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  1. It's already been answered, but the answer is YES! Despite how it's worded on the website itself.
  2. I'm not sure if you would know, but do you think the speed run trophy would work on local co-op as well?
  3. #1. What's your first name? #2. What is your favorite online game to play? #3. Which game have you played the most in your lifetime? A list of each system you've played would be nice.
  4. I can confirm I got this earlier today with the hive method, it literally only took me a few tries and it took about 10 seconds for the trophy to pop after the fact. As for the guy saying it's not luck is a total joke. I know people who have tried countless times and don't have the trophy. I would say it's lucky that someone can get it in under 5 minutes and then some other people can do it 3+ hours and have all their time wasted.
  5. Probably WWE 2k18 going for: The face that runs the place MyCAREER - Reach level 10 on a career track.
  6. I just got this trophy yesterday and it only took hitting like one or two extra "icy things" on my attempt to get this to pop.
  7. I literally got this trophy today, I had no problems with it.
  8. I'm in too, I never win anything like this, can't hurt a guy for trying though lol. Pretty cool of you to do this.
  9. 1. A new uncharted game, but not a spin-off type of game. 2. A new guitar hero game with the old guitar layout, but something that is actually around for quite a while and popular. *sighs*
  10. I have the platinum but you don't need all that extra DLC, I'm sure you know that though. Anyways, I didn't spend a penny on anything for the game. Definitely not the most fun game to platinum and was extrmelety repetitive, but I had had an issue collecting all the models, I just did exactly what I did to get any other collectible. Are you sure you have every last thing in the game complete?
  11. Dead by Daylight Risk it allIn a public match, as a survivor, use an ultra-rare item or add-on without using a protective ward.
  12. If I had another excuse, I have dozens of passwords for different sites and most of them I change on a regular basis. I'm not signed into psnprofiles from my phone and it could have taken me multiple attempts to just sign in. I can't say I had time for that given I was on my phone not with the fastest internet being at work, and most times I miss beating others to codes anyways so it's not like I have hard feelings about that. I can't see people not trying all the codes, even if someone said a particular one was used. You bet if it was a $20 code that everyone is rushing to redeem it no matter what attempting every code, probably not taking the time to see if someone claimed it as it already being redeemed. You also have to think there are bound to be people on this site that use it, but just never signed up for it. You never know someone's situation, so for that one other person to judge that quickly is just wrong, in my honest opinion. Like, I signed up for this site and didn't make a single post for about two whole years. Thanks again, and I'm already liking this beta, more than I ever liked trials fusion for some reason. My niece actually came over yesterday, and she even enjoys playing games like this, more than me anyway lol. Then, my buddy has played it and he played some trials fusion on xbox 360, and then just a tiny bit on the ps4, so he definitely wanted to try it out as well.
  13. I'm only stating a fact that you were quick to judge without knowing the facts.. Also, for you to think you have to actually be the one "to use a code" to thank the person for giving you an opportunity that you wouldn't of had otherwise shows a lot about your character to me. I'm actually glad you responded because it made your first post just that much more clear. Just remember, you are the one who posted first and bashed unnamed people, which it just so happens I'm one of them. I just find it ironic you tried bashing people without having any actual knowledge of why there wasn't a response to each and every code that was redeemed right away. Yet, you had no problem rushing to type in every code in hopes to getting one yourself. I will repeat this one more time, but you don't need to actual "redeem" a code to thank the person for their generosity. I've seen people thank others for posting a code although they didn't need it, because they actually had one themselves already or they just didn't redeem it fast enough. You don't have to be salty and rush to make a post because others may have been looking at the same thread just a little bit before you did. I still find it ironic you said "Shame people don't even to comment a "thank you" and blah blah blah just due to the fact you didn't thank the OP yourself for anything of any nature. Also, I thank anyone who posted codes in here to give anyone the opportunity to play the beta.
  14. To be fair, you didn't even thank the dude yourself even though you didn't get a code for yourself off of him, and you judge awfully fast based on how fast you made your post. I did redeem one of his codes, the fourth one was already verified to be used, but I tried the third one and it was already used, so the second code was the one that ended up working for me. I did all of this off my phone at work and I wasn't even signed into psnp on my phone. I go on this website and the forums as I'm automatically logged in all the time on there. Besides, my internet was being dumb anyways, it's not like I was running off my wi-fi at home. So, it was a real challenge doing the whole thing anyways and I didn't even type in the access code into my psn account until this morning, so it's not like I was playing the game and then neglecting to come back to this thread to thank anyone. Well, people, like you are going to be quick to judge so there's nothing I can do about it. I'm pretty sure people would have tried all the codes anyways, even if someone said they used it or not, so I thought by the time I got to post on here that the original poster would understand why not everyone posted right away that they used the code or not.. I just wasn't in the ideal location to be posting at the time I saw the thread made. It's simple, people were going to try all the codes anyways, and you obviously are one of the examples of someone who did just that. Enough of that. Anyways, a special thanks to @Alexgaara for providing the beta codes for us to try out, I'm not the only one from my home who will get a chance to play it so just know at least 3 people, if not more will get a use out of the code. To be honest, I wasn't really that big into Trials Fusion, but the other people that will be playing it are people I've seen play trials fusion for hours and hours, so myself getting the code was more for them, than for me. Thanks again. Sorry, for the late response man I hope you truly understand.
  15. Sorry for the late response, I forgot about this thread since I didn't get quoted, but yeah the trophy percentages are off sometimes when I look at it, it's strange. For mlb 2k9, I actually helped about 5-6 people (I remember some of the names I helped) get the platinum, so if it weren't for me it would be even more rare, and I'm not sure if any of the people that I helped, helped others so it's hard to say how much more rare it would of been. Back then, honestly I didn't know how rare it was but I had people seeking help for the one trophy though.