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  1. First update: Game: One Night Stand ✅ Female Protag: N Base Game Starting %: 57 DLC & Starting %: N/A Game: AC Freedom Cry ✅ Female Protag: N Base Game Starting %: 26 DLC & Starting %: N/A Game: Moving Out ✅ Female Protag: Y Base Game Starting %: 11 DLC & Starting %: N/A Game: Beyond Eyes ✅ Female Protag: Y Base Game Starting %: 0 DLC & Starting %: N/A Game: Saints Row 4 ✅ Female Protag: Y Base Game Starting %: 11 DLC & Starting %: ✅ Pack 1 - 0; ✅ Pack 2 - 0 Game: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star ✅ Female Protag: Y Base Game Starting %: 0 DLC & Starting %: n/a I admit that I am not very gaming focused lately but it’s what I’ve got so far. I did volunteer for last place after all 😂.
  2. I second this. If you aren’t participating in another event, using the “prompt” and timeframe of an established event is a good workaround. That would even work for something like “Let’s Play X Game This Year” events.
  3. Giving you advice I should take myself: Go back for the second run of Mass Effect 2 to get the platinum and clean up the dlc. I think now is best before we get so far ahead of it that it becomes painful to play the dates mechanics.
  4. If you can make an argument for it, it most likely works. I’m not in the business of policing your choices. But yes, I would say Erica very much fits the bill as do psvr games.
  5. Come on in. The water’s fine.
  6. Sweet. I’m thinking Sheva RE5. AC Odyssey (8% overall, 15% base) Control (0%) Okami HD (0%)
  7. Are you still looking for women? I could fill in for the last place slot 😅.
  8. Hmm, no we didn’t do the cleanup that LEGO would require and I don’t think I got the towers in Robonauts. For April (and because we are stuck in the house and needed coop games) we played LEGO City, which I actually may replay one day to get trophies as I really enjoyed it.
  9. There’s enough info in this thread for a guide. Hope you will put one together.
  10. I love sims and management games so this is a huge win for me. I don’t really understand other ppl being pissy about genres outside of the few they play, but such is the entitlement of the selfish. Regardless of your bias, take a stab at one of these and go in with an open mind. You might actually like them.
  11. Feel free to join. I’m removing the sign up requirement now that I’ve limited the amount of thread maintenance needed. I’m not totally sure what you mean by calling out those specific campaigns but I believe the NFS Heat has a campaign with cutscenes and a serviceable story. For cult fav, have you tried Vanquish?
  12. Wow. Grabbed this on mobile because I didn't think it would come to PS4. Very happy now that I haven't gotten around to it. It was one of my most anticipated games. Hopefully this means Her Story will come to console also.
  13. @MarkusT1992 I apologize for my inactivity. I did play along thematically but I know they don't count as Switch doesn't have achievements: I completed Lego DC Super Villains on Switch I completed Robonauts on Switch I failed to complete AC Odyssey PS4 on in March. So I am 0/3.
  14. I've updated the OP with the biddies that have hit bingo. I will no longer link to your original card posts, so I've eliminated the overall participant listing. Looks like you guys are doing great so far. I love the varius approaches to customizing your bingo cards. Honestly, loving Cassylvania and Sylaris's photo bingo cards. Here's my meager update: G4- That “everyone” but You Have Played Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Currently working on Hue for my Nonviolent category.
  15. First update of the year for me. Here it is: B1- With Gorgeous Vistas B2- That You Started But Didn’t Finish B3- With a # or Punctuation Mark in the Title B4- By an Independent Developer B5- You Think You Will Dislike I1- Hype! I2- Released the Year You Joined PSNP I3- That You’ve Been Meaning to Get Too I4- Anthropomorphized Animals Donut County I5- Originally Released in 2020 N1- In a Series New to You N2- Redeemed from PS Plus N3- Player’s Choice N4- Award-Winning N5- One Word Title G1- Nonviolent G2- Platform Exclusive G3- Last Game You Acquired G4- That “everyone” but You Have Played G5- For Another PSNP Event O1- Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle O2- Cult Favorite SuperHot O3- Developed in a Foreign Country O4- Featuring a Romance or Romance Options O5- That Gives You the Feels Life is Strange 2