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  1. That's great, grifte! I hope that something comes from it.
  2. Level 70 and the associated mini-game "Snow Queen`s Friend!" in Season Match HD 2 are broken as of right now, making it impossible to complete the story or get three of the trophies plus the platinum. There is supposed to be a sliding puzzle, but the level fails to completely load and actually gets stuck: you can't even return to the main menu but have to fully exit the game. This is on version 1.00 of the physical disk version sold in Germany.
  3. Collector (platinum) Snow Queen's Friend! Lots of Zeros! King of Accuracy! SQF is for beating level 70 / the minigame, the other two are for getting all coins in all minigames and having no misclicks in them respectively. Since SQF is broken, all are unobtainable (and the game story is incompletable).