn't able to fullfil his duties. The game is set in the 90s in a totalitarian state where the government want to know everything about everybody. Your job as the housekeeper is to monitor your tenants and report them to the authority if necessary. You get new regulations from time to time which prohibit certain items like storing apples for example. So far I got quests from the authorities to monitor certain tenants and writing reports about them if the do any illega things or have prohibited items. The tenants also have quest for you, most have a time limit in which you have to complete them. Most quests so far required me to find certain items for somebody but there are also some other types of quests. To get items you can go to the merchant who arrives once every day and buy them if they are in stock or you can steal them from your tenants. For that you can enter their flats and search their belongings which also helps to discover new hobbies or prohibited things. You can even plant something prohibited in their flat to blackmail them or to write a report to get them arrested. To see what the people do in their flats you can buy cameras for reputation points you get from completing quest and install them in their flats. Therefor you have to wait till nobody is home so you can enter. If the come back while you are in a flat you are thrown out. The gameplay mainly consists of you walking around the house and talking to the people to learn new things about them while always monitoring what they are doing. I don't know if the main quests lead you through a story or not but it seems like it. So far I had to get one tenant arrested and am now working on getting the next one out. Since this time he hasn't done anything forbidden you have to find a way like planting something in his flat. If a flat is empty you can repair it and get new poeple in. Even thought you do the same all the time you always have something to do. So far there were plenty quests you have to complete with a time limit so you are always looking for something. I enjoyed what I played so far even though I haven't played much. It gets more stressfull the more people live in the house and the more quest you have running. If there is a story it can get interesting to see what you have to do or if it always is the same. Monitor a tenant, find something forbidden about them and get them out any way possible. Time played: Around 3h Trophies: 4/49 Rating:
  15. You need the BBCode link to show images.
  16. Game #1: The Order: 1886 The Order: 1886 is a third person shooter set in victorian London during the year 1886. You play as Sir Galahad who is a member of an old Order of Knights that fights against half breeds, humans with bestial traits. There's also a group of rebels fighting against the government which you also try to stop. Each member of the Order has a vial filled with blackwater that heals every wound. That's why all the members live a very long life. Since the game is meant to be a story driven experince I won't say more regarding the story. Gameplay wise it's like most third person shooter. During the shootings you have to kill all the enemies with your weapons. You can carry two different weapons, one being a pistol and the other being a heavy weapon like a maschine gun or shotgun. There are also some science weapons you get during some chapters like one that shoots thermite you can incinerate or one that shoots electricity. In between the shooting sections you walk throught different enviroments where you can find some collectibles and have to do other things. It's like the Uncharted games actually which was the inspiration for this game. At some points are QTEs where you either have to press a button once or repeadetly. The game is split into chapter and I reach chapter 11 so far, which should be near the end of the game. Some chapters are pretty short and mainly consist of cut sceens with little gameplay. I'm going to finish the game because I want to know how it ends. What I played so far was very interesting and good. I like shooter like this one more than the ones you head from one gunfight to the next. Time played: Maybe 6-7 hours Trophies: 10/22 Rating:
  17. I had to invert the image for Life is Strange because otherwise it would look like this: October - That takes some time
  18. It seems I forgot to add the 4th star for the month because I first added the challenges for the 4th game for you. I'll fix that later today when I update the post.
  19. That part is exactly for games like the one you mentioned. Games with different trophy lists for each episode can grant you a rank for completing all of the episode, what you did. You could also just complete 4 of the 5 episodes without adding the last to your profile to get a rank. I forgot to mention the 24h you normally have to complete any remaining games this time. It's up to you if you want to use The Outer Worlds for October or November.
  20. Here are my stats before the event: Games played: 247 Games completed: 138 Unearned Trophies: 3136 Trophies earned: 5550 Completion %: 63.33%
  21. November's theme will be "Supernatural" Zombies are after you to eat your brains. But is that even possible? This month for sure. Every game that has some form of supernatural being counts for this month. Examples: The Walking Dead, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Vampyr The zombie is riding on a dragon? That's even crazier than just a zombie. For the hardcore theme there have to be at least two different supernatural being. Examples: Minecraft, The Witcher 3, Dark Souls Here are the reminder for those without a game for October: @Ampplaca, @AvengedEvil, @Caju_94, @CSmit180, @Dinkus83, @Gesyca, @Hunter226037, @Kingpin16444, @Lojtana, @Metal Slime King, @NetEntity, @Obscure_Ale, @Psy-Tychist, @WDB_Chaotic, Also the reminder for those of you without a game for three months in a row: @AmarisSkye, @Champ147, @Violino And last but not least: I'll add a poll this time to see how many people would like to continue next year. Should there be enough people who'd like to go another year I would do that.
  22. I'm back for this round of KYC with the following games: 01.11.-03.11.: The Order 1886 04.11.-06.11.: Beholder Complete Edition 07.11.-09.11.: Judgement 10.11.-12.11.: Deponia 13.11.-15.11.: The Swapper 16.11.-18.11.: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 19.11.-21.11.: Punchline 22.11.-24.11.: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 25.11.-27.11.: Ether One 28.11.-30.11.: Q.U.E.B. Directors Cut
  23. My game for this month is One Piece: World Seeker which also is my 100th . It took me 29h to get the plat and I could get it over the 30 with the DLC but I'm waiting for the last one before playing (and buying) them. Different Event: Bingo Bonanza
  24. If you complete all the DLC for a game and that brings you over the 30h it would count for the hardcore. Right now it only counts for the base theme even if you continue and reach the 30h without getting all the trophies from the DLC.
  25. You also need 10.000.000$ in addition to the 1.000.000 points.