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  1. Made an edit to the title, in case it was misleading. As I've found a workaround.
  2. EDIT : IT IS STILL POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN THE TROPHY. If you play at least one game in the fantasy challenge series mode, the check should also appear for completing a featured fantasy challenge as well. It seems because the mode no longer has any games available, as default if you complete any game within the fantasy series. It will pop up as completed regardless if you completed a featured series or not. Great news! The reason why I'm posting this, is because even after trying to quickly get all the online trophies before the servers died. (Granted I received the live event trophies before they were taken down). Another trophy has caused this platinum to become unobtainable. The "Checking it Twice" Trophy requires you to complete level 2 of the GM List in the "Ultimate Team" Mode. Unfortunately one of the requirements for said trophy is to, "Complete a featured fantasy challenge series". Even with the servers still being up allowing you to do every other task in the game mode. (Using the auction, playing games, play a head to head online,etc.). It is no longer possible to complete a featured fantasy challenge. Because they no longer update those games. And the screen is blank. I along with another trophy hunter checked multiple times to see if anything would pop up, but alas no games appear, and unfortunately it seems it won't be updated anymore. Unless there is a way to circumvent this and be able to play those games. It seems like the platinum is truly unobtainable. Unless you already have that checked off your checklist.