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  1. started trophy hunting in this game like 4 days ago and have to say i have love and hate relationship with this game. playing as mastermind -matchmaker seems to only find veteran players with hundreds of levels that will just steamroll over you. playing as survival -now the matchmaker find you low level players in your team within 1-19lvl and and 1 with hundreds of levels. -and can't forget that about half of the time there is leavers in your team. -matches will end in less then 4min about 6/10 times and mastermind with hundreds of levels will steamroll you. so overall it seems like 3/10 matches you will have kinda balanced match with chance of winning.
  2. i got my Incomparable Pain trophy and this is how i did it. 1.choose other tank and die fast and switch to ramattra (not sure if this is necessary) 2.charged my ult and then i activated it and while in ramattra ult i just blocked whole time while roadhog was trying to infuse me to a wall by using hes ult. (and i surive that but died few secends after my ult stopped) i tried few hours just by blocking normally in nemesis form but it did not work i hope this info helps.
  3. i wonder does disconnect count as loss and if not i think i try pulling out internet cable tactic to avoid losses.