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  1. so got the plat today. the key for these trophys is to play Solo, doesnt matter with Network on of off. also for Tentative Peace - beating the odds villain sector counts, so you can farm it here, but it seems longer than daily ones.
  2. both Tentative Peace Complete 15 Villain Sectors To the Dark and Back Againand Complete 50 Hive missions are bugged for me. cant get the plat, a shame. i definetely did more than 50 hives.
  3. Another glitched one is Family. I have a previous save from the Cloud i will try to check if Family can be gained but its unlikely. The glitched trophies are the ones that you almost entire playthrough to check if they are working. Chances that the Developer will patch this shit is close to 0%. weird seeing on the game page in platinum list that people are getting the plat despite the glitched trophies, comes to mind that maybe i am just that lucky.
  4. Started playing without reading about glitched trophies. The New Boss didn't unlock. What a bullshit, I don't think i have it in me to do a third playthrough.
  5. General tips would be okay. What are missable trophies. For example we have Complete the *** skill tree, can they be done in a single playthrough? Complete story trophies are they missable or can you like return to them? Are there any grindy ones? Like i dont know Upgrade a Legendary item to +5 and Reach Level 80 and Become Friendly with every faction. why do you need NG+ i looked at the trophies and its hard to tell. have minimum knowledge at the game so i am asking.
  6. Why nobody platinumed the game at this point? What is the hardest trophy or the game is just too long. Don't get it.
  7. autopop didnt unlock 2 trophies Managerial Skills Find all of the Guardian Collectibles for one Guardian. Fashion Passion Find and equip all Outfits. both pretty quick to unlock using chapter select. its very nice that you can transfer save offline if youre playing the Ps4 version on Ps5 no need to cloud upload like for example AC Valhalla. pretty easy platinum if you follow collectors items guide
  8. is the glitch still working as of end of the Octorber of 2021? asking for a friend.
  9. so apparently i had to complete a quest for trophies to start popping, the following ones didnt luckily there was a save before finishing the platinum so there wasnt a need to start from scratch except Orlog Champions needed to start a new game.
  10. only one trophy popped for me. it is Worthy Wield Mjolnir dont know what to do. shame
  11. finished the platinum today. had to switch to ps4 with cloud upload, it didnt took long because it was last Scene in the game. weird ass glitch crash if you ask me, says a lot about such developers that dont test games/patches properly before putting them online, btw they charge Full price for this game which ridiculous.
  12. i dont own it unfortunately. hope they patch it soon, wanted to be done with the game as soon as possible.
  13. I am(was) playing on PS5 i got all the trophies except for completing chapter and game crashes all the time at the ending scene. I am running a PS4 version of game btw. Wanted to plat Ps4 version than Ps5 but looks like its not going to happen yet. The game had an update recently. Man i am dissapointed. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  14. the platinum is a pain the ass. idk if its worth the hours of life spent getting it.
  15. Got the Platinum today. So gonna share some tips. * read trophies description * gather everything as much as possible in the first 2/3 of the game - every chest barrel. etc * gold is the main resource so Sell every garbage you find, sell every Equipment youre sure you wont use, from second playthrough you will have a good idea what can be sold and what cant. * there are no difficulties so do every side quest possible before going to the main path. * you are looking at the 3 playthroughs but there are choice trophies and related trophies, so you must do a full Order and Full Anarchy playthroughs to max out their number and get the trophy, finesse and power doesnt influence the Trophies except for maxing out them so 2 different choice playthrougs for Finesse and Power. * When youre done with Reckless Warrior trophy Win 40 battles without using the Book of Magic. use your spell book every turn. I reccomend having at least these 5 spells (they are cheap) for 2 Non-Mage playthroughs Stone Skin, Freezing Ray, Inner Flame, Burning touch and Dispel and level them up once so for example Stone Skin can be cast on 1-3 units. during Mage Playthrough you should take the time to learn all the Spells. * Dont do Reckless Warrior trophy Win 40 battles without using the Book of Magic on mage playthrough, do it on Warriors one or Palladin * Replace units - all units are from 1(weakest) to 5(really really strong). i personally recommend having Assassins from Anarchy faction itll make life easier. * do Scryer trials as much as possible itll give you good and even endgame equipment pretty early. if you cant figure out how to do them there are Youtube guides for them. If youre doing A Power choice playthough i strongly reccomend using Equipment that raises Crit Chance and having Skiil for +200 crit damage it does wonders beleive me. Overall the Platinum wasnt hard hard but really exhausting doing 3 Playthroughs - same quests,battles,gathering,etc quite happy to be done with the game