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  1. You don't feed her. Do her sidequest and she'll have you put bugsnax in her purity box. Just dump a bunch in there, sleep, and when you wake up she'll have eaten them.
  2. Done. And yes. Don't upgrade her building, don't hug her.
  3. When you get the final member, worry about making her ecstatic before upgrading her place. Don't hug her. Favorite food is green salad.
  4. There are no missable trophies.
  5. You're the best, Velvet. I owe so many plats to you. Can't wait for your guide.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I managed to get it tonight with this advice.
  7. Exactly. I'm not wrong. It's just not new information.
  8. What, seriously?
  9. In case anyone is interested in trying to grab all the trophies for this game, it's free on PSN right now. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-PCSA00067_00-0000111122223333
  10. Looks like the Japanese list just synced. Should be good by morning.
  11. I got a physical copy. Popped the disc into my PS4 and... no trophy list. Nothing on any website either.
  12. Pretty sure I've already attempted that but I'm going to try it again today. Thanks for responding. Edit: That did it! Thanks so much!
  13. I can at least confirm this works on my unpatched version of the game.
  14. Anyone else have trouble getting this to pop? I've been able to get my hunger to 69% easily but it never pops.
  15. Mine didn't pop until Feb 12th. March is wild. I'd start a new game.